FULL INTERVIEW | Mr Curtis Hughes – WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Episode #44 🎤

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FULL INTERVIEW | Mr Curtis Hughes – WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Episode #44 🎤
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That is one glamorous wrestling!! Hi there all people it's james right here with ws i'm my visitor this week is the consummate bodyguards world champions and future son-in-laws and house owners of wwe as neatly it is mr curtis hughes how the devil are you what's appropriate man immense to be with you yeah it's doing k i'm doing i'm doing very neatly in .

Reality i've bought a recent hd camera so all people can seek for my gruesome mug whereas i interview you as neatly in crystal clear hd uh nonetheless uh for now it's morning time for you and uh you've bought up early to chat to me as neatly so that's very extraordinary appreciated yeah very very get hang of to work completely completely uh i'm gonna bustle via a .

Ton of a vary of questions we're gonna produce a couple of a vary of video games like name association that sort of part i'm gonna utilize an hour together and that i was regularly going to be a form of hetero via the occupation and that i'm confidently going to anticipate you some stuff that you just'd by no method in actual fact get hang of to chat about or no longer regularly get hang of to chat about .

As neatly and the principle part i'd like to level out to you is central states and bob geigel it's like that's upright a territory that by no method gets brought up how did you waste up getting curved up with central states bob geigel and did bob explain you as neatly oh yeah absolute self assurance about it you realize uh .

Rising up in kansas city which is the build i'm from and uh the you realize how i bought to perceive bob diego is growing up gazing on television seek for uh the local station in kansas city channel 41 and in tell that they used to shut relieve on .

Every thursday evening and so that's how i bought into gazing uh bobby diego and how i bought to perceive who he was you realize and uh he he went to uh he went to iowa he was a iowa hawkeye wrestled there amateur and uh uh when i was in excessive college i was extremely recruited .

I was on the details regularly because i was consistently into sports and that i was in three a vary of sports i was all american in wrestling monitoring football and that i was consistently on tv on the details and that i didn't comprehend it at the time nonetheless geiger used to exhaust me .

And i was extremely recruited by all of the kind all of the colleges within the nation and uh i went to a football camp at iowa for 2 summers in a row football camp and uh the whole time uh within the relieve of my mind you realize i needed to be a wrestler .

So uh prolonged story quick um you realize when i was in faculty appropriate sooner than i completed uh i reached out to uh guy and he knew who i was and that i was speaking to him about desirous to be getting the .

Wrestling industry the whole 9 yards now i was going to faculty then at kansas protest university playing football you realize and uh steve williams was there at uh oklahoma and that i had a visit that was going to shut relieve up i needed to eradicate and it was oklahoma playing okay-protest in .

Manhattan kansas and at the time steve dr depth williams he was playing for oklahoma and he was a wrestler too professionally and he played faculty ball so i was like that's what i must produce playing football and .

Faculty and battle nonetheless i didn't know anybody so he was the one i could perhaps well search advice from about getting within the industry you seek for goodbye story quick uh a visit got right here to the build they had been playing oklahoma was playing okay-protest in manhattan kansas you seek for .

And so i selected that visit because i needed to chat to steve williams about getting within the wrestling industry you seek for so anyway i’m going to the visit down within the a vary of live zone was oklahoma football crew and that i was like oh i must get hang of down in that live zone so i will search advice from steve williams .

On the wrestling industry you seek for i had a thought i had a thought and so i'm moseying on down to the a vary of live zone the build uh they had been warming up and that i talked to steve williams and told him what it was and he requested when i was from myself from kansas city and he goes neatly there's a .

Promoter in kansas city known as bob gang bought to check him up goodbye story quick when i bought accomplished playing football appropriate sooner than i bought accomplished i ordered my instruments i wouldn't i i knew right here’s what i needed to provide i i didn't care about pro ball i needed to play some i needed to be a wrestler so i .

Ordered my boots and my tights that i was going to exhaust as a talented wrestler i ain't bought no trainer yet so either methodology i thought of what steve williams told me and as soon as i bought accomplished with faculty i pursued bob geigel .

I known as him up seek for and when he answered the cell phone he already knew the hell i was when i acknowledged my name he goes curtis hughes i seek for he goes yeah i search surely he goes i do know the build you are he goes you realize you had been extremely recruited you virtually went to iowa blase blasey howdy and that i was like yeah i'm to change into a wrestler and .

I upright must know what i must produce about going about doing it you realize and he upright told me what upright near down to morgan corridor that's the build they used to provide all of the gigs at and all of the wonderful time stars used to shut relieve from andre the massive to holly rage to flare all people got right here to this building and it was three thousand seater ideal venue to provide exhibits .

And i used to head there and that i used to settle a ticket and race upright check and stand by the stage and upright check the rest of us you seek for and someday i upright race when i known as him uh he knew i was and uh all the pieces bought location up he told me to shut relieve .

To memorial corridor and him and sonny myers trained me by the methodology and that's how i bought fervent with uh bob geith equivalent to you realize he knew who i was he he you comprehend it's he like he likes real athletes so uh in actual fact you realize .

He didn't fee me no person i you realize i bought blessed so i by no method bought charged to get hang of trained they upright taught he's upright trained us subject of fact brian clark uh adam bond we trained to assign by the same guy at the same time so uh he was geiger was a whole college .

Uh wrestler and uh oh i needed to be taught the oldschool college anyway and so uh when when i started practising with geigerman it was it was it was uh like a dream near appropriate you realize yeah completely i i'm obviously going to provide the abridged version of all these questions going via your occupation and all the pieces because we've simplest bought about an hour nonetheless .

Something i'd in actual fact like to perceive is is while you first started getting into into the industry spherical 87 did you realize that you just're regularly getting into into the wrestling industry at the worst that that you just can well be agree with time with all of the territories death and simplest in actual fact two companies being viable in wwf and jim crockett promotions .

Successfully at the time i you realize you comprehend it didn't appear to me that that there was one thing occurring you realize just like the older guys doubtlessly knew nonetheless being that i was upright coming in i didn't know that there was a transition going to uh upright struck wwf in wcw you realize i didn't know that vince was gonna near in .

And upright neat out all of the territories eradicate all of the champions and shut store on all of the a vary of territories which i want that by no method took place nonetheless thank god i had opportunity to get hang of abilities with that uh experiencing with a vary of territories territories because it gave me a sense of how notable it is .

When i explain folk of determining psychology and learning methods to battle and work holds as an different of getting in there doing a bunch of nothing with no psychology you realize what i mean with the awa that's sort of your second .

Successfully presumably that you just can narrate first or second sort of foremost promotion that you just waste up in did you ever battle sorry carol yeah that was the wonderful one yeah the that was my first uh rupture in actual fact uh awa uh because it was on espn .

And it was worldwide so i had an opportunity to get hang of publicity that methodology yeah did you ever battle within the wonderful purple room the build there had been no fans uh no no no i didn't no honest appropriate-looking out ample then um insist about them sooner than i didn't non-public fans to .

Work in front of you realize no uh neatly produce you realize what i'm speaking about then right here’s sort of like presumably just like the closing couple of issues of tapings the build it's upright a gigantic purple room yeah they tried to show veil no fans being there they weren't shopping tickets after which they acknowledged neatly there's two guys neatly you comprehend it's like that's like .

