GUNTHER Refuses to Make Comparisons with Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins

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GUNTHER, who is set to defend the Intercontinental Title against The Miz at this Saturday’s Survivor Series, mentioned in an interview with Sports Illustrated that he doesn’t see himself in the same league as World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins or Undisputed WWE Universal Champ Roman Reigns.

“I don’t compare myself to either one of them,” said Gunther. “Seth is in a very difficult situation. There have been many titles in the wrestling world that were brand new and then disappeared. A new title is like a start-up–only one in ten is going to succeed. It’s a very difficult spot to be a newly crowned champion of a new title, which means you’re the one to have to put in the work to establish it and add some prestige to it. I think he’s doing an excellent job. He’s one of the best we have.


“Roman is in a completely different category. He’s been champion for so long. Obviously, he’s not defending the title that often, but at this stage of the title run, he doesn’t need to. It should only happen a few times of the year, very special occasions. I’m in a completely different story establishing myself. That’s something the other two don’t need to do, and I’m working to enhance the legacy of the Intercontinental championship.”

GUNTHER also talked about wanting to add prestige to the Intercontinental Title.

“I’m in the right place at the right time,” said Gunther. “I have more responsibility, and I’m ready for it. Everything I ever achieved and everything I ever earned was a long process. Things that time to build, they’re going to last longer. I know there is more room to grow. People have asked for that, and some want to see it sooner than others. Patience is important, and I need to continue to be patient with my career. That’s worked out so far for me.”

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GUNTHER: Establishing His Legacy as Intercontinental Champion

GUNTHER, the current Intercontinental Champion in WWE, recently shared his thoughts on his position in the company and his goals for the future. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, he expressed his admiration for World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, while also acknowledging the unique challenges he faces as the holder of a newly established title.

When asked about his comparison to Rollins and Reigns, GUNTHER humbly stated that he doesn’t see himself in the same league as them. He recognized the difficult situation Rollins is in as the champion of a new title. In the wrestling world, there have been numerous titles that were introduced only to fade away over time. GUNTHER understands the responsibility of being a newly crowned champion and the need to establish the Intercontinental Title’s prestige. He commended Rollins for doing an excellent job and acknowledged him as one of the best in the industry.

Regarding Reigns, GUNTHER acknowledged that he is in a completely different category. Reigns has held the championship for a significant period and doesn’t need to defend it frequently at this stage. GUNTHER believes that title defenses should be reserved for special occasions, happening only a few times a year. In contrast, GUNTHER sees himself as someone who is still establishing his legacy and working towards enhancing the reputation of the Intercontinental Championship.

GUNTHER expressed his desire to add prestige to the Intercontinental Title, emphasizing that he is in the right place at the right time. He understands the responsibility that comes with being champion and feels ready for it. GUNTHER’s achievements have been the result of a long process, and he believes that things built over time tend to last longer. He acknowledges that there is room for growth and recognizes the patience required to continue building his career.

As GUNTHER prepares to defend his title against The Miz at Survivor Series, he remains focused on his goal of enhancing the legacy of the Intercontinental Championship. He believes that his position in WWE presents him with more responsibility, and he is determined to meet the expectations placed upon him. GUNTHER’s dedication and patience have served him well thus far, and he intends to continue working towards establishing his own legacy in the wrestling industry.

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