GCW Jimmy Lloyd’s Frightfest Results (10/28) Live In Progress

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GCW Jimmy Lloyd’s Frightfest Results (10/28) Live In ProgressCollective GCW

Show is available on FITE TV.

Jimmy Lloyd is introduced and promises the “best fucking wrestling in the world.” He continues to hype the show. G-Raver comes out to a big pop. Raver thanks Lloyd and shows the fans the progress he’s made, restoring movement to his injured hand.

FIRST MATCH: Blake Christian vs. Lucky 13

They lock up and trade holds to start. After a series of leapfrogs, Christian hits a dropkick and sends Lucky 13 to the outside. 13 blocks a suicide dive. Both men battle on the top rope. They battle onto the bar. 13 is sent to the crowd. Blake Christian hits a running senton off the bar, into the crowd.

Christian sends 13 back in the ring. Lucky 13 fight back and hits a Tiger Feint Kick. Lucky 13 hits a springboard DDT. Lucky 13 covers for two.

13 corners Blake. Lucky 13 unleashes a series of strikes. Christian counters and hits a series of strikes. 13 sends Blake to the apron. Blake comes back with a slingshot German Suplex. Blake gets a nearfall.

They battle on the apron. 13 counters a Candian Destroyer with an Air Raid Crash on the apron. Lucky 13 misses a diving senton and is sent into a chair in the crowd. Christian gets back in the ring. Lucky 13 gets back in the ring and eats a DDT. Blake covers for two. After a series of counters, Blake hits a leapfrog Spanish Fly. Lucky 13 fights back with a Package Piledriver for a nearfall. Lucky 13 maintains dominance and suplexes Christian into the corner. Christian fights back with a superplex. Christian hits a Frog Splash for a nearfall. Blake gets to the top rope, but Lucky 13 comes back with a brainbuster into the corner. Lucky 13 gets a nearfall.

Christian fights back. Christian hits a 450 Splash from the bar outside the ring into the ring. Christian gets a nearfall. Christian hits a Death Valley Driver. Christian climbs to the top rope. Christian hits a Twisting Splash for the pinfall.

WINNER: Blake Christian

SECOND MATCH: Chris Dickinson vs. Jordan Oliver

Dickinson plays a promo from Jordan over the PA system. I have no idea what it says because it keeps feeding back on the soundsystem. Dickinson charges Jordan and stomps the piss out of him.

Dickinson unleashes a series of chops. Dickinson hits a Tombstone Piledriver. Dickinson calls Jordan a “CZW Dojo Wars Bitch” and then stomps on him more. Dickinson sends Jordan to the bar on the outside. Dickinson hits a huge chest chop. Jordan bounces off the bar and rolls back in the ring.

Dickinson hits a Brainbuster. Dickinson fights him into the crowd. Dickinson hits him with a steel chair. Dickinson fights him back into the ring. Jordan spits at Dickinson. Dickinson locks in a deep Boston Crab. Jordan tries to fight out but gets pummeled by Dickinson. Jordan hits a dropkick. Jordan hits a Slingshot Stunner. Jordan hits a huge kick. Jordan gets a nearfall. Jordan hits a series of chops. Jordan locks in a sleeper hold. Jordan hits a snapmare and dropkick. Jordan maintains dominance. Jordan gets in a fight with the referee. Dickinson blocks an avalanche attack and sends Jordan to the canvas.

Dickinson hits a huge lariat. Dickinson hits a huge chop. Dickinson turns Jordan inside out. Dickinson hits a Death Valley Driver for a nearfall. Dickinson leaves the ring and the arena. Dickinson returns with a door. Jordan hits a dropkick and gets a nearfall. Jordan hits a Springboard Cutter. Dickinson leaps up yelling “I don’t sell that Springboard Cutter shit” and they exchange chops. Dickinson hits Pazuzu Bomb through the door for the pinfall.

WINNER: Chris Dickinson

Dickinson told Jordan to get out of his ring.

THIRD MATCH: Tony Deppen vs. Matt Tremont