Gunther provides insights on the potential of Kazuchika Okada joining WWE

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Gunther recently discussed the possibility of Kazuchika Okada joining WWE during the WWE Royal Rumble weekend in an interview with Nick Hausman from

As of February 1st, Okada has officially become a free agent and is currently finishing up his commitments with NJPW. Both AEW and WWE have shown interest in signing him.

“I think Okada is fantastic. I always love Japanese wrestling. When I grew up in professional wrestling, understanding everything, I always enjoyed Japanese wrestling the most. I was more of an All Japan guy than a New Japan guy, to be honest. But yeah, he’s one of the best in the world, and if he joins WWE, he’s very welcome to, and I think he finds great competition here.”

Gunther, a professional wrestler currently signed with WWE, recently discussed the possibility of Kazuchika Okada, a highly acclaimed Japanese wrestler, joining WWE. In an interview with Nick Hausman from during the WWE Royal Rumble weekend, Gunther expressed his admiration for Okada and his excitement about the potential of him joining WWE.

As of February 1st, Okada has officially become a free agent and is currently wrapping up his commitments with New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW). This has sparked interest from both WWE and All Elite Wrestling (AEW), two major wrestling promotions that have been known to attract top talent from around the world.

Gunther’s appreciation for Japanese wrestling is evident in his comments. He mentioned that he has always enjoyed Japanese wrestling the most, particularly All Japan Pro Wrestling. However, he acknowledged Okada’s status as one of the best wrestlers in the world and expressed his enthusiasm for the prospect of Okada competing in WWE.

The potential signing of Okada by WWE would undoubtedly create a buzz within the wrestling community. Okada is widely regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers of his generation and has had an illustrious career in NJPW. He is known for his exceptional in-ring skills, captivating storytelling abilities, and his signature move, the Rainmaker.

If Okada were to join WWE, he would bring a unique style and a fresh perspective to the promotion. His presence would not only elevate the in-ring competition but also provide an opportunity for dream matches against WWE’s top stars. Fans have longed to see Okada face off against the likes of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, or AJ Styles, among others.

Furthermore, Okada’s potential move to WWE could also have a significant impact on the wrestling landscape as a whole. It would signify a major shift in power dynamics between promotions and potentially open the door for more collaborations and talent exchanges between WWE and NJPW.

While Gunther’s comments reflect his personal opinion, they also highlight the respect and admiration that Okada commands within the wrestling industry. His potential signing with WWE would undoubtedly be a game-changer and could pave the way for more international talent to make their mark in the promotion.

As fans eagerly await Okada’s decision on his future, it remains to be seen whether he will choose WWE, AEW, or another path altogether. Regardless of where he ends up, one thing is certain: the wrestling world will be watching closely, eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the storied career of Kazuchika Okada.