Gangrel Recalls WWE Not Using Him On Their Version Of ECW TV

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Gangrel returned to WWE in 2006 for the relaunch of ECW but unfortunately, he was never used on television.

In a recent appearance on “The Ten Count” podcast, Gangrel recalled how he was brought back for a vampire stable with Kevin Thorn and Ariel, but those plans never materialized.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the plan when he was brought back in: “They hired me back and said I was gonna come out and start, and that Kevin Thorn and Ariel were gonna join me. I said, ‘Okay, cool.’ I went home and watched the TV, and I see Kevin Thorn come out. I go, ‘Oh!’ So I call, [inaudible] answer. About six months later, I get a call saying, ‘Hey, it never worked out, the Kevin thing, and this and that, so we’re gonna let you go.”

On not being used by WWE at the time: “They hired me back and said, ‘You’re gonna tag with Viscera,’ and then I never heard from them again, and then they let me go. A couple [of] months later, they hired me back again to do ECW, I never heard from them, six months later they let me go. It bothered me because I was getting paid, and that’s great, but I wanted to wrestle. I love wrestling.”

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