Grayson Waller Ridicules Kurt Angle during the WWE Money In The Bank Preshow.

Grayson Waller Ridicules Kurt Angle during the WWE Money In The Bank Preshow.
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During a recent trip to Walmart, WWE Tag Team Champion Grayson Waller stopped by the toy aisle. The wrestler who forms one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions made a public appearance at the retail store, where he noted that his action figure was not in stock – in fact, he revealed that his action figure was not even displayed.

Waller said, “For the sake of this appearance, since I have to be here in Walmart, I thought why not try to blend in like those awkward wrestlers who can’t draw the line between being fans themselves and their profession. So, here I am at the toy section of Walmart. Let’s see what they got. They have an impressive collection of Mattel products at Walmart. My eyes landed on Bayley. It’s quite commendable that they even display the action figures of the lesser champions. That’s always a plus.”

Waller’s comment continued as he browsed through the aisle, “And would you look at that, a brand new Kurt Angle action figure. You know, if Kurt keeps trying, he might one day reach the wrestling standards of Grayson Waller. Who else do we have? Sami Zayn, Kane…And look, a Tiffany Stratton, our Money in the Bank winner. However, I’m still searching for my figures. The Grayson Wallers… Apparently, mine are sold out, lad!”

In other WWE updates, you can take a look at the Money in the Bank Kickoff show in the link below:

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