Grayson Waller Reflects On His WWE Main Roster Call-Up

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Appearing on WWE After The Bell, Grayson Waller discussed a wide range of topics including his journey to the WWE main roster after starting in NXT in 2021 during the NXT 2.0 era. 

Waller, who was moved up to the main roster as part of this year’s Draft, noted the main difference is on the main roster they don’t baby you compared to what he was used to in NXT. 


“I think the main thing is you’re not babied anymore. In NXT, they take care of you. Obviously, you’re inexperienced, and you’re new, for some people, [they don’t have] a wrestling background. This is their first match, first time doing a promo, all that kind of stuff. So for me, you go up [to the main roster], and it’s like, go. They’re not taking care of you. They’re looking after you. I guess it’s like leaving home and going to college. You’re on your own, which I love. That’s what I want. I know some people would struggle with it. You’re not getting babied; that doesn’t happen. You get called up, it’s sink or swim and you can make that decision pretty quickly,” he said.

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