Hacksaw Jim Duggan Shoots on Vader | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Hacksaw Jim Duggan Shoots on Vader | Wrestling Shoot Interview
On this Wrestling Shoots video Hacksaw Jim Duggan discusses working with Vader in WCW. He additionally discusses whether or now not Vader used to be a bully and Vader and Paul Orndorff’s within the serve of the scenes fight.

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Hacksaw Jim Duggan shoots on Vader
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Hacksaw Jim Duggan
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These prowrestler are natty! k um how about any recollections wrestling vader vader i obtained along with vader vader used to be a you know yet yet every other man has a noxious accumulate in a industry nonetheless i've regularly worked well with huge guys it's exhausting being a huge toddler face and working with a dinky heel so i've regularly enjoyed working with guys.

Greater than myself i non-public a higher match of them i gaze you feel more challenged and worked more great you know you're with you some you know obtained dean malinka beating me up and shane douglas the followers are love advance on hacksaw punch them serve how is vader birth air the ring um vader would take his photos he knew we.

May per chance well presumably push round and dawdle away one you know you gaze him while they were messing round with ming he wasn't messing with horndorf anymore neither nonetheless he would take his photos and he'd push other folks round that he would possibly per chance well per chance did you gaze the fight between him and orindor scoot yeah what came about there basically i used to be talking to vader when.

Orandorf came in where wcw on the worn uh what's the name of that arena heart stage in downtown atlanta and lauren norfolk used to be correct doing his job i want you for an interview advance on factual now nonetheless don't you holler at me and advise the argument it's escalated from there and vader had flip-flops on.

So the argument's going so vader took a cheap shot advise hit expose foreign or spilled his espresso vader went to hit him over again stepped into the uh espresso took a bump excuse me horner hit the flip-flops on on story of if horndorf had sneakers on he would non-public killed bait he establish the boots to vader while he used to be down.

And vader used to be doubtlessly more embarrassed than he used to be grief even if he used to be grief rather factual even if yeah it's exhausting to provide away these boots
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Hacksaw Jim Duggan Shoots on Vader | Wrestling Shoot Interview

Hacksaw Jim Duggan Shoots on Vader | Wrestling Shoot Interview