Gabe Kidd Proclaims That NJPW Outclasses Both WWE and AEW

Gabe Kidd Proclaims That NJPW Outclasses Both WWE and AEW
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In a recent conversation with CBS News Los Angeles, professional wrestler Gabe Kidd shared his thoughts on a number of wrestling entities and explained why he thinks New Japan Pro Wrestling stands above the rest.

Kidd argued that other wrestling promotions, such as AEW and WWE, do not match up to the standards of NJPW. He made his viewpoint clear when he said,

“You like theater, go and watch WWE. If you’re a fat nerd who can’t talk to girls, go and watch AEW. If you want to watch the real stuff, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, that’s where it’s at. All you need to know about me, any man, woman, anyone born on this island can never be a better pro wrestler than me. Hulk Hogan? I’m better than him. Undertaker? I’m better than him. Triple H? Listen, I’ll beat ’em all up. I don’t care. I’ll beat ’em all up. I’m the best pro wrestler on the planet. New Japan is the best pro wrestling on the planet. New Japan Pro-Wrestling is where it’s at because it’s where I’m at. Where the dogs are at. Exactly!”

In an upcoming match at NJPW Resurgence, Kidd is slated to square off against Eddie Kingston for the NJPW Strong Openweight Championship in a riveting No Rope Last Man Standing Match.