FULL INTERVIEW | Shawn Stasiak – WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Episode #23 🎤

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Shawn Stasiak | FULL SHOOT INTERVIEW – WSI | Wrestling Shoot Interviews Episode #23 🎤

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These grappler are glamorous! Hi there and welcome as soon as extra after two weeks off it's james right here with ws i’m my visitor this week he's now not easiest a health care provider nonetheless by god he's nearly the finest free throw shooter in basketball historic previous if it wasn't for kurt hennig rattling that man is obviously sean steizak how are you doing buddy howdy james thanks for having me on dear .

All americans yeah we uh we've acquired thru it at final we've acquired thru it at final we're presupposed to have confidence this two weeks ago weren't we or was as soon as it two weeks ago uh two or three weeks ago nonetheless some you know lifestyles issues happen lawful yeah well yeah describe me about i've had to rupture so powerful stuff myself at present um so we've easiest acquired an hour we're gonna trip .

Straight thru this and uh the predominant element is uh in total i have confidence the plugs on the tip nonetheless i believed i'd throw straight away you're form of uh motivate within the wrestling universe uh i dislike to employ the wwe terminology for it uh since you've acquired a recent youtube channel and uh you're gonna originate a dinky of a walk on youtube and uh describe us what it's all gonna be about .

Yeah so the youtube channel is sean stasiak's world for now which will commerce nonetheless it indubitably's sean stacyak's world and it's accurate uh you know i've constantly uh been one which you know make a selection to doc issues and and you know in highschool constantly relationship highschool i accurate like capturing moments and experiences and that i accurate this channel will be very diverse that's why .

I name it my world uh it'll be you know fitness and health associated uh per chance a dinky bit chiropractic non secular deep philosophy and entertainment wrestling i mean it's in actuality going to be i set on quite a lot of assorted hats so it's going to be uh culminate all those those issues that vogue so test it out i like the total any .

Like and motivate i will gain now to gain it began we've been talking about this for a while james so i acquired my work slice out for me nonetheless i i've acquired faith that hopefully the deliver that i provide of us will uh be engaged with yeah obviously uh and uh i know i've been like throwing my form of two cents in with all the issues and additionally i have to level out .

Sooner than we open the interview factual we were having a dinky of a gun off uh flexing biceps and all the issues it's correct you're a chiropractor it's substandard that you're 5 000 miles far off from me nonetheless it indubitably's correct you're a chiropractor because i've been accurate getting motivate onto the jeff cavalier athleanx.com protest that i pay for i know you're a fitness guy have confidence you .

Know who jeff cavaliere is uh yeah i've viewed him you know about a cases on youtube and that i've heard the title i i don't in actuality apply him nonetheless yeah there's so many fitness gurus available this day lawful nonetheless yeah i mediate he's a beautiful credible and identified provide lawful so i mediate he's presumably acquired some pretty correct .

Data uh he sounds pretty credible he gave me he gave me substandard advice on my shoulder protest so i'm sending him the invoice in your chiropractic providers let me describe you um so i'll provide you with the predominant request and since we're a dinky tight for time um .

Construct you know what i was as soon as going to skip this nonetheless that is the one who i in actuality personally wish to know um 2nd generation vital individual obviously uh stan the individual stasiak and um were you i was as soon as in actuality i'm gonna extra on design parallels with the rock as well since you're 2nd he's .

Clearly third generation nonetheless you know dad's a wrestler were you uh form of an military brat uh vogue you know interesting from territory to territory with your father or were you in a single fastened location while he went and performed his substitute oh no no we i i was as soon as yanked in out of faculty districts my complete lifestyles i was as soon as constantly an outsider uh you know constantly in .

Truth i was as soon as a sufferer of bullying and in consequence of course motivate in those days within the 70s and early 80s you know the the cat wasn't out of the rating pretty but as far as legitimate wrestling and of us believed you know what they noticed on tv is to be you know the total vogue accurate the story traces the characters all the issues so that they didn't stare at it as .

It's an act it's chara you know characters being performed or portrayed my dad was as soon as a heel and quite a lot of the time so lawful right here in dallas texas i be aware being chased uh dwelling from faculty because uh my dad a substandard guy a heel would uh you know feud with the vaughn erics who were like gods around right here lawful so i grew up uh and was as soon as exposed at a truly early age .

Uh touring you know up and down the highways and byways of of lifestyles and the us and uh and canada and um yeah i was as soon as i skilled uh the territory days so we traveled uh many persistently in actuality i went to a pair or four different excessive colleges my no three different excessive colleges my first one year so that accurate to carry out of provide you with a principle of how powerful we .

Moved around and uh portland oregon uh pacific northwest don owen's territory uh there were different territories you know dallas was as soon as the von eriks you had the the ghania's up in minnesota uh obviously the mcmahons were the the northeast fragment of the states you had uh crockett promotions you had don owens like i said within the pacific northwest you .

Had roy shires uh i deem was as soon as in um in san francisco so i i traveled in each put um in consequence of that because being exposed to the industrial at such an early age touring with my father um describe me your favorite territory to accurate are residing in presumably portland accurate because uh you know i i've acquired bitter sweets with .

Portland because i've misplaced each my fogeys there and there were some hardships that i skilled there nonetheless um i have confidence quite a lot of immense memories there uh additionally toronto canada to the toronto set i've acquired pals of mine to this very day that are like my household so i negate you know pacific northwest and in .

Toronto for obvious um obviously i've acquired to request this uh stand the individual stasiak mature wwf champion and you know he he was as soon as a a gargantuan design as far as i will describe in quite a lot of change areas but his title by no methodology seems to be to near motivate up if you happen to talk about you know the outdated guys within the territories and .

Stuff like that and it seems to be a dinky of a disgrace to me since you know he obviously did design money and he had quite a lot of success within the industrial and as a mature champion uh with the wwf champion he have to have confidence told you the story about when he was as soon as going to search out out he was as soon as defeating pedro morales you know what's funny about that james i .

By no methodology knew the explicit story except after my dad had passed and that i had heard the tape that uh invoice apter had recorded my dad i deem the night that he received it and or explained that you know what that was as soon as something different i'm advanced that with something else uh there was as soon as a dialogue showing .

My dad's dialogue within the agent going over what was as soon as going to happen that night my dad had wrestled pedro persistently and you know you know the tip outcome was as soon as that pedro would sustain on to the title and it confirmed a dialogue there and that i'd by no methodology viewed that sooner than i believed that was as soon as so attention-grabbing that my dad had no belief .

going to the field that night had no belief that he you know they were going to position the strap on him and he'd was the fifth wrestler within the historic previous of the wwe was champion so um i by no methodology learned about i've learned a lot about my dad after he had passed and that i went to wwe and would uh you know relate with pat patterson jack lanza these guys were .

Brokers for wbe and they would fragment every accomplish of reports about my father my dad was as soon as uh each person loved him you know he was as soon as a man's man the boys would argue over him of who he was as soon as going to dawdle with to head to the following town because they knew that if stan stasiak was as soon as within the auto the outing would jog so powerful smoother since you'd .

Salvage him laughing the total vogue my dad was as soon as a jokester immense storyteller uh that it is probably you’ll have confidence loved my dad he was as soon as accurate each person loved them immense sideburns as well uh neil diamond i gain they’ll give him a walk nonetheless i will negate my dad did have confidence a median high-tail and um he was as soon as a difficult cookie .

And likewise you know he wasn't like a body guy with he cherished to drink his beer and he cherished to he cherished the brawl and he um he would give his shirt off his motivate to any person he loved nonetheless he additionally didn't wish to defective them the spoiled manner both he was as soon as and that i'm obvious unbeknownst to most of us watching this uh within the hall of .

Fame nonetheless as a legacy candidate uh i'm obvious obviously i'm talking about vice president of the arena obviously nonetheless i mean he for all his accomplishments i don't in actuality mediate he have to had been lumped in with so many others in accurate like a dinky video equipment were you uh consulted uh for him to uh jog into the .

Corridor of reputation it's a truly very bitter topic for me oh lawful and that i attempted one who you know i don't i'm now not one to are attempting to be i'm in actuality a speaker you know and that i'm i don't accurate wish to blow smoke up you know wherever accurate to save quite a lot of whatever to originate of us i opt to be accurate and have confidence .

Pertinence and substance to to my insights and and when i'm connecting with of us on a talking standpoint nonetheless um that is a form of issues that it was as soon as accurate it was as soon as accurate very very uh spoiled the vogue that it was as soon as they did this and stare first of all i'm grateful and um it's an honor to acknowledge him for .

What he had carried out or what he was as soon as a element of in that era uh you know that is at some stage in a time that you know the belt didn't commerce quite a lot of can have confidence to you held the wwf championship which is this day the identical you know identical company the wwe championship you realize it in actuality meant something because it was as soon as very far few between that .

Belt would would commerce fingers so there was as soon as a there's plenty of correct heels that they’d presumably merely have confidence chosen from to originate the transition from pedro to gain the belt onto bruno uh my dad being and they're each child faces they didn't desire them to to test up so that they valuable a correct heel to originate the tran my dad was as soon as considered a transitional champion he .

