Headbanger Mosh Names the Smelliest, Most Bullied, Most Talented, Clumsiest Wrestlers + MORE!

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Headbanger Mosh Names the Smelliest, Most Bullied, Most Talented, Clumsiest Wrestlers + MORE!
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Right here is one fine merchandise! I'm going to give you a sentence and also you define me who most provocative fits that sentence that i give you and also you can not reveal yourself and uh the first one goes to be funniest person within the locker room owen coronary heart are we upright speaking about smoking out no you will even be anything else you settle on k i want .

Coronary heart gorgeous answer uh ultimate man standing on the bar most provocative man standing on the bar ooh i'd settle on to narrate shawn michaels wait on within the day i used to be going to narrate i believed he upright started early and then .

Ended early i will uh pass on to the next one uh most picked on or bullied oh form of the locker room whipping boy because it were um i'd settle on to narrate al snow most efficient because .

Perfect because he did it to himself al would upright used to be brutal with himself of upright making relaxing of himself earlier than other of us may presumably well additionally end it and upright it used to be all proper-hearted nonetheless had to be him or at one point brian christopher oh in fact neatly brian christopher at uswa in .

Memphis used to be the king you perceive he used to be that used to be his territory so when he came into wf locker room his attitude used to be the identical where he used to be the final word and he used to be this and he used to be that and my daddy principles all the pieces neatly his daddy didn't rule in w bradshaw dominated within the locker room so .

Shall i press on additional or shall i pass on from bradshaw and brian christopher um listen they had an enticing uh relationship i shall uh i shall pass on then um define me the wrestler who may presumably well additionally unbiased gain no longer washed their gear as fundamental as they should gain accomplished oh vader no query about that .

Vader and number two may presumably well presumably be mick foley oh is it as a consequence of the leather veil oh no it's since you upright set it in a gloomy trash rating now it's upright bags neatly i've heard he used to be cheap so i mean he may presumably well additionally gain as a minimum acquired himself a rating in spite of all the pieces those years breeze yeah no the the rating used to be a plaque trash rating .

Who would you reveal used to be uh presumably funneling info to the grime sheets who would give the guidelines to the district yeah end you perceive anybody who used to be talking to them no no i will know where that came from yeah most in ache with the office hmm .

i'd settle on to narrate after a whereas it had to be triple h in fact what's specifically over um upright i mean he used to be always in vince's office um and then you positively perceive in actual fact freeway canine used to be in there a lot additionally .

Um so yeah so taking a ogle wait on yeah potentially them and sean brett i mean because they were always in you perceive they were the tip guys so the tip guys were always in vince's office um so yeah no longer no longer for any goal of ass kiss or anything else admire that nonetheless the tip .

Guys always were enthusiastic with the anecdote lines and all the pieces that used to be going on so i mean hell that can jog as excessive up as the rock and stone cold additionally fully uh the most talented wrestler you ever confronted within the ring oh there's a pair of there so you acquired sean .

It is doubtless you’ll presumably well additionally unbiased gain brett owen shamrock in fact you perceive no person ever says shamrock nonetheless i believed yeah nonetheless i'm taking a ogle more no longer upright within the within the ring i'm taking a ogle upright i mean i've wrestled shamrock throughout the day without a fans um i gain an beginner background he has an beginner .

Background it may maybe presumably well presumably be relaxing we'd gain in there throughout the day and mess spherical other than for the one time i caught him and that i started speaking about it next year i know my eyes were going to pop out of my head um kurt angle obviously with his background um so yeah so i'm no longer upright speaking pro wrestling i'm speaking wrestling in .

Fashioned those would potentially be the tip uh the clumsiest wrestler you ever wrestled ooh um ticket henry when he first started did you ever did you ever admire were beneath him whereas you didn't are looking out to be .

Below him at any point then um no he used to be upright he used to be so wide and so necessary i don't deem he totally realized how wide and necessary he in actual fact used to be um i mean he would upright come with a traditional membership to the wait on and it used to be admire oh admire you upright felt admire he used to be looking out for to admire punch through you nonetheless nonetheless he .

Wasn't doing it on goal he upright didn't he upright didn't know but so he used to be upright aloof upright learning ultimate ladies man you may presumably well presumably presumably't reveal yourself um ladies man within the locker room or out of doors of locker room out of doors of the locker room record oh i used to be the 2 diversified answers .

Um neatly i mean you had the guys who admire to flirt um out of doors the ring i don't in fact know because glenn and that i form of kept to ourselves we never in fact went out to golf equipment we form of frolicked on the resort um .

Yeah i don't know if i gain a solution to that as a minimum no longer one where i could presumably well additionally presumably gain somebody in ache from the previous no that's that's fully gorgeous um the most legit badass uh bart gun bart gun after they did that whole complicated man ingredient .

Uh they did your whole concept used to be to bring dr loss of life steve williams in and set him over to to be this wide deplorable ass to make a selection on stone cold and after they did that laborious ample or no subject no subject the hell it used to be known as i undergo in mind is the bro the brawl for all after they introduced bart .

In billy talked about bart goes to knock every person out and we were all admire yeah k he's admire i've seen bart battle he goes bart goes to knock every person out bart went in and knocked every person out so yeah so bart i'd settle on to narrate bart at this point so you never fancied yourself you never signed the uh dotted line to .

Toddle in yourself then did you did you i used to be requested oh no no no no i used to be requested to and since i gain an beginner background i'm admire boxing and fighting is totally diversified than an beginner background i'm admire i'm no longer yeah no so i'd settle on to narrate bart or or shamrock because upright shamrock would upright .

He had this this swap he may presumably well additionally upright flip on and he may presumably well additionally abolish you in three seconds yeah i additionally spoke to dan seven as neatly and uh they barred him from entering and then they set him in and then they took him out every other time so all he had to end used to be other than the real fact he beat godfather in fact soundly used to be uh then he had to admire .

Cloak on tv in five seconds why he wasn't within the tournament anymore it's very original yeah i don't know you may presumably well presumably presumably't you may presumably well presumably presumably't are trying to fabricate sense of anything else that occurs on tv especially when vince russo's enthusiastic uh i will i'll give you one more most provocative and worst freeway brokers um .

Perfect freeway agent used to be jack lanza or jerry briscoe uh worst freeway agent for me for my piece most efficient as a consequence of something he talked about had to be tony gonorrhoea tony greer mr personality as honky tong man extinct to name him um yeah he um when glenn and that i because admire i talked about glen and that i extinct to head up and end jobs the total time we were .

Enhancement guys and when we signed our first contract uh thought to be one of the most things tony came up and talked about to us he goes congratulations nonetheless it no doubt is rarely any longer in fact necessary what you guys end right here you'll always be glenn and chad's the job guys to me and we're admire wintry thanks admire and he upright i don't know he had this air about him when it .

Came to us admire he wasn't useful or anything else nonetheless lanza and briscoe i acquired we acquired in fact shut with briscoe we in actual fact upright known as briscoe dad he would name us his sons it's humorous because now we're shut with uh wes briscoe his son so it's upright it's humorous so that they were the most provocative .

These prowrestler are quite clever.

Headbanger Mosh Names the Smelliest, Most Bullied, Most Talented, Clumsiest Wrestlers + MORE!

Headbanger Mosh Names the Smelliest, Most Bullied, Most Talented, Clumsiest Wrestlers + MORE!