Goldberg Recounts Texas Storm Difficulties, Saving Baby Calves & Sheep

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Goldberg Recounts Texas Storm Difficulties, Saving Baby Calves & Sheep


Photo by Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Goldberg has been a legendary wrestling icon for years, but outside of the ring, the superstar continues to try and give back to the various communities around him. Speaking the Telegraph Herald, Goldberg discussed some of the difficulties that Texas has faced as part of its recent winter storms, and just some of what he’s done to help.

As a resident of Texas, Goldberg has had a first-hand look at some of the rough times that the state has had after being hit with some uncharacteristic winter storms last month. While he’s been “much luckier” than most of the people in the state, he’s still been dealing with having no running water, and even had to deal with farm animals giving birth.

The superstars ranch grew a bit, as three calves and two sheep were born during the bout of blackouts that Texas was going through. According to Goldberg, saving the animals means helping keeping them warm and feeding them. “We had to grab them and save their lives, basically. And that means bottle-feeding them now,” he said,” he said. “My wife is the one who takes care of that duty and she enjoys it but it’s been extremely stressful. You know, boiling snow throughout the storm for our animals has just been tough.”

Needless to say, Goldberg has been going through it, as has the entire state of Texas. Thankfully, the worst of the weather seems to be over, and hopefully Goldberg and his ranch of animals are able to get access to water and heat sooner rather than later.

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