Gerald Brisco Recalls The Time His Son Punched Hulk Hogan In The Groin

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Gerald Brisco Recalls The Time His Son Punched Hulk Hogan In The Groin

Hulk Hogan

(Photo by John Pendygraft-Pool/Getty Images)

The bass in Hulk Hogan‘s voice probably went up a couple of octaves after meeting a young Wes Brisco.

Gerald Brisco recently spoke with VOC Nation’s Brisco And Big Ace Show, and he recalled the time Hulk Hogan took a shot to the groin courtesy of his son (and co-host) Wes. The elder Brisco explained how Hogan and his sidekick, Brutus Beefcake, rode up to their house on motorcycles and Hogan was on the receiving end of a devastating punch from Wes after quizzing him on his wrestling acumen.

“One day we heard a bunch of motorcycles coming down our driveway. We looked out the window and there was Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake… (After spending some time out back by the lake) we’re walking back toward the house and (Hulk) looked down at Wes and said, ‘Hey Wes, do you like wrestling?’ Wes said, ‘Oh yeah I like wrestling, I can throw a good punch too.’… So he reared back – Hogan’s [tall] and Wes is [short] – he reared back and he hits Hogan and hits him right smack dab in the [darn] crotch. He knocked the breath out of Terry.”

Brisco also talked about his son getting engaged to AEW’s Red Velvet, joking that Wes needed a fine woman to settle down with, but he wasn’t sure it would happen.

“Well I was shocked,” Brisco said about the engagement. “I knew it would take a fine woman, but I didn’t think that he would capture such a fine woman. Congratulations to him and [Red Velvet] and I look forward to being a grandfather… He wasn’t an easy guy to deal with that weekend; he was a real pain in the [butt], and I know [what that’s like] because I’ve raised him all my life, and he’s been a pain in [mine] since he was a little, bitty, baby boy.”

You can listen to the full interview below:

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