Gable Steveson Hopes To Compete In 2024 Olympics, Provides Update On His WWE Training

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WWE NIL signee Gable Steveson has yet to make his WWE in-ring debut, and he recently shared an update on his training progress.

In an interview with KSTP, Steveson discussed training at the WWE Performance Center and his desire to compete at the Olympics next year.


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his progress toward an in-ring debut: “I want to go out there on TV. I want to be the person people thought I was and I don’t want any doubt in my mind that I’m not. I’m getting the hang of doing everything the correct way – landing right, match psychology, everything in between. I’m flourishing and hopefully they see it, too. I’m excited because people haven’t really seen the real Gable because amateur wrestling kind of shelves a portion because we’re used to guys being disciplined.”

On wanting to compete in the 2024 Olympics: “They’ve approved the fact that I can chase a couple tournaments. I think time will tell the Olympics story. Who knows because it’s a year away but I think we’re in good strides to make that progression.”

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