Headbanger Mosh on What Chyna Used to be Be pleased in Valid existence, Saturn Knocking Him Out + More | FIRING LINE

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Headbanger Mosh on What Chyna Used to be Be pleased in Valid existence, Saturn Knocking Him Out + More | FIRING LINE
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My enormous WCW Wrestler says this plugin is beautiful. And i will stop the colossal finale uh which is uh pretty equivalent to title affiliation apart from i'm gonna offer you names and you’re going to also present me no matter you need about them you’ll also present me nothing about them whenever you need but if there's a shaggy dog epic to scurry with the title i offer you please uh mention it and the main one is jamie dandy .

Uh jamie dundee modified into uh a loopy loopy kid loopy persona um i treasure jamie he modified into in fact kindly to us in uswa on our 2nd speed we went motivate as um jamie's a precise man i form not maintain any disorders with him did you ever half a automobile with him no .

No since you’ll maintain treasure treasure hi as a automobile whenever you're not like roll the dwelling windows all the manner down to this level as i’m able to expose um the purpose out avenue posse point out avenue posse uh treasure him i treasure pete i nonetheless search recommendation from pete pete in fact lives about 10 15 minutes a long way from me now down right here in florida um i nonetheless talk .

To pete treasure these guys i modified into with pete down in puerto rico for a few months um now pete pete's awesome rodney's an out of this world man um and now you’ll also procure to snatch rodney to boot as i do know pete but um no they're awesome yeah it's treasure when they came in they had been factual shane's chums it's equivalent to you factual they've got the stupid sweater vest on every part but .

You’re taking a look at me treasure their hands are enormous they're treasure yeah their hands are bigger than after treasure locker room is fabulous rodney modified into short but thick and stocky i point out joey clearly modified into modified into colossal you already know he modified into trained but you already know with matt and jeff and all them um in north carolina but yeah pizza .

Spacious dude i point out he performed football um and you already know pete modified into pete took it severely treasure he in actuality wished to procure a entire career out of it yeah precise for him uh mabel um mabel's a precise man i don't i by no manner in actuality worked him only frolicked with him .

Just a few conditions um glenn has a definite skills with him down the boulevard but that's his epic to expose not mine uh but yeah as a long way as i do know he's a precise man well you're gonna maintain to place me on to glenn then scheme off i’d like to search out that one out yeah it looks at any time when i ask about mabel there's a shaggy dog epic after which i by no manner .

Hear it because it need to factual be in actuality atrocious treasure one time it modified into oh viscera modified into in the philippines i judge it modified into chop dinsmore and additionally they went no put out of your mind about it everybody's got a epic about the bruiser i don't maintain a bruiser epic i've by no manner .

Met him by no manner met him i didn't realize he modified into long past at that level i presumed he modified into nonetheless there okay i'll scurry on then uh kerrigan um awkward um tremendous ample particular person factual awkward factual because he modified into so colossal and that i don't know guys treasure that some guys .

They procure so colossal it's treasure they don't in actuality know how to all over again i'm factual in my search it appears treasure they don't in actuality know how to utilize it or procure around it factual clumsy um but all over again tremendous tremendous man uh the eliminators saturn and cronus ooh .

Um it's in fact the main time i've ever been knocked out modified into by perry in the ring where i saw stars i knew perry threw an extraordinarily stiff uh clothesline and that i did the the rookie mistake of attempting to bump a rupture up 2nd early and when i did he came up and factual caught me correct in the .

Jaw and hit my head and that i rolled out and that i modified into treasure whoa where am i um but yeah no we had an even time with them down in memphis in fact when we left memphis they took over our dwelling um yeah i do know when perry came motivate up he modified into the identical extinct perry um him and john had been they had been stress-free they had been precise guys to work .

Sable sable um bright that's all i got oh you uh well somebody else bright sunny sonny um yeah bright very very .

Very bright is this would perchance also nonetheless i press additional or could perchance perchance also nonetheless i factual scurry on um you’ll also press all you need i'm staying with very very very bright i treasure sunny to death i treasure tammy um but yeah yeah i do know i i’d in fact treasure to interview i doubt she'd are attempting to .

Talk about with me though uh i'm gonna there's an off-world one yamaguchi-san yeah i'm a gucci son um i don't in actuality maintain an scheme nope okay terry taylor um terry modified into precise terry modified into um a precise man he modified into a precise agent for us he modified into continuously kindly .

And um you already know when he saw issues he would search recommendation from us about it and we wanted relief we'd depart to him and he modified into continuously there he's a precise man modified into he continuously an agent or did he maintain diversified roles diversified than agenting treasure perchance jack lanza or somebody yeah no he modified into continuously in roughly an agent he would you already know stop asian stuff he would relief in the motivate of the .

Scenes with television stuff and interviews and stuff treasure that form of had his hands in a bunch of diversified um pots china um awesome she modified into factual awesome um whenever you wanted something she modified into there .

