Gunther Is Open To Imperium Turning Babyface In WWE

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Reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER is open to a babyface turn for Imperium.

On the Cheap Heat podcast, GUNTHER discussed Imperium’s philosophy of wrestling and addressed the possibility of displaying a lighter and humorous side in WWE.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On their “mat is sacred” philosophy: “We mean it. We build our livelihood around it, why should we not take it serious? There is no playing a character or anything like that, that’s just what we are and we express it in a more extravagant way in the ring. That’s why it works. We thought about it years ago when we took that as our identity. That’s who we are, we let it all out in the ring and it’s going to be authentic.”

On possibly showing a lighter or more humorous side: “We did it before in different places, not on that big of a stage, obviously, and if it comes natural, it’s definitely possible. A lot of people can relate to us and can connect to us. I see it when we walk out anywhere, it’s usually the blackout, the music hits, and people get excited and cheer for a second, but then the light goes on and everybody goes, ‘ah.’ I think it’s a great sign and shows that deep down they must respect and appreciated what we do in the ring, but then we get them back to be like, ‘they don’t look like the guys who would shake hands.’ It’s a good situation.”

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