Doing the studio taping you realize the build you the build there's simplest so many folk that you just can let in and in tell that they upright produce the tv tape and you love they used to provide relieve within the tbs days on honest appropriate-looking out station tbs they had a tiny bit studio and and and non-public exhibits in there and in tell that they upright simplest elevate so many fans in after which .

They non-public a plan you don't non-public matches you realize like these race away as an different of a favorable oldschool venue and making an are attempting to provide some extent out and upright abet it straightforward yeah uh you had been virtually like as of late yeah the factual oldschool days positively yeah the factual oldschool days vern garnier um most folk non-public an affect of vern garnier nonetheless uh vern ghania was a boss .

Notably in these closing couple of years i mean did you sort of realize the awa upright wasn't that you just realize gonna closing yeah uh neatly you realize i bought blessed because i bought out of there sooner than they truly closed store uh i bought a rupture appropriate sooner than the dresses store in wcw so so it worked out .

Pleasing factual for me and and and that i'm fully pleased i had opportunity to get hang of to meet some folk some real notable these that helped me along the methodology like sergeant slaughter and uh you realize upright upright the host of a vary of folk uh then so i'm sort of fully pleased i in actual fact had opportunity to head that route .

Which capacity of i had to get hang of an opportunity to be taught diverse issues and get hang of via us with a vary of folk upright be taught the ropes regularly i will keep in mind my first tv taping up within the awa in minnesota i will keep in mind going to the ring and that i'm doing my tiny uh .

Shucking and utilizing sort of part junkyard dog dancing roof is our zone kind part and when i get hang of to the ring i get hang of within the ring i will keep in mind this prefer it was the earlier day the referee comes over reaches out and shakes my hand and says welcome to the wonderful lakes kid shakes my .

Hand and the rest is historical previous after that i mean i that's one part i'll by no method neglect when that man shook my hand and acknowledged welcome to the wonderful leagues because it sort of location the tone for the stage i converse for a technique my curve was going to point out out uh who who was the principle in actual fact wonderful essential particular person .

That you just wrestled and did you get hang of just like the honest appropriate-looking out nerves beforehand oh oh man harley inch bro celebration was the man and harley is clarification why i bought professor wrestling carly inch he's clarification why now when i was telling you relieve when i first started i was gazing wrestling on tv i took place to peer him and ruser .

Jones having a wrestling match and it was a immense match and that was a gigantic number that sort of sort of bit me you realize they bought me drawn to it and harley was the particular individual that i had my first he was the principle wonderful name in actual fact how did it race then how many minutes did it race oh .

It was i was anxious as damn nonetheless nonetheless being that he was my idol seek for he was the one clarification why i bought into industry so uh when i bought within the ring and had a match with him yeah we had a street with him subject of fact we i rode into the gig you realize so i had to get hang of the chance to chat to this man .

I'm going like i will't deem i'm within the front seat with it utilizing down the motorway he's going a thousand mile an hour nonetheless you realize this guy was my idol he was the particular individual that i he's clarification why i bought the industry so when i had opportunity to battle him it was a dream near appropriate man after which .

When i bought to wcw we had an opportunity to work with him me him and luger man race on the street now that was a dream near appropriate appropriate there while you had been utilizing with harley had been you the one who had to open the beers for him and circulate them over yeah oh yeah man i i will't keep in mind me luke and harley uh we’d we’d quit at the .

Equipment store and we’d comprise the cooler up and luger would get hang of what he drink hardy would get hang of his beer and that i’d upright drink no subject they drink you realize and that i will keep in mind uh right here you realize we left virtually every time after some extent out it was routine the build i’d force and these guys would you realize be the .

Bartenders you realize what i'm saying so right here i’m utilizing down the street all he acknowledged set apart the pedal to the metallic he feed me freaking beers i'm going whoa i bought to force i will't drink like that it was a amusing subject man i mean you realize the whole time namely when hollywood force your butthole would upright be puckering the whole time you realize i .

Point out you're sitting there you realize toes curling up since you don't know and buttons parker you don't know how the hell is going to point out out because this guy's bought the freaking pedal weighing down that's how harley drove uh uh uh what uh what's his name um uh lol .

Drives like a flash too so he's a speedily driver too so what was the scariest automobile race you had been ever on there was it upright honest due to tear or was it because presumably the steiners had been making an are attempting to shatter into you at one level or what neatly yeah that's intelligent too now we i've been on many journeys man and uh you .

Guys don't know how we're upright playing spherical and uh surely there's been some butterfuckers there a couple of times uh with steiner's and uh a couple of of these a vary of crazies accessible man nonetheless you realize thank god no person bought wound you realize i mean i will keep in mind utilizing down the motorway occurring there 100 mile an hour .

Uh about i'd narrate about four or 5 of us in automobiles following every a vary of and as we circulate in one one more you realize whoever's within the passenger seat you realize they'll transfer you realize the whole neighborhood of folk are transferring within the auto going by you comprehend it's sort of amusing subject upright agree with .

This wonderful broad wrestling nonetheless passing you as you're occurring the motorway i mean that's the method in which it was we had a factual time on the street relieve then neatly you've bought to entertain yourself i mean the street is prolonged yeah absolute self assurance about it you internet it you internet to entertain yourself yeah completely um how did you waste up going to wcw then it was had been you a gym .

Heard increased uh what took place with me was um someday uh wcw known as let me seek for i i got right here home someday over to my lady friend's home and there was a show veil on the door it acknowledged uh jody hamilton known as from wcw what's .

Your name so that monday i known as the spot of industrial in atlanta and uh totem was and uh jody gets on the cell phone and he goes yeah howdy you realize curtis um him jody right here lawrence i seen you upright handed away no longer prolonged within the past um .

Attracted to doing a tiny bit industry with you uh uh simplest likes you realize what he sees you realize simplest determining he was the booker at the time and uh they acknowledged they had been looking out out for any individual to work lex luger you realize when i was in awa we had the same produce .

Which was torture and in tell that they had been looking out out for any individual to work check and that uh they known as me and so i get hang of on the cell phone with uh with uh with jody and uh he says yeah we're to elevate you up we're working with luger appropriate and must know how extraordinary it was sort of amusing usually because he in actual fact goes .

We want to know how extraordinary we’d like to fee so we you realize elevate in to work with luger how extraordinary fee i was like neatly right here’s my first wonderful time gig so i didn't must undersell myself so i'm sitting there going uh ready for him to mumble me a number seek for what it sound like in mumble a substitute of going uh uh and he threw a number out and it's .

Immense i acknowledged yeah we'll produce that you just realize and and the rest is historical previous brother that's how i bought up in there they known as me they seen me on espn doing my part and uh and uh they thought that i could perhaps well design some money uh with my working luna uh sooner than i anticipate in actual fact had been you consistently going to be change into the bodyguard had been .

You consistently going to be in that role or is that one thing you morphed in over time in wcw yeah that's one thing that gloomy gave me you realize uh what you realize because i was wonderful cat in the starting up and that's uh simplest mr booker at the time and when dusty when ollie bought let race after which dusty bought .

The e book that's when he got right here to me and some a vary of fellows like johnny b inappropriate and some guys a vary of fellows pm data a couple of a vary of fellows that wasn't getting pushed and he had opportunity for that you just realize and so he got right here to me and all these guys i talked about and acknowledged howdy i maintain i bought a better persona for you .

