Goldberg Having Impending Knee Surgery, Promises To Return And Rip Bobby Lashley’s Soul From His Chest

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Goldberg Having Impending Knee Surgery, Promises To Return And Rip Bobby Lashley’s Soul From His Chest

Goldberg WWE RAW

Photo Credit: WWE

Goldberg says he’s got a new mission when he comes back to WWE.

WWE shared the following video of Goldberg sending a warning to Bobby Lashley after he “accidentally” attacked Goldberg’s son, Gage, at SummerSlam. Goldberg was asked about the extent of his injuries sustained at SummerSlam, and he said he’s got ligament damage that requires surgery. He went to leave in his truck, but Goldberg turned back to the camera and said that he’ll be back and he’s not after a title anymore.

“Well, I’ve got ligament damage and I have an impending knee surgery, does that answer your question? I really don’t care…

“But what I do care about is that dirty son-of-a-bitch, Bobby Lashley and what he did to my son at SummerSlam. I just left the house, Gage’s shoulder is all jacked up, his neck hurts. God knows what a dude that size could have done to my son, so the objective’s changed. I’m not coming for the WWE Championship, I’m coming for Bobby Lashley’s soul and I will rip it straight from his chest.”

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"I'm not coming for the WWE Championship. I'm coming for Bobby Lashley's SOUL and I will rip it straight from his chest."@Goldberg has a clear message for The All Mighty #WWEChampion @fightbobby following what happened to his son Gage at #SummerSlam.

— WWE (@WWE) August 30, 2021

It has been heavily rumored that a second match between Goldberg and Lashley will take place in the near future. WrestleVotes is reporting the match is planned for WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia in October, with today’s video being the start of the build towards that match.

Goldberg recently told WWE’s The Bump that he has two more matches on his contract after the SummerSlam match with Bobby Lashley. Goldberg had been working only two matches per year on a multi-year deal that was to expire at the end of 2022, but it appears that he’ll work at least one more with Lashley this year.

Asked whether he’s Team Reigns or Team Cena, he explained that he’d like to face both men; the former WWE Universal Champion hinted that he could clash with either one after he faced Lashley, which will now be turning into an extended feud.

“I’m team neither one of them,” said Goldberg. “Neither one has stared across the ring and seen me as an opponent, so I look at both of them the same….They’re just future victims. I’d love a piece of Roman Reigns, and I think maybe even more so, I’d love to get my hands around Cena’s throat. But that’s wishful thinking.

“We’ll see. Let me take care of Bobby Lashley first and hey, I only got one more match, or two more matches on my deal here so we’ll see what happens.”