GLOW Renewed For Fourth And Final Season On Netflix

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GLOW Renewed For Fourth And Final Season On Netflix

Despite three successful seasons on Netflix, GLOW is ending after a fourth season. The show will return for a 10-episode final season; while it usually sees a release date in the summer, a date for the final season has not been announced.

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All good things must come to a GLOWing end. We're coming back for a fourth and final season!

— GLOW (@GlowNetflix) September 20, 2019

Series star Alison Brie posted the following comments after the announcement was made this morning:

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Excited to announce that GLOW will be back for a fourth and final season! I wish I never had to say goodbye to these characters, but I am so grateful to get one more round with our incredible team. You better believe we’re GLOWing out with a bang! 💥💪🏼💥💪🏼💥💪🏼#glownetflix #zoyathedestroya

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Wrestlezone’s review of the third season noted the show “doesn’t necessarily have a wrapped-in-a-bow happy ending, nor should it.” There did seem to be a lack of in-ring moments, but the show didn’t suffer when it came to action or drama. “The move to Vegas is a good one, and it will be interesting to see how, and if, it plays a role in the cast’s lives moving forward if we get a fourth season. (How can we not?) There are some ‘high notes’ (including some memorable on-stage routines) and big moves that set up a fourth season, but it’s nothing that veers too much into the ‘disappointing cliffhanger’ territory. A number of characters get what they want and some find a new direction or answers, even if it’s not the one they wanted or asked for. Season three of GLOW gives you more time to learn about the characters, and more time for them to learn about themselves and the entertainment world they all desperately want to be part of, and leaves you wanting to see where their journey leads to next.”

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