When he bought the e book you realize he goes i maintain he goes you heard a favorable bubba rogers yeah i heard a favorable bubble what produce you suspect that you just can produce that bodyguard gimmick i was like particular yeah that was a no brainer nonetheless right here's the kicker now when they told me that i was like so you internet a reputation for me he goes neatly upright near up with one thing .

Let me know what you suspect upright near up with one thing and mumble me let me know so i was like i'm sitting there pondering in my mind i'm going that's a no brainer there how about mr hughes how does that sound so i went to it because my real closing name uses so i narrate how's mr hughes sound he goes that sounds ideal we exhaust that .

And that's how i bought the name of mr hughes nonetheless sorry about that sorry there's a concert occurring within the background then temporarily neatly you realize i smoothed up on your bullet boy man rock and roll and so .

Um um shut up over there i'm making an are attempting to relieve for it to be soundless it was accomplished in a sec howdy all appropriate so we'll die i lost my explain of thought oh i sort of did as neatly so uh you upright acknowledged mr hughes and dusty .

Loved it oh yeah now i bought it so dusty he comes to me and he goes i bought a better persona for you a bodyguard game you suspect that you just can deal with it i acknowledged yeah after which we bought to the fragment regarding the name and he goes near up with one thing after which let me know near relieve and let me know what you near up with that's when i .

Acknowledged how's mr you sound he goes oh that sounds ideal we exhaust that and goodbye story quick you realize i ran with that for a whereas so what i had to provide is i appeared i i i i bought some videos of wonderful brother and that i watched his matching .

Sheet because i couldn't be the same guy because i didn't prefer folk to get hang of his mixed up part with the same folk even supposing we're a vary of colours so i was like i bought to check so we don't produce the same stuff so what i did was i watched how he went to the rain how he did his part you realize what i'm .

Asserting that's wonderful bubble because i didn't must be the same so uh i he took off his hat he took off his glasses he took off his jacket appropriate he took off his tie as soon as quickly i'm going .

Love neatly i will't produce that because if i'm supposed to be this inappropriate shout bodyguard i shouldn't must eradicate all these items all i must eradicate off is my hat and my jacket so i bought i acknowledged to myself i'm gonna abet my gloves on and that i gotta decide out a technique to abet the shades on seek for and that was the kip that was the kicker .

Valid there the shades man and as soon as i did that the gimmick fell off nonetheless that's his one which gave that got right here up with this game i do know this this could perhaps well this could perhaps well seem like a little bit of of a strange part to level out nonetheless did it sort of again your persona in a sense when the .

Bodyguard the build the kevin costner got right here out of the same 365 days honest appropriate-looking out extraordinary it did it you realize and plus i set apart my twist to it you realize i mean i set apart my delight in tiny twist to it because i needed folk to keep in mind me as an different of upright you realize comparing me and him me and bubba rogers you .

Realize so the distinction between me and bobby is i wrestled within the shades you realize completely you realize suspenders and all the pieces so that was the distinction between these two plus i was a tiny bit extra meaner yeah extra visceral a tiny bit extra vicious a tiny bit extra vicious this .

Can't even insist you realize what i mean a tiny bit extra meaner nastier that you just can narrate completely um going relieve onto since you talked about the reserving sooner than then uh so i had it presumably that you just joined wcw when rick aptitude was composed the booker is that no longer appropriate who was the booker while you joined neatly ric aptitude he .

He he dabbled in a tiny bit bit nonetheless extra on the whole than no longer it was dusty he was a beefy throttle booker when i as soon as as soon as as soon as as soon as simplest bought let race you realize because i honest appropriate-looking out extraordinary bought all my all my uh stuff to provide from dusty did you uh ever .

Have one-on-one interaction with jim heard yeah oh yeah i mean jim wound bought along real factual uh he was frigid that you just can also very neatly be the principle particular person to ever narrate that i by no method had a priority with it you realize why because i keep in mind one time he was factual to me jim wound was in actual fact factual to me because .

Someday uh i had a priority with a design on the street you realize that you just can also get hang of a design can non-public to you prefer money seek for because they're gonna deduct it out you pay anyway so it's like your money anyway you upright want some money appropriate and that i keep in mind i needed bigger than the total uh .

Scheme i maintain the total design was like 100 200 bucks i needed 300. and in tell that they acknowledged neatly we are capable of't give it to you curtis you gotta you gotta anticipate jim herr so i known as the spot of industrial and customarily folk don't produce that nonetheless i i wouldn't fright no person i’d name i i bought a job wherever so i known as jim .

Heard at the spot of industrial secretary gets on the cell phone it bought this wonderful cat can i insist with jim wound please he gets on the cell phone what's the protest curtis i was like yeah i'm making an are attempting to get hang of a design nonetheless they don't must give me my design i want he goes .

I was like neatly the asian whoever the agent is anyway sooner than the day was over sooner than the evening was over i bought my freaking money seek for so you realize i i've heard tales from folk saying that jim heard was this and that and all that blase blase nonetheless he was honest appropriate-looking out .

Nice to me he was handing out the attracts that evening that didn't must give it to you uh it was one amongst the ages who was i will't keep in mind oh it was uh i maintain it was uh what was his name it was ryan no neatly he was one amongst them uh .

Uh hi he was a gigantic dude uh grizzly smith there you race you realize smith that's that that's that's jason and daddy yeah jake and uh and sam houston's daddy yeah completely uh i'm gonna anticipate i surrounded him a lot too i used to walk with that guy i mean he is he .

I believed i could perhaps well force that dude i mean i will non-public to composed walk with him i mean he would force for hours and hours and by no method get hang of drained and that i'm going like damn grizz i mean you realize i'd be over knocked out snoring like a favorable dog man nonetheless he'd be like a soldier appropriate there you realize because i used to .

I used to like to uh force i didn't like to disappear because i needed to peer the nation seek for so i’d assign all my tickets that eradicate is this freaking thick of why i honest appropriate-looking out tickets because i needed to peer the nation you seek for and started that i'd walk with grizz sooner than .

I bought my automobile sooner than i equipped my automobile i equipped from pb anderson the referee the lord arrested so when i first bought to atlanta i had equipped this cadillac there folk had been promoting for 1200 folk appropriate i drove the hell out that automobile nonetheless it no doubt was a factual automobile though it was a damn factual automobile aircraft tickets relieve then i deem .

When you didn't exhaust them they had been as factual as money and that you just can substitute them in for money or a vary of fights exactly seek for relieve then japanese airways was in industry and we used to disappear them regularly and in tell that they had like i'm speaking like 10 rows of freaking front row .

Seats i mean that's why i like utilizing easter they had been very comfy the boys was very comfy because we're all wonderful and so as soon as we roll with japanese man we are capable of relax and recline and upright walk nonetheless then when they went out of industry that's why no longer that's when unfortunate .

Unconference started i shall race away out japanese near on relieve japanese random planes y'all used to non-public all of them of the wonderful oldschool seats in them jesus for the time being you sit down within the seat on the aircraft that your freaking uh kneecaps hit the relieve of the seat so when the fellow hit the button and recline bus you wish caps i loathe it .

I'm no i'm nowhere near as wonderful as you and my knees in actual fact set apart my forehead you realize squeezing into these sort of these financial system financial system uh lower down flights as neatly it's very very depressing as soon as quickly i i in actual fact spring for the extra library man you're appropriate yeah i'm i'm gonna anticipate you a couple extra questions and we're gonna .

