Heels: CM Punk Shares Time-Lapse Video Of 3-Hour Makeup Process For ‘Ricky Rabies’

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Heels: CM Punk Shares Time-Lapse Video Of 3-Hour Makeup Process For ‘Ricky Rabies’

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Photo Credit: STARZ

CM Punk shares a behind-the-scenes look at how much work went into creating Ricky Rabies.

CM Punk posted the following video of the makeup application process for his character, Ricky Rabies, on the new STARZ series Heels. Punk previously teased posting the video and told WrestleZone that he’d likely wait until his debut episode premiered on the network.

“Yeah, I 100% am. I think I’m going to wait until episode three comes out. I might shoot it out there sooner, but I figured Ricky debuts in episode three so I’ll blast that on my social media sometime in the next three weeks.”

Episode three premiered on Sunday night, and Punk posted the video on his Instagram account:

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Dave Bautista also commented on the laborious process, calling back to his days as Drax the Destroyer by adding, “Oh man!! I know your pain brother!”

Punk also spoke to WrestleZone about keeping some mementos from the Heels set, noting that it will be pretty obvious what he took home with him once fans see episode three.

“I may or may not have a few things of Ricky Rabies. I don’t know. I’ll just say allegedly, maybe, I have a rat or two. You gotta wait and see the show to know what I’m talking about, but I do have a Ricky Rabies shirt that the crew graciously gave me, and I wear it proudly,” Punk stated. “I got some Ricky Rabies stickers too because Ricky was a big merch guy. He was selling stickers and t-shirts at intermission.”

Check out our full interview with CM Punk, where he also talks about the preparation he did for the role and some of the old-school inspirations for this character, at this link. You can also watch more of our Heels cast interviews, including conversations with Stephen Amell and Chris Bauer, at this link.

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