Most productive held the belt for nine days nonetheless uh as the story goes he said sean those were the happiest nine days of my lifestyles apart from you know me being born he would constantly negate that um and motivate in that day you realize it accurate it meant a lot to him because it but again they they’d presumably merely have confidence gone with quite a lot of assorted heels nonetheless they selected my dad .

Because of the he had such immense heat and as you know a heels booze within the field is like the kid faces roaring cheers lawful and um so anyway you know rapid forward years later i i had my my expertise with legitimate wrestling and uh you know i acquired out of the industrial .

Assist in uh when was as soon as it 2002 pursued my chiropractic occupation uh i've been serving my neighborhood right here within the dallas castle value set for the previous you know 15 plus years and developed a talking occupation alongside the vogue which i'm going to the following diploma with uh and that i you know i even i dabble with um and that i wish to head down a rabbit hole .

But i'm going to gain motivate circle motivate to your to answer to your request i'm accurate providing you with an image of how this all accomplish of came about how this affected me um you know i i have confidence additionally dabble in among the most entertainment projects i have confidence going on with my alter ego personality phobia .

And likewise it is probably you’ll presumably test that out on the out of date web arena which goes to be updated very quickly that's f o b i a tv.com nonetheless um season legitimate that season legitimate yeah there you jog anyway uh you know so i've acquired some gargantuan visions with that and we are in a position to gain into that per chance a dinky bit extra down the boulevard nonetheless um .

Long story short that is already a protracted story is i had anticipated you know being out of the industrial so long as i have confidence um i felt that you know what i've carried out since i've been out of the industrial has been nothing nonetheless particular and giving motivate to my neighborhood and developing a talking occupation and looking to you know i motivate .

Folks with my my fingers and and motivate commerce lives for in a better manner uh each physically mentally spiritually uh with the accomplish of work and set that i'm enthusiastic with and had been for the previous you know since i've been out of wrestling and um i campaigned and and promoted my father every body year you know a pair .

Months prior to wrestlemania since the gargantuan hall of reputation ceremony sooner than the gargantuan provide an explanation for um you know and that i additionally promoted the pitch the principle that you know there's by no methodology been a father-son duo to ever sustain the wb title ever in historic previous and silent to this very day it hasn't been carried out so i .

Thought that you know i i have confidence like i you know i'm staying the correct form i will as i was older and looking to sustain you know the chiropractic way of life more fit way of life that i lead and you know i have confidence like my shelf lifestyles has been prolonged a dinky bit and and keeping some integrity there and that i believed you accurate by no methodology know .

I'm indubitably now not waiting by my telephone you know to ring the nonetheless i'm constantly open for the lawful industrial and you know uh i accurate thought though you know i'm open to the lawful industrial nonetheless but again it'd wish to be the lawful industrial it is miles gleaming creatively and on a industrial standpoint to ever even .

Salvage into story going motivate to that in any manner uh nonetheless i silent promoted my father getting inducted within the hall of reputation i felt that he was as soon as loyal of that even supposing he held the belt for easiest nine days he silent was as soon as an customary pioneer of that industry in that company you know the earlier levels and constantly felt that .

When the time would near when it was as soon as time i had faith that finally he would be um you know granted that up you know that that acknowledgement um they would name upon me his easiest son that i know of anyway .

Uh his easiest son to use the appreciate and you know fragment a pair reports um thanks correct night by no methodology came about um i noticed that about a years you know the previous five six years sooner than they did what they .

Did um they would provide an explanation for this legacy fly or even it was as soon as a pair years it was as soon as a pair years anyway where they confirmed this legacy fly and that i was as soon as like i gain worried i’m going oh man don't describe me they would they wouldn't accurate throw my dad in that manner they i .

Undoubtedly feel like he would deserve an accurate legitimate a accurate induction you know um and for a pair years that you know would happen and that i was as soon as like okay correct we acquired one other a one year per chance subsequent one year they'll induct them at final you know what i mean and that i was as soon as accomplish of in waiting for and awaiting that name .

But the choice by no methodology came and the vogue that i learned about my dad being inducted within the hall of reputation i had accurate carried out a protest at la fitness i was as soon as within the parking zone in my car i regarded down on my telephone because it's blowing up on social media and that i have confidence all these followers congratulating me you know congratulations your dad's .

Finally in he deserves all of it this you know all these comments and and congratulations and that i accurate you think i'd be comfy you think you're lawful i was as soon as the total opposite i knew lawful then and there what had came about since the wrestlemania was as soon as like a pair days .

Uh from that level uh and the hall of reputation was as soon as like a pair day or a day sooner than so i knew the one had called me no person had educated me i knew that they were going to accurate throw him on this fly and that i was as soon as like oh man no disrespect to the different wrestlers that are in that fly nonetheless .

I accurate i i correct now called this gargantuan man you know and uh he didn't purchase up obviously i didn't demand him to you know he was as soon as busy with uh obviously wrestlemania and the total issues that were going on uh i text him i said accurate please don't have confidence it lawful man are you able to accurate grant it .

Next one year if you happen to're within the the wide apple set you know uh the following one year they were like within the i mediate it was as soon as metlife stadium or a form of gargantuan stadiums because he was as soon as he was as soon as a gargantuan hit wherever he went nonetheless i felt that is seemingly to be extra appropriate geographically to have confidence them inducted there and um .

He texted me motivate and said no now not don't use it inner most it's accurate an organization decision i i was as soon as so hurt by that because now not easiest was as soon as i now not educated i wasn't invited to even near out to the field accurate to present an explanation for my respects for the total different legends you know um it was as soon as accurate a terribly raw deal man and .

It in actuality set a a bitter fashion in my mouth um and that i don't sustain on to it you know um i i've launched it let it jog nonetheless it indubitably is compartmentalized and is not any doubt something that can have confidence to you know i will pull from if i ever had ever had to ship some accurate deliver to the desk so that you may perhaps keep in touch you will want to you discuss about .

Being fleshy of piss and vinegar that's something that can presumably mild me up with ease so it is what it is man you know nonetheless it indubitably accurate goes to present an explanation for to me it was as soon as so disrespectful um and that i was as soon as so it in actuality it i was as soon as dejected for a pair weeks like it .

Undoubtedly led to me some despair and grief because i anticipated this for a truly long time and that i believed they would have confidence the lawful element and that i don't need mr t time where i'm up there for an hour you know accurate give me five minutes let me describe two funny reports you know i'm taking this uh acknowledgement and award uh .

for my dad god bless correct night nonetheless it indubitably by no methodology came so i wish to be so now not popular or now not cherished or on some checklist checklist i negate that you know i wasn't even uh i negate loyal of their .

Minds to even so as to be joined that evening to present an explanation for my respects for that that ceremony uh powerful much less you know now not even describe you of something else uh at all so it was as soon as a raw deal um i uh sooner than we transfer on i'll accurate add that is that in total with the uh legacy inductees they're in total the .

Folks that meant extra to wrestling as a entire industry you know encompassing the 100 plus years of wrestling than the those that in actuality gain the talking time so can have confidence to you stare at it that manner then it's an honor nonetheless i i you know i mean you received't i know nonetheless uh uh anyway i i shall transfer on and um first element is uh you jog to energy legitimate .

Wrestling i wanted to request you about stacey carter and working with jerry lawler and all that accomplish of element nonetheless i'm now not going to because we've if we ever have confidence a 2nd fragment i will and we'll you know have confidence the fleshy omnibus edition of this uh podcast uh so we'll transfer straight to the wwf then and you’re employed with vince russo within the wwe .

Straight beneath him he was as soon as writing for you he created i imagine the personality for you and additionally he brought you into wcw as well what are your opinions of vince russo on the very least within the wwf facet because certain he gave you a personality he gave you tv time and all the issues like that nonetheless um you realize it can have confidence uh .

It it can had been a extra money gimmick let's negate like uh i i'll presumably ship within the rock right here since you and the rock have confidence like so many parallels you know on the very least multi-generation let's negate uh you immense making an are attempting guys the total upside on this planet and uh .

You were you were brought in as a meat well i was as soon as honestly i was as soon as i was as soon as dissatisfied when i realized that out when because i had anticipated my uh most my lifestyles that i was as soon as going to use after my father and you know the total practicing the total workout routines the total even .

Though the newbie wrestling occupation i have confidence a truly intensive newbie occupation uh you know nonetheless i was as soon as constantly you know in my mind practicing you know making an are attempting out legitimate wrestling um accurate all those years and obviously practicing for legitimate wrestling and that i i accurate thought that with my father you know having this kind of legacy title and such deep .

Root rooted historic previous with that company being one among their customary champions i mean i believed that i’d accurate you know jog by sean stasiak use after his title nonetheless have confidence a have confidence a twist to sean stasiak i mean you realize it will sound tiresome accurate sean stasia stacey would had been a you know world-class athlete fleshy of piss and .