Attain a tiny bit game um lex luger you acknowledged that you just obviously you bodyguarded lex luger you hung spherical with lex luke you traveled spherical with lex luger even the neighborhood he wrestled together even nikita koloff who was his most intelligent buddy at the time will narrate he was a butthole the time .

How how did you uh how did you check lex for my fragment neatly in the starting up uh in the starting up we you realize when i bought in we sort of as soon as we started on the street our first evening i will keep in mind this prefer it was the earlier day uh .

Luca didn't must promote nothing he didn’t must promote i tried forward better than he didn't prefer himself i gave him a punch he didn't must promote i gave him a favorable boot he didn't promote it so i took a powder on the floor to make certain you realize he is he all appropriate so within the re i thought i known as howdy ref near right here man .

Utlex he don't birth promoting i'm gonna upright race i'm gonna race away he's gonna disqualify him because they brought me in to work with the dude so we are capable of design some money goodbye story quick we're out in um uh uh tennessee somewhere i maintain it was in .

Nashville knoxville one amongst them and right here’s our first match out on the street uh for the length of our torture rack matches appropriate now i told you what took place he's no longer promoting my stuff so i mumble the ref howdy man you realize some stuff i'm gonna race away so i get hang of relieve in .

We produce the freaking match appropriate i get hang of out he goes over surely i’m occurring stroll relieve down the aisle and that i get hang of relieve in via the curtain in direction of the dressing room and now i'm inserting backward and forward the concourse the build the dressing room is seek for .

Awaiting him to shut relieve relieve to the ring from the ring and so he comes relieve and he's walking all over the concourse and that i'm going howdy man what the hell's occurring man they brought me in right here to work with you so we are capable of design some effort mob cussing and all the pieces i pissed because right here's my opportunity and this guy's making an are attempting to blow .

And so i confronted him about it 38 scorching about it and as soon as i confronted him after that evening we had no extra nervousness that's all i had to provide was let him know i'm no longer the one you realize i'm no longer the one man and and and that i had to provide that with a couple of folk to set up that i'm no longer a i'm no longer the one to clutter with yeah .

I don't that's spherical you realize what i mean merely that with a lex is he upright any individual who at the time was presumably aloof nonetheless if you internet to perceive you you often had to work onerous to get hang of to perceive him nonetheless one you if you internet to perceive him yeah yeah if you internet to perceive him he was a factual dude man he was a factual guy i .

Point out you realize nonetheless nonetheless until that level you realize he's like man what a prick yeah with lex i maintain and right here’s my delight in interior most thought he was i he's so underrated i maintain i thought he was in actual fact in actual fact factual namely in his later wcw years and that i maintain the very best motive he wasn't as appreciated as presumably .

He can non-public to composed were is because the heydays of you realize ric aptitude and composed hulk hogan and all people sting and all people else it was upright like essentially the most talented folk within the industry and he didn't stand out due to that appropriate yeah i mean you realize you upright seek for it .

You realize some folk they name them prima donnas appropriate and in tell that they eradicate show veil of luger prima dolla you realize because he appeared factual i mean he bought that push you realize that every body amongst the boys wished you realize he was upright like a form of uh you realize honest appropriate-looking out boys that you just realize was chiseled out of stone that every body amongst the .

Guys wished to check equivalent to you realize yeah completely one a vary of part sooner than we get hang of to the game is any individual as soon as told me a story uh no longer me in actual fact sorry i heard as soon as a story that to assign money uh that you just can race to the same accommodations as lex luger and .

You realize the story so mumble me what you're saying yeah i used to provide that i mean i i wouldn't exactly narrate i was i wasn't low-price it's upright as soon as quickly as soon as we bought there to the resort it was a particular time and so a particular time you non-public to check out seek for so .

Touring after which you get hang of to the resort about three within the morning seek for 3 or four within the morning being checked in even supposing you paid you internet checked relieve out since you internet to get hang of to the subsequent gig so i used to as an different of me getting prepared for that couple hours i’d upright relax within the foyer and sleep on the couch they .

Wouldn't care i'd give all of them inner autograph you realize i did that a lot i did that a lot and you realize i mean simplest on a inappropriate part that i maintain that i’d non-public bought away with it nonetheless i snored real inappropriate so so while you near stroll into the lob you .

Sprint who's that undergo over there on the couch you realize yeah i did that a couple of times there's no disgrace in my game i don't care what folk maintain i was having enjoyable and upright being me you realize upright being out doing my part man you realize because i keep in mind cornett had talked about it when i first heard him narrate one thing .

About it i was like oh my goodness i thought all people forgot about that you just realize nonetheless howdy you realize you gotta you gotta continue to exist man on that street and uh i will keep in mind my days of paying my dues and kansas city i will keep in mind making 50 bucks a match .

And wasn't extraordinary money and you realize two or three guys within the auto nonetheless as soon as we’d quit to exhaust as soon as we’d quit to exhaust that was the part appropriate there how how i must exhaust how i simplest bought 5 bucks in my pocket you realize and so oldschool timer taught me this a prolonged .

Time within the past you check within the relieve to peer who's cooking to peer what coloration he is what is he known as cajun he's a mexican it's spanish hurry you realize asian dark no subject you check relieve and seek for who's cooking then .

When you get hang of your sandwich then you definately check your freaking hair getting the young folk exhaust the sandwich midway up and stab the hair in there hurry the hair in there and you open raising hell while you eradicate a chew like oh no there's a hair in my sandwich you get hang of a favorable scene then you definately eradicate it as a lot as the supervisor is the supervisor spherical .

Somewhere i must insist with the supervisor there's a priority occurring with my sandwich the supervisor comes what's the protest sir there's a hair in my sandwich after which they are saying no protest sir they'll eradicate the the garbage and in tell that they'll fix all of your recent dinner that's how you continue to exist relieve .

In oldschool days is it ain't what you get hang of it's what you assign i deem that's the oldschool saying isn't it yeah exactly any a vary of yeah how can i no longer anticipate you non-public you internet to any extent extra uh money-saving tips for the street so we've bought uh assign all of the flight tickets we've bought therapeutic in on lex luger's resort room we've bought hair within the .

Sandwich what else was there to assign her to assign a buck or two on the street uh make certain you abet the lavatory paper on your internet factual man completely you realize because clarification why i narrate that i mean that's loopy it's shoot nonetheless i wrestled in some hellholes the build the build they didn't have not any lavatory paper .

On the indie scene you realize what i mean so so so i narrate that with oh sincerity that that's to shoot brother because someplace you race you race to the lavatory there's no lavatory paper so what you gonna produce pray can non-public to you don't non-public lavatory paper as a minimal there you race .

Helps every time because i mumble you what all of the boys honest appropriate-looking out extraordinary cares it broke lavatory paper within the relieve can non-public to you didn't know i don't care if it's from the exhaust of the restroom to blow your nostril uh you you gotta non-public it you gotta non-public unless you gotta you realize if the lavatory's dirty and it's filthy and you .

Don't must race in there upright race to the woods eradicate it out to the woodshed my buddy nature one with nature one with nature you've bought to be i'm going to give you a uh a little bit of of a speedily fire spherical now it's known as name association you cannot narrate yourself i'm going to give you some .

