Haku On Simone Johnson, Wrestling With His Sons

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Haku On Simone Johnson, Wrestling With His Sons

Tama Tonga

Photo Credit: TV Asahi/NJPW

Talking with TV Insider while promoting the upcoming Bullet Club Beach Party, wrestling legend Haku talked at great length about his extended family. No matter what promotions you watch, it’s likely that there’s a connection back to Haku and his generation of Samoan stars. This is especially true in New Japan, which features Haku’s sons performing as the Guerillas of Destiny. Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa booked Haku along with longtime partner The Barbarian for the Tampa event.

I thought as they finished high school and college, I’d help out with wrestling. It was a time in life now I think I can express that. At the time, I was dumbfounded at having me and my two sons wrestling together. Now it’s a lifetime memory.

Haku is also excited about the generations still to come, including The Rock’s daughter. Simone Johnson has just signed a developmental deal with WWE, and the legend feels that she can go all the way.

Samoans can do anything in the world. She could have done anything, but she wanted to be a wrestler. His father and mother both agreed for her to do it. We’re all supporting her, and hopefully she will be just as great as her father.

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