Hernandez Recounts Incident Where Police Almost Shut Down TNA Show Due to Flag Burning Scene

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A segment involving the potential burning of the U.S. flag nearly saw a TNA Wrestling taping shut down by police, Hernandez has revealed.

During a recent appearance on “The Ten Count” podcast, Hernandez recalled the heat that LAX had with the fans and a segment that resulted in the police nearly shutting the show down. He said,


“Konnan from ’06 was on fire on the mic and getting these people riled up. One time we threatened to burn the American flag, live on TV. Orlando PD came and threatened to shut the show down because they thought it was real.”

Hernandez added that his own father stopped watching TNA shows due to the threat that the flag was going to be burned.

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In a recent interview on “The Ten Count” podcast, professional wrestler Hernandez revealed a shocking incident that almost led to the shutdown of a TNA Wrestling taping. The segment involved the potential burning of the U.S. flag, which caused the Orlando Police Department to intervene.

Hernandez explained that during the height of his career in 2006, his fellow wrestler Konnan was known for his fiery mic skills and ability to rile up the crowd. In one particular instance, they threatened to burn the American flag live on TV, which caused a significant uproar among fans and even caught the attention of the police.

The Orlando PD arrived at the scene and threatened to shut down the show, believing that the flag burning was a real and dangerous act. This incident showcased the power of professional wrestling to blur the lines between fiction and reality, causing genuine concern among law enforcement.

The controversy surrounding the potential flag burning even affected Hernandez’s own family. He revealed that his father stopped watching TNA shows due to the perceived disrespect towards the American flag. This highlights the emotional impact that wrestling storylines can have on both performers and viewers.

While the segment ultimately did not result in the flag being burned, it serves as a reminder of the boundary-pushing nature of professional wrestling and its ability to evoke strong reactions from audiences. The incident also demonstrates the importance of understanding the line between entertainment and reality, as well as the potential consequences of crossing that line.

In recent years, professional wrestling has become more conscious of its portrayal of sensitive topics and has made efforts to avoid controversy. However, incidents like this serve as a reminder of the industry’s history and its ability to push boundaries in pursuit of captivating storytelling.

As fans continue to follow their favorite wrestling promotions, it is important to remember that what happens in the ring is often scripted and designed for entertainment purposes. While it may evoke strong emotions, it is crucial to separate fiction from reality and appreciate the athleticism and storytelling skills of the performers.

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