GUNTHER’s Perspective on His Evolution Beyond the WWE Intercontinental Title

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WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER recently did an interview with where he discussed a wide range of topics. Here are the highlights:

Facing Roman Reigns: 


“We’ll see. Do I think in the long run it will be a very interesting matchup,” Gunther said. “I think so, yeah. Because I think what Roman is to the Universal Title now is what I am to the Intercontinental Championship, I think the role or position is very similar to that. But he’s doing his thing now. I do my thing. That’s okay for me. And further down the line that’s definitely something interesting to get into.”

If the Intercontinental Title will headline WrestleMania 40: 

“That’s not gonna happen,” he said. Gunther said that Seth Rollins is on a very good run and the two main events are pretty much set as “it should be” and he realizes that the IC title is the number 2 belt but he tries his belt to make it feel like the number 1 title in the company. He continued, “But I think there’s a ranking system and everything for a reason. I think it’s quite obvious that I outgrew the Intercontinental Championship already, I am ready to make that next step.”

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GUNTHER, the current WWE Intercontinental Champion, recently sat down for an interview with to discuss various topics. In the interview, he touched upon facing Roman Reigns and the possibility of the Intercontinental Title headlining WrestleMania 40.

When asked about facing Roman Reigns, GUNTHER expressed his belief that it would be an interesting matchup in the long run. He compared his position as the Intercontinental Champion to Roman Reigns’ position as the Universal Champion, stating that they both hold significant roles in their respective divisions. GUNTHER acknowledged that they are currently focused on their own paths but hinted at a potential clash down the line.

Regarding the Intercontinental Title headlining WrestleMania 40, GUNTHER dismissed the possibility. He acknowledged Seth Rollins’ impressive run and mentioned that the two main events for WrestleMania 40 are already set, as they should be. GUNTHER understands that the Intercontinental Title is considered the number two belt in the company but strives to make it feel like the number one title. However, he believes there is a ranking system in place for a reason and stated that he has already outgrown the Intercontinental Championship, expressing his readiness to take the next step in his career.

GUNTHER’s interview provides insight into his aspirations and ambitions within WWE. As the Intercontinental Champion, he aims to elevate the prestige of the title and eventually move on to bigger challenges. While he acknowledges the importance of rankings and hierarchy within the company, GUNTHER’s desire for growth and progression is evident.

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In conclusion, GUNTHER’s interview sheds light on his thoughts about facing Roman Reigns and his aspirations beyond the Intercontinental Championship. As a rising star in WWE, GUNTHER’s determination to make his mark in the industry is evident. Wrestling enthusiasts can stay informed about the latest news and developments by visiting or following their social media accounts.