Sentences some descriptors and you mumble me who most intelligent fits that description from any promotion uh in within the industry uh first one is funniest particular person within the locker room you narrate the funniest sorry funniest hilarious the funniest particular person within the locker room let me eradicate a minute who could perhaps well that be .

Funniest particular person oh the funniest particular individual that i will agree with at this recent moment is ricky morton ricky martin is a amusing dude every time i get hang of spherical that cat he makes me chortle every time by no method fails ah bobby and robert gibson these two together are a hell of a complication i .

Can sit down and upright when these that after these two celebration and we're within the room together brother it's gonna be a factual time absolute self assurance about it i've interviewed punky as neatly what and what honor that was to chat to that guy so enjoyable yeah oh yeah yeah absolute self assurance about it closing man standing at the bar .

Oof flare i will keep in mind uh in atlanta georgia at the ramada live it was known as the dungeon now that's the name of that's what we known as the boys known because it the dungeon and that i will keep in mind all of the boys used to head to this bar and .

Every person would when flare would near in and all people would loiter all over the bar with flare because he would duvet the beetles seek for so we'd all hang out at the bar that you just can upright drink no subject you wish to non-public because at the tip of the evening flare bought to be off seek for .

And and that's how and that's that was it that was it non-public you ever under the affect of alcohol so many kamikazes on your whole life a vary of than striking with aptitude no i i i wouldn't in actual fact near cozy guy uh relieve then i was i was a beer drinker i was a drink beer i like beer bud budweiser .

Yeah i was burning man a day can a headache in a can for me hangover city i will take into story all of the hangovers i've had via the years ingesting malicious program then i tried to head to bud light and seek for if that helps after which i went to heart light nickelodeon light i mean all these lights get hang of out nonetheless within the tip result composed the same .

You realize exactly uh essentially the most pleasing lady employee in real life essentially the most pleasing working lady is jazz you keep in mind jazz yeah ecw hurry jazz in my thought was essentially the most intelligent essentially the most intelligent working lady ever ever in my thought jazz you keep in mind jazz .

Yeah yeah ecw yeah yeah yeah man she's essentially the most intelligent when i explain my ladies i'd mannequin her i acknowledged check her check her check her check how she work that's how you wish to must work as a girl that's what i’d mumble all my lady students .

You realize because i i i will't agree with anybody else that i’d must my students to check you comprehend it's lady-vivid you realize yeah completely yeah the smelliest wrestler you ever wrestled the smelliest wrestling i ever .

Wrestled let me maintain a minute that's a damn factual request you realize in actual fact i by no method wrestled a stinky rust thank god knock on wood you realize k uh essentially the most lethal subject you ever learned yourself in essentially the most lethal instances by no method learned myself went in was in japan .

I was working haku and that i was off form i was weighing about four or four hundred i was off form i wasn't doing the rest i was upright being spherical getting elephantine bought a bookie out of the closing minute i bought a bookie and that i took it because the pay was immense and as soon as i i bought over there and ended up working haku .

And like i acknowledged i was off form out some 400 pounds anyway it gets me ample a abdominal to relieve appropriate i'm 400 pounds now and he goes and offers me the sabada and as an different of me laying on my relieve i landed on the relieve of my freaking neck i thought i was gonna rupture i thought my neck was gonna rupture .

I was jumpy uh from that level on i by no method let no person produce that to me ever again all people's consistently bought a uh haku being complex or kicking some ass in a bar story produce you non-public one yeah no i by no method you realize what i by no method thank god i by no method had an opportunity to abilities none of that i by no method non-public you .

Know very factual k subsequent one stiffest sever most reckless wrestler oh man ginseng rock i arrested him now i will keep in mind i don't know can non-public to you keep in mind this nonetheless you realize when they brought me out as god's most intelligent you realize i was accessible with jericho i went accessible too they lured me out to leap .

Shamrock we when yeah completely she went when me and jericho jumped shamrock jericho was sort of tailoring him a tiny bit bit seek for he was stiffing him a tiny bit bit and so he was why shell rock was on the on the mat .

On the plan he's taking a survey up at me going howdy man you're in that man you love that again i'm gonna freaking knock your freaking head off i'm going like dude he's speaking to that he's sniffing him jericho's the one stepping them nonetheless he's pointing at me nonetheless anyway in the end he jericho composed stiffened him .

And he jumps up i mean as we insist he upright swings and hits me it's on tv it's simplest it's all of the tape it was on smackdown i maintain i was on raw i deem you realize he's doing the god's wonderful part and that i got right here down and had the hood on and we jumped him it was doing that section .

When he when uh when ken bought up from there and acquired frustrated and jericho was tatering them and he bought up and hit me appropriate and that i freaking thank god i had the masks on i mean he hit me factual bam i was like i seen stars and tweeting birds and every damn part nonetheless i didn't promote you realize i mean my knees was buckling and .

The entirety nonetheless i didn't promote it though nonetheless that was the that one appropriate there when jericho was tailoring freaking shamrock and shamrock took it out on me for a second nonetheless you realize shamrock was a he's a factual man you realize why because he realized that he made a .

Mistake and that evening he got right here within the dressing room and apologized for hitting me because man i'm sorry i knew it i i i knew it wasn't you i didn't mean to hit you he was a man to provide that and that i appreciate him for that i um in preparation for this interview nonetheless you realize .

You realize because this guy's a shooter you realize what i mean i was because i'm sitting within the dressing room i'm going like scorching damn this dude near in right here and freaking mess with me i'm gonna freaking abolish him i'm serious i'm no longer gonna again you to beat me up i'm a grimy pool shooter too i'm gonna in discovering it speedily this the the the the .

Loosest freaking fragment of metallic i will in discovering and and protect myself since you're a shoot fighter bro you hit me going shatter my freaking face you are feeling me yeah he uh he ended up leaving very quickly after that because i maintain he bought like a neck impingement or one thing nonetheless um .

In an interview that i watched a clip of in preparation for this interview he composed thought it was you who kicked him within the head yeah yeah that's what he thought nonetheless nonetheless nonetheless he got right here into the dressing room and apologized because he knew it wasn't me because he because i acknowledged i ain't stiff i don't i don't stiff folk i'm no longer a .

Tater i don't cater folk nonetheless he was a man to shut relieve in and make an apology for tayden for hitting me because he acknowledged he was he knew of jericho he told me yourself yeah you realize subsequent one is greatest weed smoker greatest weed smoker oh god father brother .

Godfather he is the reigning champion my he's bought a title belt with a with a marijuana leaf on it in blaze and so he's he's he's a identified world champion weed smoker in a row most memorable part you seen happen on a flight .

A memorable part took place on the flight k neatly i seen one amongst the boys going to lavatory with a flight attendant mm-hmm no no no names given surely she's positively she positively didn't non-public him get hang of a zip zipper mounted um greatest ladies folks man the greatest ladies folks man yeah greatest lee .

That you just should perhaps well presumably also't narrate yourself oh damn uh the greatest ladies folks man don't narrate rock it's a truly easy one though nonetheless yeah he had a girl friend i don't know if he was playing spherical on the street who knows howdy let me mumble you one thing bro let me mumble you one thing while you're on that giant tv show veil .

The honest appropriate-looking out big near as a lot as you brother i don't give a damn you've been married 30 years you are feeling me i'm i'm very no longer regularly in that spot anymore so i'll give you a couple extra then we'll transfer on greatest ripper and essentially the most popular rib the greatest river .

