Gangrel Rekindles His Connection with Adam Copeland at AEW’s 2024 Double or Nothing Event.

Gangrel Rekindles His Connection with Adam Copeland at AEW’s 2024 Double or Nothing Event.
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In a recent airing of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Gangrel shared insights about his unexpected appearance at AEW Double Or Nothing 2024. This marked his unforgettable reunification with his old ally from The Brood, Adam Copeland, better known as Edge.

Some of the noteworthy exchanges from the podcast are listed as follows:

When asked about Adam Copeland’s determination: “Adam, better known as Edge, is remarkably headstrong. Once an idea or a storyline enters his mind, he’s determined to see it come to fruition, by hook or by crook. Eventually, this spilled over into AEW and demanded fulfillment. I’m grateful for this…I’m at the age of 55, and wasn’t sure if I could hoist myself up from beneath the ring [after] hiding there for some time. My biggest unease was ‘Would I be able to move and perform?’ But the excitement and rush of the moment powered me through. I was incredibly fortunate to be part of such a moment. It was an amazing experience to be out there, contributing to the event.”

Sharing about the secrecy of his attendance: “They managed to keep it absolutely quiet. I didn’t confide in anyone. They asked me to join in at the very last minute. I spent my whole time in Adam’s private room. When I eventually made my way to the ring, people such as Jericho were startled and exclaimed ‘What brings you here?!’ The team did an exceptional job keeping my presence a secret – a rather tough task in the world of wrestling. It was a neat surprise.”

Discussing about his early arrival at the venue: “My entrance was not in a wheelchair or under any sort of covering. Instead, I arrived earlier than everyone else, proceeded to Adam’s room, and simply waited there the whole day. Just before the match began, I donned a black hoodie and blended in with the ring crew. Then, I slipped under the ring, and there it was.”

Adam Copeland emerged as the victor in the Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match against Malakai Black, held on the same Sunday. However, Copeland was unfortunately injured in the process, suffering a broken leg. As a result, he will be undergoing surgical intervention and a potentially lengthy recovery period, during which he’ll be on hiatus from his professional commitments.