Dinner there to kick ass and with an attitude and and be very animated all in a single very dynamic you know uh personality that i had in mind nonetheless when they offered that to me um yeah i was as soon as dissatisfied nonetheless on the identical time i understood that the corporate was as soon as going in a direction different industrial mannequin they're heading into what we know as the .

Perspective era and uh you know about a the veterans they knew that i was as soon as a dinky dissatisfied about it nonetheless he said sean accurate use the use the roles like being an actor or an actress and you're accurate taking a role in a film or a tv provide an explanation for is indubitably what it was as soon as it received't final without end gain your feet wet learn the industrial hone your craft gets you .

Skilled you're out on tv or you know though i didn't gain powerful promo opportunity uh at some stage in that time you know in actuality that didn't near except in actuality wcw uh when i had that likelihood nonetheless yeah i was as soon as dissatisfied on the identical time i was as soon as very very angry that i was as soon as at final there and had arrived and my foot was as soon as within the door so that you may perhaps keep in touch so that that it was as soon as .

Bittersweet for me honestly so let's negate uh ryan shamrock as she was as soon as identified alicia webb terry reynolds jack jackie who was as soon as your favorite out the three or now not it is miles a have to-wish to have confidence a story about some of them did you lallygag around with them afterwards or whatnot yeah i gain that request a lot nonetheless i constantly have confidence a relationship with the total girls that i worked with accurate for the .

Anecdote i didn't wish to combine uh inner most with with industrial you know uh nonetheless yeah i i mean they're all immense those girls you know they’re all different you know they're all different people different personalities um i mediate i clicked with terry presumably presumably the most accurate because her personality you know she's fun loving and accurate you know .

Ultimate she's accurate fun to be around you know and um you know she additionally had been within the industrial longer than i had been like in actuality had her feet wet in that industrial you know uh marrying into the industrial after which having her expertise so i in actuality learned some from terry you know accurate dinky issues .

Um on the motivate of the scenes stuff accurate dinky dinky dinky dinky guidelines and issues that originate a incompatibility the littlest issues originate a gargantuan incompatibility lawful um the vogue you stare on the camera the vogue your body's positioned accurate plenty of issues that she knew that can presumably increase what i felt that i knew nonetheless i learned and you .

Know from now not accurate her nonetheless obviously different wrestlers and veterans that were there um nonetheless i was as soon as so inexperienced you know when i when i came aboard i had now not had that powerful practicing per chance a one year and a half of of practicing per chance two years yeah you were the dory funk weren't you well that was as soon as i was as soon as brought i had a are attempting .

Out with wwe obviously my alter ego personality phobia is what within the starting put acquired my are attempting out with that with the corporate uh nonetheless we by no methodology former that as a wrestling personality it by no methodology has been former beneath a like a wrestling persona it's in actuality now not and thank god for that i'm doing something so powerful better and um diverse with it nonetheless .

It acquired my foot within the door as far as a tryout so when i had my are attempting out you know i be aware showing as much as stanford in 1997 it was as soon as quickly after my dad had passed and that's where i met tom prichard and uh tom and that i spent a weekend he was as soon as accurate feeling me out you know getting you know .

Within the ring and accurate going over some total stuff and obviously my very first expertise was as soon as yokozuna was as soon as rodney was as soon as there because he had been out for a while i don't know if he had an bother or even he was as soon as they were looking to gain him to ship his weight down a dinky bit so that they sent him to the warehouse in stanford um .

To accurate accomplish of work off some some uh rust form of element and that i frolicked with rodney for a pair days and that was as soon as my very first uh memories of wpe and it was as soon as a truly fun immense expertise with him he he said man your dad former to terror the crap out of me when i was as soon as a dinky one because it was as soon as samoan dynasty that household so there's .

That you just know that i negate that that accomplish of was as soon as a bond and a accomplish of broadest parallel brought us together a dinky you know i bonded with him lawful away he was as soon as accurate a terribly correct guy and that i acquired to dangle around with rodney for a pair days very funny guy too be aware him shedding a leg on me and that i was as soon as i was as soon as worried we were accurate practicing you know .

And accurate going over some strikes and it felt accurate barely touched me you know he was as soon as so mild uh for a 600 pound plus guy you know nonetheless um they they called me motivate after my tryout a pair months later to converse howdy we would like to put together you fleshy time and that's when i packed all my stuff up in boise idaho and moved so that's where i .

Went to you know faculty university um and moved my lifestyles uh you know to stanford connecticut where they set me up um there and had to rent a car and that i had a dinky weekly you know developmental contract which i was as soon as being paid in total to you realize it .

Wasn't rupture the financial institution money nonetheless it indubitably was as soon as i'm being paid to put together for my you know lifelong dream to be a wwe celeb and that's when the camp began within the warehouse where dory funk junior came in um and tom pritchard obviously assisted with that so i i was as soon as indubitably expert by dory funk jr and tom prichard and of .

Route those camps were immense um every month they'd fly you know periodically some guys would near in accurate to have confidence a one or two day dinky stare at are attempting out after which we'd have confidence these fleshy-blown camps that can presumably jog per week you know where we'd we'd prep you realize it was as soon as a truly it was as soon as tricky man it was as soon as it was as soon as tough um .

And uh nonetheless it indubitably was as soon as so structured where you arise within the morning it is probably you’ll presumably merely have confidence breakfast you jog to the gymnasium all there in stanford on the headquarters work out within the gymnasium have confidence one other chunk to eat after which now to the ring and we'd we we have to always have confidence taken 200 bumps a day accurate dory would have confidence us doing every accomplish of .

accurate hip tosses you know accurate motivate drops motivate bumps turnbuckles i mean you were gloomy and blue and beat up the time that camp was as soon as over nonetheless by the tip of the camp uh then we'd have confidence set presentations where we would jog to a provide an explanation for like on a saturday or even it was as soon as a friday night too friday and saturday had these presentations where we have confidence .

Dispute presentations and um you know apply it out nonetheless that's where i met the likes of you know edge christian test you know rest his soul uh matt bloom prince albert there's a enormous silva they i met designate merrill there ahmed johnson earthquake um al snow came thru there uh fracture holly i mean it was as soon as accurate you .

Know darren drozdov you know was as soon as there one among my very first uh skills that i i met there he lived there and accomplish of took me in and confirmed me around and you know god bless darren it's so miserable about what had came about with him nonetheless he was as soon as accurate a terribly in actuality correct soul in actuality correct guy you know .

Broad athlete too um nonetheless yeah accurate uh had it was as soon as a immense expertise man i was as soon as brought it was as soon as like a like a flash observe to legitimate wrestling practicing because i had been around the industrial grew up around it uh my dad had retired within the 84 1984 uh nonetheless i silent watched it you know uh with on the weekends with my pals and .

We're constantly emulating wrestling characters and you know accurate we're i was as soon as accurate we're so inspired by these increased-than-lifestyles characters so it accurate accomplish of saved my my inspiration to hope to you know use after my dad and give that a are attempting sometime and that didn't near except after .

I carried out faculty i didn't in actuality gain began with my practicing except in actuality in opposition to my unhurried 20s mid to unhurried 20s well you presumably did the lawful element there gain you gain your education first after which pursue what you because there's constantly something to fall motivate on um lawful i shall uh transfer on a pair extra wwf questions uh nonetheless first i'm .

Going to present you the personality test that's now not a personality test nonetheless i by no methodology remem i by no methodology be aware to present it one other title that's extra correct form james sorry sean negate it but again plenty of personalities let's jog well uh the one i'm talking to now uh you give me the solutions is that personality so i'm gonna provide you with um i in actuality .

Scrubbed this one out first time you noticed ric aptitude naked now not in a locker room i don't i don't mediate i've ever viewed rick naked and thank god for that uh final man standing on the bar haku oh in actuality i didn't know he was as soon as a heavy drinker .

Who says he's acquired a drink oh yeah he's accurate striking out making an are attempting for a war then per chance accurate striking out having a weight reduction arrangement dr pepper accurate like dr you originate a drink that is dr shawn weight reduction arrangement dr sean what have confidence you think you have confidence you you're so after sponsorship from dr pepper i realize it is probably you’ll presumably very well be man describe in your .

Man i'll provide you with the following one hottest nitro lady and why is it shea shea is that particularly as you're asking me that's that's that's my reply nonetheless who who would your your reply be which one's my favorite pure girls .

Effectively i acquired to converse stacy keebler who was my valet obviously i will be asking about that in a minute as well smelliest wrestler geez that's a difficult one there's plenty of of them .

i i’d i’d have to converse presumably i accurate don't know i will't mediate of them there's so quite a lot of them i don't know negate vader each person else said vader i know you by no methodology battle vader nonetheless um uh vader uh evader each person seems to be to form of imagine all balls mahoney and that i .

Know he didn't battle both i was as soon as going to converse glenn jacobs kane because he wore the masks all this nonetheless i imagine you washed it you know identical with mankind and any person per chance joint the clown i don't know you'd mediate they'd wash their their equipment nonetheless now not it seems to be now not um you know in actuality that rings a bell i .