Oh owen coronary heart almond was greatest river now i've written a e book about owen coronary heart and all his ribs and that i wrote about you in it is going to you show veil the part with the towel was it one thing to provide with stealing accommodations from uh sorry stealing towels from the resort .

The build produce you get hang of all these items out man i researched that e book let me mumble you will non-public to you purchased right here to my home appropriate can non-public to you purchased right here to my occupation and narrate you wished to exhaust my shower k and that i'd level you in instructions the build the towels are k so you're going to duvet .

Up oh you're going to exhaust michelle yeah uh race get hang of you a couple of hundreds of cabinet over there so while you open up the cabinet nonetheless a washer and dryer is you seek for all of the towels i accomplished three years and brother let me mumble you there's hundreds of them i mean seek for while you race the methodology i produce .

My part uh you race so extraordinary so while you eradicate a shower appropriate you simplest exhaust the towel as soon as appropriate then you definately then you definately you realize throw it in a grimy pile and you get hang of one so at home i produce the same part i don't exhaust the towel twice i upright exhaust it as soon as .

Put it in dirty dresses because i bought so many seek for and so anybody that comes over or the visit or you don't utilize that no subject i mumble the same part it's like a resort right here you simplest exhaust a towel as soon as set apart it in dirty dresses you are feeling me that's that and that's and and that's clarification why you realize the story of all .

These towels you hear about uh with owen hart how did he rip you in uh in that appreciate moderately a lot man you realize i mean you realize he's a me me and owen and brett we we rode together a lot and we uh as a trio utilizing together we bought along immense i mean man when when .

When i bought accomplished and acquired off the street i missed these two essentially the most you realize on the motorway because we had a factual time we had a immense time we by no method argued one one more we bought along immense you realize i cherished it i i i loved utilizing with our bretts with with hearts because they by no method charged trends .

You realize i mean that you just can race all over the nation they don't fee you for the condominium automobile the trans nothing captain was the same methodology he didn't fee you for the trans either you realize i'll anticipate you this closing one then most memorable backstage battle .

Successfully i've by no method had a battle i viewed a couple of folk virtually oh shoot me and uh neatly and that i will keep in mind being too chilly virtually bought it went at it you wish to must hear the story yeah please narrate please mumble within the ecw .

Uh we had been in jersey somewhere i i was booked to battle and get hang of to the ring and birth the match appropriate nonetheless i realized that uh too chilly wasn't promoting my stuff too .

Valid so i took a powder you realize and that i told the ref howdy near right here uh mumble coo too chilly can non-public to you don't birth working i'm gonna race away the freaking ring i ain't bought time for that so anyway i get hang of relieve within the ring and he saved doing the same oldschool .

So i was like i'm going so i told the fetch rely me out i'm leaving and that i left and that i went relieve to the dressing room and paulie's going what are you doing no no no return return return return return and narrate ain't going relieve accessible he goes no no no no return out relieve produce the match i acknowledged paulie i'm no longer going relieve accessible he ain't he ain't .

Selling my stuff he don't must battle he don't must work and that i’d proceed to the dressing room neatly they despatched any individual else out to provide the match seek for i maintain they despatched sabu accessible to provide the match yeah they acknowledged accessible anyway .

On the tip of the match he comes relieve to the dressing room looking out out for me and so i'm within the dressing room i'm getting my dresses relieve on because i'm accomplished they ain't wrestling you tonight buddy so he is within the market within the dressing room you realize he's changed words buzzing .

After which there was a tiny bit you comprehend it simmered down after which we went on about our industry nonetheless it no doubt got right here honest appropriate-looking out shut nonetheless you realize me and scorpio been identified every a vary of for years we started off all over the same 365 days he started his automobile in in colorado i .

Started in kansas city so we knew every a vary of we race methodology relieve you realize so it was a favorable misunderstanding man after that we bought all of it squared away we had no extra complications you realize nonetheless it no doubt got right here honest appropriate-looking out shut why was he no promoting then .

I'm sorry oh why was he no promoting then what was the motive he gave you oh neatly you realize i was in wwf so i'm i was working real life you realize what i mean and so he was in ecw so he was sort of stiff he was being sort of stiff i wasn't having i acknowledged no i'm no longer working that methodology i'm no longer working like that .

I don't must get hang of busted up i don't work that methodology that's how we that's why we had a misunderstanding man neatly ample then uh wwf you race there in 1993. we've simplest we've simplest bought a little bit of of time left so i'll upright tear via a couple of questions and we'll get hang of to the principle tournament um you had been in actual fact like .

Given a factual onerous shove out of the gate and that i've bought a couple of of the folk you beat right here you've bought jim duggan kamala randy savage you beat all these guys on the street nonetheless additionally bob backlund how did the bob battle matches race because this was an ultra dull bob mode composed he hadn't bought a persona yet .

Yeah it was uh that's it i will keep in mind when they acknowledged yeah you're gonna work bob and that i was like damn i'm hell i'm gonna non-public a gigantic number with him nonetheless we figured it out you realize i mean for what it was price we we we we bought one thing out of we bought a match we bought a match no longer the deal nonetheless i i was sort of .

Going live i don't know how nonetheless we bought it uh obviously most famously within the 1993 bustle you work with the undertaker the undertaker is going into the wwe corridor of reputation did you ever utilize extraordinary time open air the ring with the undertaker and insist about him as a wrestler what you learned from him and all the pieces about .

Brand neatly you realize i mean he's a factual guy man i'm fully pleased i had opportunity to battle him work with him we made a ton of cash together and equipped out diverse arenas uh you comprehend it was it was it was a dream near appropriate to work that dude because he was like .

The greatest dog on the porch you seek for and diverse folk had been in line to battle him and uh so occasions selected me uh and trusted me to you realize get hang of in there and uh and uh design some money man it was it was freaking awesome i it was awesome working with the fellow man it's upright .

Nice guy and to for him to in the end uh because i maintain it was him that uh made up our minds to yeah race forward set apart me within the corridor of reputation already now you realize because uh i'm taking a survey forward to getting in there someday myself .

I deserve to be in there bigger than anybody else how prolonged out produce you realize that you just're going to be feuding with the undertaker was that was that a hook to elevate you into the wwf neatly i didn't know at the time .

Uh upright one evening as we insist man uh i didn't know at the time that vince had plans nonetheless i sort of seen our tiny image one evening we had been within the dressing room uh it was going to be a six man that evening it's on-line i knew the match between the indecent boys kamal and me and the irs and uh .

And uh million buck man appropriate neatly that evening is when i realized vince had plans for me because as soon as we're within the dressing room uh and it was going over the match for the sixth man i told you about .

Uh near all of the indecent boys against me and and me and all of the man and irs neatly whereas we're within the dressing room uh vince says near up with a produce let me know what the produce she is acceptable in tell that they're going they're speaking amongst their we we're all speaking regarding the fan what we're going to provide blase blase and in tell that they are saying howdy we're going to eradicate it .

On curtis appropriate me uh yeah we're going to eradicate get hang of to 1 two three on curtis appropriate after which uh one amongst the uh dibiase bought the runners howdy uh i must race get hang of vince for me appropriate so the runner he runs and gets vince and vince is within the market within the dressing room and .

