Goldberg: ‘Everything I Learned, I Learned From Sting’

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Goldberg: ‘Everything I Learned, I Learned From Sting’


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In an interview promoting the WWE Untold episode covering his iconic undefeated streak, WCW icon Goldberg spoke with Bleacher Report about making his home in WWE, his WCW run, and what he learned from Sting.

On the latter point, Goldberg is impressed at the lasting impressions he and other WCW talents left on the business, and he says that he owes it all to one man in the rafters.

“It truly shows you how viable that company was and how viable the competition was back in the day to continue to have value in the business at such a later date. Sting is WCW. Period, end of story. People want to say it was me for a period of time, but he just handed the reins to me for a little bit. Sting is that promotion. That promotion is Sting. Everything I learned, I learned from him.”

That’s not to say that everything has stayed the same since the nineties. Bill spoke about the difference in modern crowds compared to those from his glory days, saying that they don’t respect the in-ring action quite as much.

“They’re not nearly as respectful as they used to be,” he said. “I think it’s more about how they can turn the momentum of the show as opposed to actually being a part of it. They actually want to dictate more so than in the past. They were content just sitting back and being entertained as opposed to dictating what’s going on.”

Still, Goldberg can’t deny that it felt good to be back in the WWE Universe in 2016.

“The reality is, 16 years removed, I’m not the same person that I was back in the past. To be able to tap back into that person in some way, shape or form was not the easiest thing, but it’s still me. The reaction I got from the crowd, I was floored. Was it the same that I felt before? No. Was it similar? Absolutely.”

For more, including Goldberg’s thoughts on a sequel to Santa’s Slay, be sure to check out the full interview.

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