Henry Cejudo Open To One-Off WWE/AEW Appearance

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During a recent appearance on the “Smack Talk With Sandhu” podcast, UFC sensation Henry Cejudo revealed his willingness to make a special appearance in either WWE or AEW.

Discussing whether or not he would be interested in joining WWE/AEW, Cejudo revealed that he was in talks with WWE and Gerald Brisco even before signing with the UFC. However, competitive and legitimate combat sports interested him more. He said,


“Probably not now. Even in the beginning, before I signed with UFC, we were in talks with WWE. I was going to be The Atomic Flea. I had thought about signing, I had talked to Jerry Brisco at that time. They were going to fly me out to Orlando and do that whole trial stuff. It did intrigue me, but at the same time, I knew that if I’m going to use my body, I might as well fight and do the real stuff. Not saying that the WWE isn’t real, it’s 100% real, but I’m talking competitively. I never wanted to travel like crazy. I didn’t want to get thrown like Rey Mysterio. I didn’t want my body to break.”

However, Cejudo did not rule out a potential one-off deal with either company. Reminiscing training with Chavo Guerrero, he said,

“If I was to do the WWE or AEW, I would like to do a one-off. I don’t see myself doing that stuff for a very long time even though I do believe I could be really good at it. I worked out with Chavo Guerrero. He’s given me lessons. He’s like, ‘Bro, you’re a natural.’ I grew up watching it, did amateur wrestling, and I fought. I understand the acting portion. There are things that come natural to me. Something like the WWE or AEW would be one of them.”

Regarding a potential special appearance at WrestleMania or another major show, Cejudo said,

“Of course, 100%. Now, with the family, that’s number one. Money talks. If they want to do something like that, I’m open for anything.”

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