Diviosi tells him what the produce is howdy vince right here's the produce slap it open air the die we're gonna get hang of it on curtis this goes oh no no no no no no no i bought plans for him you gonna get hang of it on kamala now that's the shoe that's a shoe that that took place within the dressing room that's what the vince told dbc no we're gonna get hang of it on kamal .

I bought plans for that dude and and and after that that's when uh the a vary of part undertaker part took place so you have not any conception at all sooner than that though uh i realized that every freaking home point out uh that we did i’d get hang of my hand raised if i was .

Working a star i'd get hang of one two three crimson coronary heart one two three all of them i mean all of the foremost names i was getting my hand raised and that i'm like what the hell is occurring after which one time as we insist tournament says you realize calls me within the spot of industrial and tells me this this this thought appropriate .

This thought that he has for me and my opportunity is going to shut relieve that evening and he explained no person's by no method did this no person's ever did this no person has ever viewed this after which he told me what i was going to provide when i'm going like i'm check i'm sort of like taking a survey at the .

Cord of my peer uh making particular ain't no enjoy american vogue explosion going off you realize fireworks and blooms and all the pieces like their greatest rib of the century you realize what i'm saying nonetheless it no doubt was a shoot and my time got right here to head down to provide my part as i'm walking down that aisle brother .

Oh nonetheless retain this up i mean if i told you the method in which nerves was wrecking in my physique nonetheless as soon as i bought within the ring and and and sidewalk slammed paul baron bought the iron now has i acknowledged i'm virtually accomplished i'm serious i'm pondering i'm virtually completed now i gotta beat down and decide out .

So when i get hang of the urn and that i’m going hitting with it and it flies out of my freaking hand that was supposed to happen you realize thank god i had harvey to head get hang of it because i couldn't race down and get hang of it thank god he ran down there and acquired it seek for and in tell that they saved the day yeah nonetheless this yeah vince uh vince location .

That all up completely god convinced manny factual guy god damn it no one mystery that i've consistently puzzled uh is how near in 1997 you simplest did a couple of shots as triple h as bodyguard after which you are changed along with his lady friend at the time china i bought wound .

I bought wound uh and uh i had to head you realize i had they despatched me to rehab and now that was the uh that's when they you realize hell you realize we gotta again you to head after which they after which i bought healed up again and uh tried it again and 99 with jericho completely uh appropriate neatly i was accessible .

Three a vary of times man so every time you realize i was there vince consistently gave me a quote she consistently set apart me with any individual they consistently set apart me with a with a favorable name you realize what i mean every time every time i will uh i offers you the principle tournament now and can non-public to you've bought a little couple of minutes .

Afterwards i'll uh search advice from a couple of a vary of issues we’d like to chat about as neatly nonetheless uh right here’s upright the firing line it's regularly linked to name association moreover i'm going to give you some names of these that you just work with or portion locker rooms with you mumble me what you suspect about them for essentially the most fragment i maintain you'll upright maintain they're .

All immense guys anyway nonetheless the principle one is stan hansen oh comprise in hell the fellow man uh we tag we tag together and that guy is one amongst the i mean the nicest guys nonetheless when he goes to work you better get hang of out of the methodology because when he comes via that .

Curtain you don't know who the hell he is because he's swinging that chain and doing this gimmick man i mean because i had an opportunity to tag with him on the street at wcw we rolled together too and this guy right here uh .

You i mean from the dressing room to the ring completely a vary of two two a vary of folk as soon as that guy leaves and goes via that goes via the curtain shoot you'd be like how damn this guy's a factual wonderful gum actor you realize .

Plus i just like the movie he was in when he did that over transfer he had a factual scene within the lavatory that was amusing as hell yeah yeah and additionally i converse the a vary of adjustments i'll eradicate it the a vary of distinction was uh he was squinting because he took his glasses off so he was doing that consistently .

Yeah yeah exactly appropriate yeah subsequent one virgil oh what a persona what a persona uh virgo intelligent i worked from a couple of times in wwf we we i've been doing a couple of years uh strange persona nonetheless a factual guy though factual guy strange .

How yeah neatly uh let's seek for he's a hustler let's set apart it that methodology he hustles honest appropriate-looking out damn factual in all places many methods that you just can also honest be wherever he can race produce you get hang of a buck you produce it which i non-public appreciate from that on that .

Here yeah k uh paul bearer percy pringle oh yeah he's a factual guy man paul's a factual guy man wonderful guy man factual coronary heart absolute self assurance about it shane mcmahon acknowledged he was a favorable guy you realize uh relieve in my early years wwf .

In my in 93 uh i keep in mind shane he was a youthful guy then uh he worked within the truck shane worked within the production truck and that i was drawn to how they did issues so i’d after i bought accomplished with my tapings and that i didn't don’t non-public the rest to provide i .

Would race out and get hang of within the truck the production truck because i needed to peer how they did all the pieces you realize and and that i’d get hang of within the trunk and that i’d exhaust pizza with shane i mean he was young then i'd get hang of it and check check produce all the pieces and shane has a tiny bit job within the truck and that i’d get hang of in there and hang out .

And search advice from him and and and exhaust pizza yeah and um shane was a factual guy uh nonetheless then a couple of years later when i went relieve appropriate in 99 and that i was like factual lady buddy check i was scorching damn disgrace you're freaking wonderful bro trigger i keep in mind these tiny skinny dudes you realize that .

He's wonderful as hell like vince i'm like factual god almighty bro you're wonderful you realize i mean that you just realize the households consistently work out anyway so subsequent one's marty jannetty marty marty marty celebration pardon marty neatly i will mumble you a story who's over in germany we went over there in went on a tour over there .

And marty was with us and relieve then you definately realize all people celebration nonetheless marty sort of went overboard a tiny bit bit uh i will keep in mind uh he bought he bought the drink k uh they paid us up front .

When you get hang of on the bus tour bus they get hang of your envelope he's bought your money in it appropriate neatly marty he gets to drink wonderful mistake you don't must give marty's money up front so anyway prolonged story quick they pay extra it is going to repay marty gets to .

Drink appropriate then he starts tearing up the damn resort room then right here’s a shoot bro he can't omit the door so he ties she's together after which it tries to clam out the wind and .

Will get away it's like a damn movie he climbs out the window goes over to the explain station making an are attempting to eradicate the explain out the nation in tell that they don't must pay the resort bill that he tore up seek for in tell that they eradicate him they eradicate him at the freaking explain .

Build of living man and in tell that they devise him relieve to the resort and he has to pay for the wound paid his head to exhaust his whole payoff so he didn't have not any money whereas we had been in germany until we left that's how inappropriate it was bro how many how many times did marty gennady get hang of fired for the length of your wwf tenure .

Please race let's race factual guy though you realize factual guy i mean you realize upright as soon as quickly folk upright produce boring stuff nonetheless overwatch jim ross jim ross factual guy immense guy factual factual buddy man jim ross did he immense commentator .

Continuously consistently puts me over when he did our matches uh he knows factual he knows athletes when he sees it he's from oklahoma uh wonderful eight relieve then and he used to name i keep in mind because we was competitors .

You realize like oh k comprise you realize oklahoma k comprise in oklahoma you realize and uh that was a factual part that uh you realize saved us going at every a vary of since you realize we're gonna beat you this 365 days we're gonna beat you this 365 days after which turn spherical and we beat them or they beat us or you realize then surely .