It was as soon as any person in actuality that i i worked with that was as soon as a local uh in total there may perhaps be a accomplish of you know to enhancement expertise i be aware any person uh in a town that i wrestled that was as soon as an enhancement expertise i will't be aware their title nonetheless they they didn't scent too correct no okay um .

Greatest bully well you know i i negate the the title that comes up would be uh you know bradshaw lawful you hear that from most of us nonetheless i didn't i didn't in actuality i’ll perhaps presumably see how he’ll be taken as a bully i didn't use him that manner because i don't know i accurate i’ll perhaps presumably see how he .

May presumably perhaps be he’ll be viewed as a bully so per chance some bullying tactics that he can have confidence had nonetheless i i by no methodology felt that i was as soon as bullied because i will't stand bullies and that i i i wouldn't you know i'd withstand that you know what i mean so i’d negate he's presumably presumably the most perceived bully that i will mediate of in my time uh .

Greatest girls folks man presumably ric aptitude obviously obviously um god i've acquired my glasses on most talented wrestler you ever ever ever worked with there's plenty of of them you realize it's accomplish of a context reply uh .

I i wish to and this accomplish of leads me to a dinky bit of a story from my expertise uh you know obviously presumably mr obedient mr obedient curt hennig nonetheless i be aware one among my finest fits of us said what's your what's your obedient match that in actuality stands out to you and that i acquired to converse .

Chris jericho and that i negate that because we had a pair dwelling presentations within the wide apple and that i be aware he was as soon as so over and that i was as soon as uh i mediate followers wished to gain on the motivate of me whether or now not they booed me or wished to you know cheer me nonetheless i mediate .

They're accurate making an are attempting for a reason and obviously that was as soon as a war with the businesses to search out something that was as soon as pertinent and a story line and a personality that can presumably you know be sturdy and of us would invest emotionally in lawful nonetheless i was as soon as silent form of i mediate in a developmental stage nonetheless i be aware .

Making my manner out to the ring and that i had the deepest booze that i i had ever in actuality skilled and that i was as soon as like wow that is immense you know after which when jericho came out the put the roof blew off man and all the issues that he did they were so loud and .

Cheered something else i did they booed and so the time that we wrapped it up and that i'm within the walls of jericho i gotta negate by the vogue that that that transfer don't ever gain in that transfer that's nothing can snap your motivate anyway it was as soon as accurate so deafening loud that i .

From any different expertise that i be aware and that to me in actuality stands out because it was as soon as accurate the art and the story that was as soon as told in actuality when i acquired on the motivate of the scenes the finest compliments were your associates like uh undertaker and steven regal came as much as me and said they shook my hand and said you guys set .

On a hell of a provide an explanation for tonight and in actuality correct job that's that's one among the finest you know obedient compliment it is probably you’ll presumably gain is from your associates especially from guys of that set you know that are so extremely popular within the industrial and um i knew i had carried out something lawful because i acquired a elevate on my contract the following week too so .

it was as soon as accurate i wish to converse that was as soon as my most memorable match because i barely did something else and he now not steadily did something else nonetheless it indubitably's in consequence of what we did after we did it the timing our cadence like all the issues was as soon as accurate so it flowed so well that it accurate created this it was as soon as magic it in actuality was as soon as and that i be aware thinking to .

Myself okay that is what they discuss about you know if you happen to when if you happen to're over and you're in actuality on it was as soon as magic it was as soon as feeling so i had to converse my two obedient fits and that i i wish to tip my hat to chris you know he led the match on the time he was as soon as powerful extra skilled than i was as soon as you .

Know on the time and um i'd negate that he's one among the presumably that's a signal of being a terribly correct expertise is this a foremost wwe 2nd so invasion planet staceyak was as soon as it that scary yeah the 2nd element okay i'll provide you with about a uh like factual like a flash fireside ones i’m very aware of the time uh .

Most productive and worst boulevard brokers oh man i i have confidence stumped on most of those questions i'm accurate looking to mediate obedient and where i mean every agent that i had i mean they did what they were presupposed to have confidence they did the correct job they’d presumably merely i in actuality don't have confidence an reply for that who is obedient or worse i mean i’d negate .

Um i like uh jack lanza he would my dad and him were correct associates and he'd constantly describe me reports about my dad so i accomplish of felt this closeness and you know i had misplaced my father so i mediate and in all likelihood subconsciously i was as soon as making an are attempting at him nearly accomplish of like a father figure and he reminded me of my dad from what i .

Remembered you know accurate his demeanor and his accurate the era he comes from so i'd negate he's presumably my favorite you know agent pat patterson was as soon as fun to be around too you know a truly ingenious guy um i will't mediate of worse though honestly i accurate no person in actuality comes to mind lawful so no person would ever bag you .

Then uh for being unhurried or something else i'll provide you with this final one most memorable on the motivate of the scenes war sustain on i use that motivate then you definately said obedient-making an are attempting yeah johnny laurenitis wcw how powerful and what for being unhurried and that i acquired to describe you a story i be aware i was as soon as with mike austin we were touring .

Collectively and we're like we acquired to gain to there it was as soon as like a 500 or a thousand greenback obedient-making an are attempting or something and so he he's like whipping around the constructing making an are attempting for parking like and that i said let's accurate elevate the safety guy to wave us in and he said no this park it lawful right here and we .

Actually parked the auto about half of a block far off from the field grabbed our baggage and commenced working to the field my telephone comes flying out i said i acquired to gain my telephone and slid beneath a car i'm sitting right here reaching beneath the auto i'm looking to gain my rating you know all the issues assembled and saved working and at final made it in there and barely made it and .

Checked in and didn't gain fined nonetheless that was as soon as the accomplish of pressure you felt with johnny uh as the agent who implemented this it seems to be so i had been obedient-making an are attempting a pair cases nonetheless that that day or that night i didn't gain fined i made it well um he gained recognition as soon as he uh acquired into the uh uh vp wwe vp i deem uh one final one the .

Most memorable on the motivate of the scenes war i don't bewitch a on the motivate of the scenes war that i ever witnessed i've heard about about a you know nonetheless i don't i don't bewitch seeing one i'm going to request you one extra request sooner than we jog to wcw and it's in actuality the element that we acquired obsessed with since you acquired enthusiastic with me i was as soon as .

Interviewing dr tom and that i spread a rumor uh that has been perpetuated at some level of the years um i’m assuming you've been requested this sooner than and since you've carried out about a interviews haven't you at present did they request you about this sorry then you definately may perhaps presumably give me the short story um of it and that i affords you um i'll describe you what .

I'll provide you with the wrestling observer represent and you accurate describe me where they're spoiled and we'll transfer on to wcw so wrestling observer reports sean stasiak sean stipich uh they spelt your each names spoiled uh was as soon as fired on the twelve uh excuse me december the sixth tapings in worcester massachusetts by jim ross .

In entrance of each person it seems to be staceyak had secretly saved a tape recorder in his rating and would use while he was as soon as gone to listen to what of us were announcing on the motivate of his motivate and was as soon as additionally allegedly tape recording locker room and boulevard dialog and had gotten caught what's the explicit story yeah wow that's a story that's followed .

Me around my title will without end be synonymous uh with that tape recorder incident i accurate contain it now and that i've said this within the final few interviews that i've carried out it's ideal how recordsdata gets available and it gets completely blown out of percentage or so fabricated in there or there's 20 .

Varied variations lawful well and that's funny or now not it is miles a have to-wish to be reading my mind because i was as soon as accurate focused on that after that request is coming up because that's how you and that i met i commented on the dr tom interview and that i said howdy can have confidence to you desire the explicit story james let me know i was as soon as there .

Um dead mistake you know i was as soon as younger it was as soon as uh accurate a dead element to have confidence making an are attempting motivate i mean you know i've realized this when it came about 20 plus years ago 22 years ago um my dad offered my first tape recorder when i was as soon as a dinky one i was as soon as constantly clowning .

Spherical imitating doing impersonations i i was as soon as constantly accurate you know accurate but again i opt to doc which is you know audio video i accurate i like to raise moments and stare motivate on and keep memories you know and um so i had i had a tape recorder in my rating and obviously this was as soon as constantly advised or .

Steered by i mediate dr tom and that i mediate dory funk jr for obvious be aware as fragment of our practicing howdy you're on the boulevard a lot you dawdle on an everyday foundation you use hours upon hours in a car going from one town to the following gain a tape recorder work in your craft work in your promos work in your personality work in your interview .

Skills lawful so that's why i had the rattling element within the predominant put and motivate then were the days of cassette tapes it was as soon as gargantuan you know like the walkmans with the you know the gargantuan cassette as i had like a bunch of those in my rating that had like there were tune tapes lawful um nonetheless so that you may perhaps indubitably trip this up and readers .

Digest this stuff i've talked about this a thousand cases um i accurate was as soon as playing a joke it was as soon as a rib that i was as soon as attempting to play on a pair wrestlers uh that i was as soon as touring with you know uh davey boyce smith and steve blackman and we were in quebec canada obviously all the issues's french there and you know after about three .

