GCW Being Sued By IWTV Over Alleged Breach Of Contract, Damages ‘In Excess Of $500,000’

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GCW Being Sued By IWTV Over Alleged Breach Of Contract, Damages ‘In Excess Of $500,000’

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The fractured relationship between Game Changer Wrestling and IndependentWrestling.TV has just gotten a whole lot worse. It now appears that IWTV is suing GCW over an alleged breach of contract.

According to Times Leader, IWTV is suing Game Changer Wrestling for damages over the company pulling its shows from the streaming platform back in December of 2020.

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Game Changer Wrestling and IWTV entered into an agreement in March of 2020, but GCW requested to be released from its contract months later. Something that IWTV seemingly denied.

Brett Lauderdale, the promoter of Game Changer Wrestling, explained the decision after requesting its release from their IWTV contract.

“I know there are people that think GCW is a giant operation w/ a huge bankroll but we’re not. GCW is owned & financed by 1 person (me), who operates out of his home & has 0 employees. I am a single father & small business owner that works 24/7 to support a lot of people. Reviewing contracts and filing for copyrights is expensive and we’ve never had to hire a lawyer until recently. Our profile has grown quickly & we are working hard to adjust to these needs on a daily basis. 95% of everything @ GCW is done in-house.

I hand write every merch label. I receive & reply to every email & DM we get. I purchase every flight & hotel myself on my outdated Android. I drive to the post office 3x a week in a shitty car w/ a check engine light that never goes out. I have a small team that pours their heart & soul into everything they do to help GCW and they do it because they believe in what we are doing. We aren’t perfect and I/we are as flawed as anyone but we are actively working to do good in wrestling & bring everyone along w/ us.

This is not a call for sympathy or an excuse. This is an acknowledgment that I/we are human and get frustrated and emotional when I feel like my company deserves better. In this new world, our existing agreement w/ IWTV isn’t sustainable & we need a change. We have tried to seek a resolution privately but we’re not having much luck. IWTV will thrive with or without GCW. We just want the opportunity to do the same. Hope you understand. Thanks,” Lauderdale sent out in a series of tweets back in December.

IWTV says the damages the streaming platform has suffered can’t be calculated until Game Changer Wrestling provides them with the full amount of revenue from the pay-per-view events they have run since December. IWTV believes, however, that the damages from GCW could be more than $500,000.

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What are your thoughts on Game Changer Wrestling being sued over breach of contract? Do you think IndependentWrestling.TV has a case? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.