Grayson Waller Unveils His Desired Australian Guests for The Grayson Waller Effect

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On a recent edition of the “After The Bell” podcast, Grayson Waller revealed his list of dream guests for his Grayson Waller Effect talk show segments.

Waller also discussed the rise of Australian talent in WWE which includes the likes of Rhea Ripley, Bronson Reed, Indi Hartwell, Emma, and Waller himself.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On who he’d like to have on the Grayson Waller Effect: “It kind of worries me who they’re going to bring over. I’m worried it’s going to be Cody [Rhodes] because if you want to talk about someone who’s going to … try and overshadow me… For me, personally, I would [for it] to be Indi Hartwell. Bring an Australian over. Maybe Bronson Reed. Make Smackdown the Australian show with all the big-name Australians.”

On WWE showcasing more Australian talent: “It’s great and I hope it opens more doors for more Australians to come in and show what we can do because I’m sick of the Americans. Like, we get it. You’re all so patriotic, but you’re all the same.”

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Grayson Waller, a rising star in WWE, recently shared his dream guest list for his talk show segments called the Grayson Waller Effect. In addition, he discussed the increasing presence of Australian talent in WWE and expressed his desire for more representation from his home country.

When asked about his dream guests for the Grayson Waller Effect, Waller expressed his concerns about potential guests who might overshadow him. However, he mentioned that he would love to have fellow Australian wrestlers on the show, such as Indi Hartwell and Bronson Reed. He even suggested making Smackdown the Australian show by featuring all the big-name Australians.

Waller’s enthusiasm for showcasing Australian talent is evident as he expressed his hope that WWE’s focus on Australian wrestlers like Rhea Ripley, Bronson Reed, Indi Hartwell, Emma, and himself would open doors for more Australians in the industry. He also playfully teased American wrestlers, stating that he is tired of their patriotic personas and believes that Australian wrestlers can bring something fresh and unique to the table.

The rise of Australian talent in WWE is indeed noteworthy. Rhea Ripley, for instance, has become a prominent figure in the women’s division and has achieved great success, including winning the NXT Women’s Championship. Bronson Reed has also made a name for himself with his impressive size and athleticism, capturing the NXT North American Championship. Indi Hartwell has been a standout performer in NXT’s women’s tag team division, while Emma has had a successful career in WWE before her departure.

Waller himself has been making waves in WWE with his charismatic personality and in-ring skills. His appearance on the reality TV show “WWE Tough Enough” helped him gain recognition and paved the way for his current success. With his talk show segments, Waller aims to provide a platform for wrestlers to share their stories and connect with fans on a deeper level.

The inclusion of more Australian talent in WWE not only diversifies the roster but also showcases the global reach of professional wrestling. It allows fans from different regions to connect with wrestlers who share their cultural background and adds a fresh dynamic to the storytelling in the ring.

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In conclusion, Grayson Waller’s dream guest list for the Grayson Waller Effect reflects his desire to promote Australian talent in WWE. With the rise of wrestlers like Rhea Ripley, Bronson Reed, Indi Hartwell, Emma, and Waller himself, Australian wrestlers are making a significant impact in the industry. Their inclusion not only adds diversity to the roster but also brings fresh perspectives and storytelling elements to the world of professional wrestling. Fans can look forward to future episodes of the Grayson Waller Effect and stay connected with all the latest wrestling news on