Four days cooped up in a car touring from town to town you know and making that loop you're tired by the tip of it you know and so that they were accurate bickering and fun you know ribbing each different or whatever and so i believed you know i'm gonna i'll accurate i'll play a joke i'm gonna file them on when they open bitching and complaining uh after which .

Play it motivate for them so howdy that is how you guys sounded this day or this complete outing i will't you know i accurate it was as soon as accurate a rip that i was as soon as going to play it motivate and that i wish to originate this accurate obvious because it's so dead i gain these it's ideal these keyboard warriors gain on there and they wish to crucify me to this very days like oh that was as soon as illegal .

He have to have confidence gone to jail for that um you know what was as soon as he secretly taping and oh my god i've heard i've been work i was as soon as working for laborious copy i was as soon as working for wcw on the time i was as soon as going to employ it to blackmail stare if there was as soon as something else that those guys talked about that was as soon as serious or something that was as soon as accurate per i wouldn't have confidence recorded man it .

Used to be all goofy stuff that they were participating in that i was as soon as accurate documenting to play motivate for them accurate as a joke dead element to have confidence lawful nonetheless i believed it was as soon as gonna be a fun rib to pull on the time nonetheless indubitably it's what acquired me fired man and from my dream job and it led to me quite a lot of despair quite a lot of grief um .

But in total uh had it out one at some stage within the tip of the outing and um i was as soon as recording it was as soon as steve blackman and that i said howdy steve what have confidence you think of the montreal airport i had it out and and that i set it as much as his face like i was as soon as a reporter you know he said and he regarded at me funny and he said you weren't .

He didn't feel comfy i’ll perhaps presumably describe so i turned it off he said you weren't recording with that within the auto or something else or any different time did i that is where i went spoiled i lied i said no no because i knew at that rapid 2nd i i had a decision to originate sean these guys don't in actuality know you you know they don't know the fun-loving .

Sean if they grew up around you or knew who you were um they would know their all the issues's obedient-making an are attempting you know nonetheless i i i went spoiled i lied um i knew at that level the rib is ineffective i'll accurate file over it there's no sense and you realize it's there's no employ for it now so i i said no field set it in my rating pause of story subsequent day we're at tv's i will .

The locker room set my my rating within the locker room i'm out to the ring going over my match making ready for the provide an explanation for any person comes out and grabs me says sean you acquired to near motivate motivate man you're that is now not correct it doesn't stare correct you're in distress man i'm like what i didn't have confidence a clue what it goes to be about had the total locker room there staring at me .

um with my rating out i had my apparel torn to the total cassette tapes all scattered in each put the flooring busted tapes within the rubbish am i in a position to mean it was as soon as accurate a terribly in actuality substandard stare for me you know because i had said i wasn't recording nonetheless there's your deliver is on the rattling element if you happen to suspect that if i was as soon as gonna uh if i was as soon as looking to secretly .

Tape any one why would i’m going away my rating so available for any one accurate to near motivate by and elevate i mean in my heart mine i had there's no employ for it i didn't even morning time on me nonetheless it indubitably if you happen to talk about spoiled put spoiled time that's precisely what came about if that’s the case and it accurate made me it was as soon as a terribly substandard stare for me and so i you know .

And i consider that like now gleaming and that i was as soon as going to present you the reader's digest version geez now now that i stare motivate on it though if that were to happen this day and to you know uh obviously issues are powerful extra printed and it is probably you’ll perhaps merely have confidence got social media and of us are recording all the issues now nonetheless i perceive i'd have confidence a controversy with .

It too i'd negate who's this guy you know uh we're you know what's he doing i don't have confidence to be around this guy i don't wish to keep in touch i mean i realize it was as soon as accurate a terribly dead element to have confidence correct form to god truth by no methodology meant any bother the least bit nonetheless it indubitably acquired me fired um no i wasn't paranoid to the level that i acquired to file the boys within the locker .

Room to peek what they’re going to be announcing what are they announcing about me i'm so paranoid i gotta i'm gonna you know have confidence a near on man that's what i accurate fragment with you is the obedient form to god truth that's what came about and led to me quite a lot of grief man i don't mediate it ever i don't mediate i ever uh .

Had been i don't ever in actuality recovered from that with wwe i mediate that they by some potential by some potential the it was as soon as constantly former against me by some potential and that can presumably had been per chance a element of the reason or a gargantuan explanation why i didn't feel like i’ll perhaps presumably ever gain something else on the motivate of me in that company as far as a push as far as a .

Precise um you know accurate some like and toughen i negate um when i mediate of ribs and humorousness within the wrestling world i mediate of steve blackman it can had been a i mediate it can had been steve blackman that can presumably had been the spoiled aim for that i negate .

I don't mediate it mattered who it was as soon as it was as soon as accurate a dead element to have confidence yeah and uh yeah i see what you're announcing with given his recognition nonetheless i did i'm now not intimidated by that or felt intimidated by any of that i in actuality i like steve because he's one among the predominant those that i met when i had my wwe expertise .

They brought him in as a form of are attempting out to have confidence a study out accomplish of element and that i was as soon as there to work with him and you know are attempting to motivate him as obedient i’ll perhaps presumably to gain him gain hired with wwe so i i cherished him he dr dry humorousness you know nonetheless he's he's in actuality a funny guy and that i've talked to steve since then .

Um so it you know he i mediate steve's a correct guy man for obvious yeah uh i apologize to you as well so oh my god i'm so sorry i felt so substandard afterwards because it form of like perpetuates because i neglect that folks see this stuff like because we're accurate having a chat you know after which i .

Put up it after which numbers happen after which um yeah nonetheless anyway we’ll transfer on because obviously as i negate time's time we've acquired about 15 minutes left so what i'll presumably pause up doing if we ever gain talking but again um let me have confidence a stare on the questions the reams of questions i've acquired for you and the different element i did request was as soon as the .

Varied element you're constantly requested about is wrestlemania 17 nonetheless i'm now not going to request you about that i'm going to request you about have confidence you be aware the story about sean o'hare and why he was as soon as unhurried to the provide an explanation for oh you mean that night uh for wrestlemania 17 certain i have confidence nonetheless .

I in actuality don’t know he was as soon as within the box with us so that they set us in lawful yeah um yeah well i received't describe you the story thanks it's a protracted story yeah i i it seems to be though i'm the one who led to the uh debacle with that complete storyline in consequence of my uh interview leak .

But you're now not there lawful so have confidence you know who else leaked that it was as soon as a chaz warrington mosh because they were inquiring for the uncover arena um oh who’ve confidence you think's gonna make a selection steve austin or the rock and and chaz went uh i mediate it's gonna be steve austin since the rock's acquired a film coming up that he's acquired to be filming in about a weeks .

Effectively that that nearly about sounds powerful extra of a some accomplish of giveaway you know i mean stare motivate then uh we didn't have confidence um i mediate we had flip phones then i mediate we had yeah we had cell phones nonetheless stare man i've told this story and that i will readers digest this .

what lawful because i know you've been requested about it sooner than and that i don't wish to repeat the deliver so i'll describe you what we’ll transfer on to something completely recent hopefully uh and entirely uh pretty recent on the very least something else to now not have confidence interviews at all i mean no person said something else there was as soon as no story line no perspective there was as soon as nothing i .

Ultimate merely thought i was as soon as doing the corporate and myself and and wwe and wrestlemania a correct deed by talking about being there that's it and it seems to be that was as soon as a gargantuan no-no no person ever said something else and that i nearly acquired fired within the hotel room sooner than i’ll perhaps presumably even originate it to the field to the wrestlemania the .

Astrodome and that i had from an organization that i had been fired from already i’ll perhaps presumably i nearly acquired fired but again sooner than i even confirmed as much as the field i will't gain nothing lawful with this company man well we'll jog away that for now as i negate .

Um i've acquired so powerful stuff about wcw your 2nd wwe walk and all the issues nonetheless i'll describe you what i'm going to request you about some standard wrestling how have confidence it is probably you’ll presumably very well be feeling about it i hear you're a gargantuan fan of adam cole .

The put did you hear that ad after we were talking about a days ago okay um you know i i don't wish to converse the spoiled issues which methodology like it's accurate i negate i grew up in a special era and .

I consider that wrestling evolves and issues commerce and it is probably you’ll perhaps't have confidence the identical body kinds and uh you know if each person was as soon as built the identical it'd be tiresome you acquired to have confidence giants and midgets and body bodies you know correct built bodies and it is probably you’ll perhaps merely have confidence got elephantine of us and thin of us .

And likewise you know you acquired to have confidence a combination of issues nonetheless and that i realize it's now not a bodybuilding contest and you know uh nonetheless i don't realize it's accurate it's i i are attempting to droop my disbelief accurate like i’d jog correct into a film and that i in actuality would favor to be captivated by what i .

Learn about on the on on the conceal when i'm watching these most of those guys this day and that i i accurate i negate he's so over which is favorable correct for him he’ll be the finest guy on this planet i don't know him and that i've watched some of his work and he seems to be you know i mean it seems to be first rate you know um .

