Grayson Waller Wants Trish Stratus On His Talk Show, Wade Barrett Doesn’t Wish To Wrestle GUNTHER

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On a recent edition of the “After The Bell” podcast, Grayson Waller was asked to name a talent he would like to welcome on the Grayson Waller Effect.

Waller named Trish Stratus as his candidate of choice, noting that he views the Hall of Famer’s accomplishments with considerable respect. He said,


“I’ve said it a few times, and I’m gonna make it happen, especially after her performance In Pittsburgh. Trish Stratus. I would love to have her on my show, I’ve always been a big fan of Trish and somehow now, even more. That performance against Becky, there was a few of us watching in the locker room, just looking at each other like, how is she doing this? She disappeared for however long, like over a decade I’m sure and comes back and is doing this, getting smashed in the cage and putting a knot in her head? I have a lot of respect for Trish and I’d love to have her on the show.”

On a recent edition of the “Even Stronger” podcast, Wade Barrett rejected the notion that he might attempt to reclaim the WWE Intercontinental Championship from GUNTHER.

Barrett has held the WWE Intercontinental Championship five times in his career and he appears to be quite satisfied with his commentary duties going forward. He said,

“No, no surgeries on the horizon. I’m feeling pretty good. Now, of course, this is when people start messaging me, ‘Hey when are you getting back in the ring? How about Gunther?’ Hell no! I’m not getting in the ring with Gunther I can promise you that.”

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