One other one who and all over again i sigh to moderately a few folks you're gonna hear me sigh in that locker room would offer you the shirt off their motivate because that's the form of atmosphere we had um but she modified into factual awesome i didn't maintain young folks but glenn had his daughters they would he would lift the ladies and he or she would sit down down and play with them um .

I'd depart and work out alongside with her i in fact my bicep insist i stop is basically from her um i did hands alongside with her i did legs alongside with her as soon as as soon as i did legs alongside with her because i couldn't stroll for every week and a half of when i got carried out um but she modified into such a sweetheart um she modified into factual fabulous .

Give me the bicep insist what modified into it um essentially it modified into it modified into lower weights um extra managed after which she gave me diversified angles on the bench to motivate my arm and that i by no manner in actuality did hammer curls she got me doing hammer curls rather than factual regular curls because it hits diversified fragment of the bicep and that i by no manner .

Undoubtedly had a bicep or treasure a look on it and as soon as i started doing her stuff i got a microscopic bit one i'll offer you a couple extra after which i promise you'll shut it down uh kevin dunn um kevin modified into precise i point out none of valid didn't in actuality maintain moderately a few .

Interaction with him because he modified into extra in the motivate of the scenes stuff um but if we went to kevin with something we you already know wished to prevent and tried to procure on television you already know he modified into continuously accommodating modified into treasure any correct make sure that that the digicam guys had been there but i had no disorders with kevin the least bit he modified into continuously precise to us bulls mahoney .

Um john is bright um not bright treasure sable or tommy but uh so john modified into at the monster manufacturing facility john went via the monster manufacturing facility additionally and that i judge it modified into my first it modified into doubtlessly my first valid match so afterwards there modified into this um treasure a diner called the silver lake inn .

Factual down the avenue and everybody went there afterwards so i modified into standing there and my mother modified into there and my mother regarded young and john comes walking up out of nowhere and he's treasure howdy the manner you doing he's treasure stop you ever present you about the inexperienced popping out of my dick and that i went howdy .

John let me introduce you to my mother and he modified into treasure ah uh and that i modified into treasure where's that reach from how the stop you stroll as much as a desk and that's your opening line to folks you don't even know yeah in philosophize that modified into broad that modified into bright i i talk to johnny candido somewhat a lot .

And uh he's told me so many experiences about balls paul's mahoney not balls um but did you ever meet chris candido then um sure i've met chris loads of conditions yeah chris modified into a sweetheart that's what i hear from everybody that's what i hear from everybody a couple extra then we will have the selection to weep out mike kyoda .

Uh kyoto modified into a stress-free dude um you already know we both grew up in south jersey um it modified into silly sooner than i modified into even with wwf i'd drive by willingborough and uh there modified into continuously a wwf truck available in the market factual automobile automobile car parking lot i by no manner understood why and it modified into the ring truck um so yeah we frolicked with kyota a lot he modified into he modified into stress-free he modified into a precise dude yeah he you already know .

He's a precise time because he's got treasure the treasure deeper people who smoke boom so that you just already know he likes to occasion michael hayes um michael modified into precise he modified into kindly um at conditions uh .

As soon as as soon as he got with the hardee's and his relief form of went away because he modified into engrossing about factual getting you already know matt and jeff over which form of sucked for the the rest of us um but no michael modified into modified into very kindly you already know to begin with um .

Yeah michael's a precise man it's continuously a smile that's giving it something hidden away in the motivate of that smile i'll but i gained't uh press you too well-known correct in the closing one ron simmons um ron is factual a level-headed enforcer .

With out having to sigh something else he's treasure the and that’s nothing taken a long way from the valid godfather but ron's treasure the godfather treasure him and bradshaw had been tremendous because bradshaw modified into the loud exclusive .

I don't are attempting to sigh atrocious one but he modified into the louder one and ron factual form of sat motivate treasure his his entire rattling equivalent to you factual sat there treasure that modified into his entire persona and the manner he acknowledged rattling you already know if it modified into precise or atrocious alternatively it modified into continuously the identical manner but no ron modified into whenever you had you already know questions or recommendation you’ll depart over .

And he would present you um he by no manner went out of his manner to enable you to already know but whenever you wished to sit down down down and search recommendation from him he modified into he's tremendous and nonetheless to in the in the intervening time whenever you speed into him it's he's one of the most sweetest guys did he ever sooner than the rock modified into doing it did he ever present you to snatch your feature .

Um no no well you've got away with it then down you
That is the broad edifying wrestling grappler ever%sentence_ending

Headbanger Mosh on What Chyna Used to be Be pleased in Valid existence, Saturn Knocking Him Out + More | FIRING LINE

Headbanger Mosh on What Chyna Was Like in Real life, Saturn Knocking Him Out + More | FIRING LINE