I negate accurate physically though i accurate um i'm distracted by it so powerful that per chance i'm missing i'm like what am i missing right here i don't beneath i don't in actuality pretty perceive the reference to the crowd like he’s over i mean when he does that adam cole child i mean it's loud in there man that's favorable .

He's doing something lawful in this day's era and this day's generation of followers so god bless him and proper for him nonetheless i don't know i i wish to see him extra to are attempting to worship i watched him final night and um i i silent i don't i don't know what what the enchantment is nonetheless he's a per chance it is probably you’ll presumably describe me i don't .

Know um i know you see wrestling and all the issues and you're the identical as me you're a gargantuan jim cornette fan i'm a gargantuan gymnasium cornet fan i i deem we each form of subscribe extra to jim's level of see than per chance let's negate tony kahn's of accurate to pluck a title out of the air for any person that's uh you know very thinking in regards to the .

Standard uh wrestling uh with wwe with aw what you've viewed what have confidence you like about them uh each companies and what uh would you determine uh jog motivate to form of a bygone era um yeah jim is not any doubt a polarizing figure isn't he both .

I mediate he's personally i will see why he's acquired quite a lot of heat nonetheless um i agree with quite a lot of issues he says man it accurate is gleaming to me about psychology and storylines what he would have confidence he constantly affords examples to me it's like he that's a provide that can have confidence to you will want to .

And obviously of us may perhaps well disagree and negate well he's it's previous his time he doesn't gain this day's wrestling and that i gain that it's a special era it's a special generation um accurate like you know with the adam cole element the daniel bryans i mean these are smaller guys nonetheless i gain daniel bryan i gain that nonetheless um and that i gain cm punk now i didn't at .

First nonetheless i gain him now he's so accurate so legitimate legitimate organic that reference to the crowd i like the realism of legitimate wrestling and that i mediate that's the magic of legitimate wrestling is that if you happen to may perhaps presumably use truth parallels and it is probably you’ll perhaps intertwine that with the fiction and the work after which the neat marks or you're at dwelling going i know that is legitimate .

Wrestling and it's it's allege it's choreographed nonetheless i mediate there's some accurate emotion right here after which you request issues if you happen to open blurring the traces i like that to me that's that's immense tv that's magic um and that i like i like i mediate jim's funny i will see why he ruffles some feathers i don't agree with all the issues he says um .

Some of his political comments i'm uh no remark nonetheless anyway level being is um i mediate he's acquired he's a wealth of recordsdata and that i mediate even his ideology and his beliefs of how wrestling wish to be portrayed i agree with and that i mediate that this day's product .

May presumably perhaps learn a lot from him accurate taking note of that that podcast they’d presumably merely gain quite a lot of tips where i mean i know if i was as soon as wrestling lawful now i'd be listening that podcast every time to peek what he does negate about my fits and reports me and affords examples and what i’d have confidence carried out and it makes you think i mean for the following .

Time or you accurate purchase up issues you know that is accurate it's accurate to me you realize it's immense recordsdata um others will negate he's he's caught within the 80s or whatever and it's now not going to work in this day's wrestling nonetheless i disagree with that there's this total psychology there's a explanation why you have confidence issues if you happen to have confidence them to originate sense uh .

I i accurate i i mediate he's a wealth of recordsdata nonetheless um you know i don't in actuality i see uh each presentations i file them i war thru my dvr and that i'll i accurate i i cease it when i see randy orton i wish to peek what they're doing with randy uh brock every time brock's out i'm .

I in actuality have confidence the utmost appreciate for brock and that i like but again i like realism you know um i don't i like bobby lashley too i mean these guys are accurate you know i negate they're increased than lifestyles they're accurate athletes they're you know they're they're accurate it's what i i'm attracted to i negate i'm accurate irregular to peek what .

They have confidence with these guys nonetheless it indubitably's it's now not easy for me to gain thru a fleshy provide an explanation for quite a lot of cases uh with aew i i'm angry for them i mediate it's immense that there's uh you know they are saying it's now not rivals nonetheless a wrestling fan can easiest employ so powerful money on pay-per-views and merchandise or .

Irrespective of so in essence is it rivals certain and no i mediate that um you realize it's undoubtedly rising they've acquired quite a lot of expertise seems to be like they're every different week there's a recent expertise coming aboard i mediate they wish to be careful now not being spread too thin i mediate they have confidence got ample expertise to work on .

And level of curiosity on and test out to have confidence and gain over um i see i have confidence see quite a lot of mistakes and issues that they originate you know like i said i agree with uh among the most issues that cornet says nonetheless um i'm accurate angry man i'm in actuality angry for the the legitimate wrestling industrial and and that i .

Ultimate i'm pulling for them i hope that they’ve got the total success on this planet because that's immense for the boys or the girls too the expertise it's correct for the wrestling fan uh that's who wins presumably the most lawful as a wrestling fan and uh it's accurate correct for industrial total so between the 2 merchandise um .

i accurate i don't in actuality i don't see wwe so powerful uh i will tune in to nxt easiest and that i'm giving a cry out to uh theresa zoe stark she's like a sister to me her and tom howard tomser um you know different half of and and they're i like them each and so i'm constantly pulling for her i'll see her segment nonetheless i it's laborious .

For me to gain thru that provide an explanation for too man honestly so um that's my use on this day's product you know i'm i'm looking to be captivated and that i desire i i wish to feel moved when the cm punk debut came about about a weeks ago um i was as soon as so moved by that accurate in consequence of the authenticity the crowd reaction the organicness accurate the realism man it .

Used to be emotional because it was as soon as i don't realize it accurate had this kind of realism to it that was as soon as accurate favorable man and you know the celebrities were aligned lawful they’d presumably merely now not have confidence carried out that any different you know chicago seven years away um it was as soon as accurate favorable to peek i was as soon as accurate a comfy those those moments are very far and few between um and um that's why we .

All acquired into this industrial so we may perhaps presumably keep and be fragment of those moments precisely i'll request you one very transient wrestling request then i will throw to you for plugs and uh what have confidence you been doing since wrestling obviously um i mediate uh after we're going into standard wrestling so quite a lot of the outdated neat marks uh to coin the coin is now not coining .

Phrases or a phrase that's available we'll negate that goldberg was as soon as shocking and that i negate goldberg the bret hart kick withstanding goldberg was as soon as favorable he drew money like nearly no person else he was as soon as as accurate as it acquired i mean where's your opinion on let's negate goldberg for any person that can in actuality any person that's accurate missing in this day's .

Product well that you know he acquired began uh at a time that was as soon as i mean you know stare the celebrities wish to be aligned uh stare it is probably you’ll perhaps even be the finest expertise have confidence a immense stare have confidence charisma have confidence immense skills and that it is probably you’ll also have confidence a legacy title that it is probably you’ll have confidence all these tools .

Accolades you know um and and all these system to be uh as the the ingredients for an award-winning stew so that you may perhaps keep in touch lawful nonetheless can have confidence to you don't have confidence the lawful chef or you know the lawful individual to position this all together and on this case the individual with the energy of the pen they're going nowhere .

So i mediate was as soon as within the case of something like goldberg had a immense stare he was as soon as a accurate athlete he had a depth and a believability about him and that i mediate invoice you know invoice's is not any pushover for in accurate lifestyles i mediate um you know and he had quite a lot of motivate alongside the vogue you know he was as soon as inexperienced that's why they saved his they accurate him by .

Maintaining his fits short like a flash nonetheless explosive um i i mediate you know extra characters like that i'm i i like that i like that element of a personality so i mediate that after goldberg has near motivate the final you know what .

Handful of years he's made these appearances at these gargantuan you know wrestlemania these pay-per-views in a single other country uh there's a element to him that i i accurate don't see in this day's wrestling product you realize it's um i and that i like roman reigns shall we negate i i'm .

Drew mcintyre you know gargantuan correct-making an are attempting dudes with you know charisma and a stare and a cadence badasses they stare like badasses and so few of us have confidence they’re going to be casted within the film i'm making an are attempting at these guys going man i will't see how hollywood director would stare at .

These guys and mediate man they’ll they’ll undoubtedly play some of those like uh you know some of those i don't know three motivate me out right here what are some of those movies um james bond villain let's negate .

I'm i'm talking like uh gladiators and stuff like that i see i see drew mcintyre and identical with with rome and um even sheamus you know as as pale as he’s i like sheamus uh nonetheless he you know they accurate but again i'm i'm regarding a pair i negate increased than lifestyles characters and .

Look i accurate grew up in that era where but again you don't wish to be the finest guy on this planet nonetheless shawn michaels bret hart those guys weren't the finest guys nonetheless i silent they’d a believability about them that accurate silent drew me in that it was as soon as believable you know i'm now not announcing stare i mediate the cruiserweight division and a division for smaller uh .

Statured of us it wish to be accurate as prestigious as a heavyweight uh like in boxing you acquired floyd mayweather conor mcgregor these are guys that are smaller guys nonetheless there's very prestigious why now not i mediate that division is you know something appropriate for those forms of bills and statures it's accurate laborious to deem that you know .

That they're heavyweight world champions um and and that i know but again of us negate near on sean it's legitimate wrestling it's like a film it's a script i gain it nonetheless i mediate it's misplaced followers over the years on it's accurate like you know that is nonsense um nonetheless i don't know i i i i pretty powerful undoubtedly agree .

With you we've easiest acquired about a minutes left since you you've booked the studio time and all the issues so um you left wrestling in 2002 give us a truly potted historic previous of uh the unplugs as well of what you presumably did after you left with the chiropracting and talking and uh what you're doing now with the youtube channel .

Yeah so yeah i've been i was a chiropractor 15 years ago and um i've developed a talking occupation alongside the vogue that has different layers to it um different tiers and so i'm going to the following tier i negate i'd be considered like a thought chief uh wellness lifestyles coach deliver you know i i don't like that note .

Motivational speaker it's so tony robbins tony robbins i negate my have confidence version of tony robbins uh my hybrid version lawful um since the fitness lifestyles has been the culprit of all the issues that i've carried out in my lifestyles with was a legitimate wrestler an newbie wrestler the phobia personality um .

Ultimate you know something else i've ever carried out has revolved around that that lifestyles so my talking my my wellness packages all this stuff are all there's a physical element to it since you acquired to sustain the vehicle sturdy and you acquired to you acquired to sustain it healthy you know the engine can stare um .

I mean it is probably you’ll presumably merely have confidence a gleaming car nonetheless a rusty engine you acquired to be clear all the issues internally all the issues is healthy and you're doing the lawful issues um so nonetheless i silent have confidence uh aspirations and you know visions of of getting enthusiastic per chance with a dinky bit of acting or with my phobia .

Character i'm inserting something together cinematically um the message of the personality is you know face your fears and have confidence your lifestyles uh too persistently we're shackled by anguish we we keep these self-limiting beliefs and particularly with our world and climate this day with with covid and you know this global pandemic that we've skilled .

And quite a lot of issues have confidence modified our world's a truly different put than it was as soon as nearly two years ago so of us have confidence had to you know open in each put but again shedding jobs open careers over you know going motivate to the drawing boards quite a lot of anguish and distress because there's quite a lot of uncertainty and quite a lot of changes you .

Know so my personality is de facto it's a theatrical version of me um and but again like i said it acquired me my tryout for wwe nonetheless we by no methodology former it as a wrestling personality uh the closest element that it acquired to that in actuality was as soon as when hulk hogan was as soon as with tna and hulk and that i had stayed enthusiastic uh over the years and and there was as soon as a time where i .

Assume it was as soon as in 2010 2011 he was as soon as attracted to that personality bringing that aboard to be one among sting's nemesis and that i was as soon as like whoa i'm in you know i mean that's one among my teenage uh idols sting that's you know uh i negate it was as soon as an impression there with my phobia personality from a youthful sting .

Surfer sting personality uh nonetheless it indubitably by no methodology came to fruition on the time i was as soon as very very um dissatisfied i was as soon as very i was as soon as like like man how near i didn't i was as soon as accurate i couldn't perceive why why did that on the subject of fruition because this for one element or one other you know politically who knows it accurate fell .

By technique of it by no methodology came about and uh nonetheless i'm so grateful that it didn't because it presumably would have confidence accurate gotten washed up as one other face painted personality and now i gain to employ it for something so powerful better and that i've been doing issues with it working with kids in colleges anti-bullying uh that now i wish to use .

It to a cinematic diploma where um you know the message is it's entertainment you'll be entertained nonetheless i desire of us to stroll out of a theater with goosebumps and accurate thinking man i'm ready to use on my lifestyles or that field whether or now not it's relationships .

Whether it's a it's a occupation whether or now not it's your health whatever you're challenged with since you've been residing in anguish and shackling your self imprisoning your self in anguish let this personality expression this message this film this tv provide an explanation for let that message encourage you to .

Uh set that originate that mild bulb jog off to permit you to interrupt thru and was the correct version that it is probably you’ll perhaps even be so that's i'm a speaker and that i'd negate within the following couple of years i'll be doing that fleshy fleshy trip um nonetheless i see myself uniquely bringing up the phobia personality in a cinematic manner so as to .

Fragment the identical message nonetheless in a theatrical entertainment manner if that is gleaming yeah i was as soon as going to converse that it nearly sounds like it's uh you're taking place like the designate marrow route who's been doing that for plenty of years now i don't know can have confidence to you've i know you expert with them early on with dory funk and all the issues nonetheless uh .

Yeah yeah it sounds form of uh pretty a identical element uh can have confidence to that it is probably you’ll uh give me uh your uh youtube your twitter your web sites and something else else that it is probably you’ll make a selection to ride after which i shall shut down the provide an explanation for yeah and that i wish to converse accurate like a flash uh yeah designate merrill is a immense guy he's a immense .

Buddy we preserve enthusiastic identical with um diamond ellis paige so cry out to those guys those guys are within the set of serving to of us with breakthroughs and bettering their lives physically mentally and spiritually so that's the identical set that what i've been doing and what i'm going to proceed rising into um okay .

Twitter instagram is dr shawn 08 d-r-s-h-a-w-n-008 facebook's accurate sean stasiak hyphen stippage and obviously uh you jog to legitimate wrestling tees i acquired my phobia t-shirts are come in uh it is probably you’ll perhaps have confidence to silent rock the crimson one man it's breast cancer awareness in october you know i misplaced my mother to breast .

Most cancers so that's very near and pricey to my heart that's why the phobia personality rocks the crimson in october nonetheless test that out at legitimate wrestling tease um accurate set in sean stasiak jog to my store uh set on it with satisfaction after which additionally uh yeah my youtube channel which is uh sean stasiak's world it's recent well i've had some movies up .

There james for a while i was as soon as explaining this to you nonetheless i accurate accomplish of left it and now i'm adding recent deliver and idea to be fixed and accurate uh showcasing different functions of my lifestyles that originate up me i'll describe you what um i is your producer giving providing you with the wrap up is she .

sarah sorry um oh are you asleep she we set her to sleep uh how powerful time we acquired left uh well i have confidence a co-worker coming up how powerful time may perhaps presumably you jog away us presumably the most .

We don't have confidence any one else approaching this video okay so we have confidence one other five minutes ten minutes five ten minutes we are in a position to sustain going uh which of the gargantuan stars uh would uh per chance use you beneath their fly provide you with some advice you know the steve austin's the rocks the undertakers and so on .

Who would uh be valid with their time with you uh man i be aware this in actuality stands out because it was as soon as accurate favorable like designate uh callaway the undertaker uh guys like match finley obviously he was as soon as an agent too and that was as soon as fragment of his job description is to motivate expertise you know um .

steve regal at cases um and you know i negate uh i negate in most cases the rock or steve austin you know accurate dinky stuff i mean each person's constantly there to motivate each person you know for presumably the most fragment i mean you realize it's a dog eat dog world and in all likelihood they're giving substandard advice yeah have confidence .

This have confidence that within the period in-between they're announcing it's gonna that's the shits you know um it's gonna originate them stare even worse nonetheless um i be aware uh undertaker coming to me and announcing um you know let's jog over some issues within the ring and or even i came to him and requested him for his perception you know on on a pair issues .

And so he would use the time and went sooner than the provide an explanation for would open and you know gain within the ring and accurate accurate jog over psychology and that i don't be aware particularly what it was as soon as nonetheless it indubitably was as soon as some you know accurate some maneuvers different wrestling strikes uh transitions and um i accurate thought that was as soon as so chilly because he was as soon as so legitimate .

And accurate right here's the undertaker one among the finest stars you know within the industrial and um taking his time you know with me and that i will see in actuality he um he was as soon as very favorable very legitimate and it is probably you’ll perhaps describe he in actuality cared you know um accurate .

There's clear of us you meet james and you know this from expertise you accurate it is probably you’ll presumably you know they are saying the the eyes are the window to the soul and it is probably you’ll perhaps accurate see any person that's legit and and accurate and that i acquired that from designate for obvious i felt that he .

Primarily wished to motivate me give a enhance to and motivate me you know when i when i did reach out to him um i will uh have confidence you know what in actuality that is something i requested sooner than nonetheless um it form of acquired misplaced in uh within the story in actuality nonetheless um vince russo was as soon as your first a accurate meeting with wwf head honchos i'm .

Assuming it was as soon as was as soon as it vince mcmahon or was as soon as it vince russo in actuality no in actuality um looking to mediate i mean all the issues went thru vince because he was as soon as the head honcho like you said i accurate you know i from what i be aware it's i don't mediate i in actuality and vince .

Ruth so yeah i’d i’d consult with him and on the motivate of the scenes and whatnot nonetheless i mediate it was as soon as like the brokers that were assigned to the match that can presumably jog over specifics within the match and creatively if i had questions or whatever i’ll perhaps presumably consult with vince russo nonetheless i don't mediate my storyline or my .

Character on the time in actuality required quite a lot of of time honestly because it was as soon as pretty total and easy and pretty frankly accomplish of dead you realize it was as soon as a making an are attempting motivate i mean it was as soon as accomplish of a goofy personality goofy gimmick about a them that i performed nonetheless uh i i mediate it was as soon as accurate in actuality the the asian on the time that was as soon as assigned .

Because of the they're getting an instantaneous note from i negate vince russo or coming from this gargantuan man so that's all i will in actuality negate about from what i be unsleeping of that with uh vince russo are you with him wcw he brought you in um after you left wwf in 1999. .

We're each jim cornette guys as we've uh said sooner than nonetheless um vince russo you were vince russo guy as well because he he additionally you know did stick with you and he in actuality uh you know he did pretty lawful by you i mediate in wcw as well entirely yeah because when that element came about with the total tape recorder incident with wwe i was as soon as man for a pair .

Months i was as soon as very thinking about because there was as soon as no viable company in actuality to head to nonetheless wcw on the time and so you realize it's a dinky neighborhood of us discuss and that i you know nonetheless it indubitably was as soon as vince russo i knew i had a shot because i knew that he i you know i deem he cherished me and noticed my expertise and wished to present me that .

Opportunity because him and ed ferrara i mediate uh i mediate ed when ed went over to wcw as well worked with with vince russo nonetheless and that's those are the blokes that came up with the meat personality nonetheless um i knew i had a likelihood or a shot i deem with them being within the put of business and so i mediate i heard the story was as soon as .

Terry taylor who in actuality i stayed enthusiastic with or something and he uh set the note in for me uh you know that i was as soon as available and each person had heard what came about so that they wish to know the explicit story and they acquired to talking to me and that i explained the story a thousand cases .

And as well they gave me a shot by having me near over to the wcw energy plant and that's the where i met the likes of sean o'hare uh designate jindrak chuck palumbo mike sanders alan funk about a of the different guys a man named reno and uh johnny the bull .

And so um you know i mediate they were accurate accomplish of accomplish of testing me out to peek i felt in quite a lot of ways i had been within the industrial for about a one year and a half of at that level at the side of practicing so i had silent been you know very recent to the industrial i mediate they were accurate announcing let's accurate .

Learn about uh how he’s let's test them out so i was as soon as doing the hindu squads and the workout routines and all that for a pair weeks with those guys and that i mediate that's they took a liking to me and accomplish of took me in because they they believed my story they believed in me and that i had extra expertise in them coming in so i mediate they were in a location to pull .

From some of my expertise too so it was as soon as a correct match your needs know after which paul orendorf was as soon as there mr obedient god rest his soul nonetheless i was as soon as a substantial mr obedient fan rising up and um he took a liking to me as well so you know i accurate busted my ass within the energy plant and .

And indubitably began in each put but again and and so that they at final said howdy yeah let's let's let's have confidence industrial so i was as soon as i was as soon as in industrial but again and that i was as soon as so grateful man so grateful to have confidence that likelihood especially with what had came about and gleaming in my heart you know i meant no wrongful .

Intent the least bit with that you know and it acquired me fired from my dream job and nonetheless to have confidence that 2nd likelihood man was as soon as accurate uh i'll constantly be so grateful for and you know wcw i pause up making extra money getting extra tv time received the the arena wcw ticket crew championships three cases had manner extra fun .

Traveled the arena and um you know wwe is per chance the most straight forward company i ever wished to work for nonetheless it indubitably's ironic how that worked out where i pause up being treated in a different arrangement and better in actuality with wcw i wish i’d have confidence had that identical remedy with wwe because that's in a roundabout arrangement where i that's presumably the most straight forward put i ever wished to be .

I mediate quite a lot of of us would uh had been within the identical boat the final couple of years so many of us publicly inquiring for their open in wwe because they're now not comfy with how they acquired treated um sooner than i enable you jog i’d be remissed if i didn't request you this since presumably the most straight forward time i ever heard the story something like 2006 i heard it .

Who stole your rating in germany i mediate it was as soon as in 2002 well that i'll by no methodology know except this present day i don’t realize it wasn't in germany it was as soon as in actuality a college station texas yeah so yeah it was as soon as uh bad expertise i don't know i heard rumor that kurt hennig .

Took the rating and threw within the rubbish or did something with it took it motivate to minneapolis with i don't know man and that i don't wish to mediate that because i god rest kirk's soul i like kurt and that i was as soon as you realize it's so ironic that i regarded as much as him you know i met my dad and his dad were immense associates you know larry the axe .

Hennig uh i met kurt when he was as soon as a younger i mediate 19 20 one year outdated i was as soon as a youthful dinky one then in portland oregon when those wrestlers would near thru the territory um and um i you know i worked with kurt you know in wcw with that tacky moniker stealing his gimmick in total nonetheless .

I accurate have confidence so powerful utmost appreciate for curt hennig and to mediate that he can had been on the motivate of that was as soon as accurate heartbreaking please please don't describe me that you know and that i by no methodology know he by no methodology admitted something else i mean he said no i had nothing to have confidence with it since you know each person approached him on that .

I had all the issues in that rating it was as soon as that was as soon as a nightmare oh my god i had presumably eight thousand bucks value of valuables in there and explanation why i had that with me is because on that wrestling loop sooner than the one i was as soon as on i had my rating stolen i had gone motivate to boise idaho to consult with some outdated associates of my faculty wrestling .

Coach and his household and that i had like you know accurate uh uh a camcorder and extra tapes you know you know me and tapes and tape recorders um in actuality i don't know per chance i'm recording lawful now nonetheless i indubitably am i will i will guarantee you that on the very least .

I indubitably am so i will guarantee you that on the very least so anyway i don't know i don't i hope i hope now not uh nonetheless i by no methodology that rating by no methodology acquired me lined and that i had ied money credit rating card it was as soon as accurate a nightmare to war thru that i had i was as soon as after 9 11 too and that i had to dawdle from i mediate both flew out of houston or .

Dallas to motivate to tampa where i lived on the time and that i it was as soon as accurate so odd to head motivate with no my elevate-on was as soon as missing i had all the issues in there so that was as soon as i i wish to mediate that kurt had nothing to have confidence with it that some scumbag on the airport stole it and .

Optimistically they acquired some designate out of it uh randy orton said that he thought it may perhaps per chance presumably merely had been kurt nonetheless he didn't know he wasn't there nonetheless um was as soon as there any ribs that kurt hennig did on you that it is probably you’ll presumably undoubtedly attribute to him no i mean different than accurate him uh acting up within the ring and making goofy faces at .

Me when i'm looking to be serious and uh he and that i tagged together uh we were in actuality in in england i deem uh working against the hardy boys and he was as soon as presupposed to be on the flooring promoting i'm presupposed to be over there concerned to motivate my partner up and he's making these goofy faces i'm looking to now not laugh and he was as soon as accurate you know .

Nothing that in actuality stands out different than him accurate being a clown and making looking to originate me laugh and he said he loved my dad and and he grew up around my father too my dad knew kurt when he was as soon as accurate a dinky dinky one you know when he'd presumably jog over to larry's dwelling or they'd dawdle together he had dinky kurt henning working around you know so .

I mediate there was as soon as that bond uh or um mutual appreciate accurate for the the 2nd generation element that was as soon as that existed between him and that i well let's blame randy orton then because he he he was as soon as like a flash to cross the blame on any person else let's negate he stole it howdy and if that's factual that's the storyline in itself because he's the .

Legend killer and that i'm all about embracing legends i mediate him and that i’ll perhaps presumably originate quite some huge cash i'll be correct form i i worked with randy a dinky bit when he was as soon as a rookie doing gloomy fits and we had some correct chemistry now i like randy orton i constantly i apply him and uh constantly pull him for him and uh i'm .

Snug with what he's was um nonetheless yeah i'm constantly open to the lawful industrial james well there you jog i mean there you jog that's a ready-made storyline can have confidence to you ever gain motivate into the ring then i'm obvious have confidence you know what i'm obvious your producers like tearing a hair out like near on i wish to head dwelling and all the issues .

But you know i i’ll perhaps presumably consult with you like stare at these i provide an explanation for these pretty a lot nonetheless stare i didn't write i didn't request you a quarter of the questions as written down there so can have confidence to you know at any level you will want to have confidence a element two i'd be uh better than comfy to have confidence you on man yeah we may perhaps presumably have confidence fragment two i'm obvious eventually whatever um josh .

Are we uh how powerful we are we how powerful time we acquired left over by a minute oh we're over by 20 or 30 minutes lawful then so that's presumably my cue for wrapping this up then so uh i will thanks very powerful for watching uh sorry i was as soon as away for about a weeks i uh you know the arrangement that you know negate accurate work .

Here’s my accurate work as well nonetheless i had different my different job to have confidence as well so thanks very powerful for watching and thanks sean as well for joining us and that i hope to pick out you subsequent week thanks for having me you
I be wild about prowrestler, because they’re the unbelievable!

FULL INTERVIEW | Shawn Stasiak – WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Episode #23 🎤

FULL INTERVIEW | Shawn Stasiak - WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Episode #23 🎤