My factual buddy you realize uh marcus dupree keep in mind him he played it oklahoma relieve within the day and uh you realize we sort of played all over the same time uh nonetheless nonetheless you realize he played in pro with the usfl and all that nonetheless he went to oklahoma as neatly you realize nonetheless jim ross is a factual man .

I in actual fact maintain that i in actual fact i i i thank him many times for calling my matches he does a immense job of calling matches and that i will check at uh you realize that's a factual part regarding the internet man that you just can check at these oldschool matches you realize and upright check at this immense commentary and these immense matches i've had via the previous .

Valid stuff sherry martel immense immense immense immense lady we was factual chums man i’m going away out her so so extraordinary you realize my wrists are so man particular sherry was a factual lady man she was upright uh brian clark you talked about him sooner than yeah brian factual bye immense guy man we uh we race methodology relieve upright upright upright talked to .

Him no longer too prolonged within the past upright non-public some quick work accomplished and uh upright a factual guy immense dude matt bourne oh my god neatly i'll mumble you man that man we race methodology relieve oh arrested so man he was a factual he was a factual guy damn factual duck by no method had one .

Rotten observe with that dude man no longer one inappropriate observe man he's upright some cats upright left too early he's upright unhappy that they left you that gum early you realize you comprehend it's upright loopy them damn some damn capsules man freaking capsules man freaking narcotics you realize what i mean freaking docs .

Man that's why i don't eradicate these damn issues i don't care how extraordinary effort i'm in god damn it i'm a smoker john that's it i don't must eradicate no damn capsules all my chums are long previous from them safer no one's ever od'd on weed hell .

No extraordinary like i mean extraordinary much less you upright race relax you realize relax easy down absolute self assurance uh a couple extra after which uh we'll insist about your wrestling college uh the steiner brothers how can i no longer level out the steiners again yeah the factors man factual guys man so on this uh previous weekend uh uh up in ohio it's factual to peer him uh you realize yeah .

Valid guys what was that most intelligent rib what are you working with i acknowledged what was their most intelligent rib on you and additionally did scott non-public the dog at the time or was it rick who had the dog oh yeah neatly uh excuse me um neatly a couple of them in actual fact um .

The first one was on the aircraft and like i acknowledged i used to snore a lot and uh guys used to upright loathe it because i upright upright rattled the whole damn aircraft you realize and someday we had been on the methodology somewhere and that i keep in mind i had a raw shirt on and uh i will keep in mind sitting within the relieve of scotty .

And i went to sleep i had my shades on and that i had one thing that woke me up and that i sort of appeared down when i had my shirt was sort of torn and that i had appeared like shaving cream on me so i bought as a lot as head i went within the lavatory seek for on the aircraft .

And i tried to eradicate my glasses off and in tell that they wouldn't near off what's what the hell any individual had glue honest appropriate-looking out glued my glasses on to my head appropriate there and that i'm going and that i had shaving cream on on me and my shirt was ripped i'm going to hell i did this .

So i return out and that i realized that the spiders had moved to the build they had been sitting there was no person there and there was this kid that i keep in mind this tiny kid that was sitting there and that i was like did you seek for you doubtlessly did this and he's pointing at the steiner brothers you realize these guys did .

And i was like all these appropriate and that i maintain k all appropriate i get hang of it so anyway we had some extent out at heart stage and you realize they non-public these that elevate the instruments relieve to the dressing room appropriate someday it was that location of stage tv taping i .

Hand my stuff to the fellow that brings his stuff to the dressing room he's supposed to eradicate it relieve along with his titty so after the match i return to the dressing room and that i'm going just like the build the hell is my oh who the hell .

I was like my my hat was scorched so i’m going in discovering the fellow that brought my stuff relieve i acknowledged howdy man what the hell you squashed my head for you i didn't produce it mr hughes i didn't produce it i'd like to head scorching damn you better mumble me you doubtlessly did it and he told me .

And i was like oh all appropriate so anyway at heart stage the dressing room is like wonderful campfire k and so it was beefy all people was beefy of fellows so i acknowledged i gotta confront these so i confronted him man i acknowledged howdy man how damn it you guys touched my effing hat you realize .

I'm cussing and all the pieces i acknowledged hear right here you touched my freaking hat again you seek for that damn dog he ain't gonna be breathing while you near relieve to the freaking ring from dressing room from the ring subsequent time contact my hat again and that was the tip of that and that i had no extra complications with him .

You realize who was more than likely to be duct taped to a bench uh by the steiners who who was more than likely to be duct taped to a bench or tackled within the you realize oh damn man anybody i will keep in mind the steiners we was in uh .

Was as soon as in wild with recent jersey appropriate and we're upright you realize chilling uh ready uh you realize along with her ready for the you realize point out to birth within the meantime um kevin sullivan this kid was running spherical playing he was within the ring playing seek for .

And scotty grabbed him i maintain it was scotty and rick one amongst them both of the brothers they grabbed uh uh kevin sullivan's kid and tied him up within the ring seek for duck you realize that the white tape we placed on .

The wrist neatly they tied his son up within the ring and he was freaking crying man i was like oh no no no no so i bought up there and took the kid out of there untied him seeing ever since then man kevin sullivan and factual chums man i mean his son's grown now nonetheless uh uh at the time he was a tiny bit bitty .

Dude he was about 10 or 11. seek for and so when i jumped in there because in the starting up he acknowledged k no man no i mean i acknowledged no man you don't seek for this kid crying man you realize so i took it untaped them you realize gotta get hang of out of right here and ever since then man kevin's factual chums man so .

Uh you realize the starters man as soon as quickly they get hang of a tiny bit they had been a tiny bit how that you just can narrate they race overboard relieve then they had been because they had been strong and young you realize yeah and in tell that they had been complex and you realize they figured no person's gonna mess with them you realize uh one extra after which we are capable of insist regarding the wrestling .

Faculty kevin oh no i'll give you two extra uh ludwig burger check wonderful um i don't know extraordinary about him i mean i do know who he is you've bought the firm at the same time and uh we wrote a couple times together that's about it i mean i don't know too extraordinary about it k closing .

One is kevin nash kevin factual guy man we we was tagging pardon sorry this previous weekend we talked for a short time you realize um yeah nonetheless you realize we didn't know that scott corridor was going to be long previous nonetheless what a hell of a deal yeah um i converse this can also very neatly be a factual time because i .

Hadn't in actual fact written this down nonetheless uh any affirm memories of scott corridor that that you just can well be portion with us yeah man man scott was factual chums man we talked a lot you realize i helped explain his son a tiny bit bit you realize he uh you realize he's gonna be missed man immense guy dude yeah completely i in actual fact i loved working him .

Uh held the abilities uh for the closing couple of minutes because i do know we've bought to wrap it up um insist about your wrestling college and in actual fact produce you realize what give us a couple of of the uh give us a couple of of the names that shall we acknowledge who've you've had a hand in teaching as neatly yeah i've trained diverse folk i've trained .

Thousands of hundreds of folk than them i non-public a slogan i'm trainer of champions and superstars why because uh i've trained uh since champions and superstars i'm gonna race down the listing of these that i've trained one he slater he was in wwf for like 13 years uh paulo cruz he's at wwf appropriate now .

Uh johnson gresham spring of honor carol hogan uh moose impact uh uh antoine brewer uh he's a referee in wwf .

Uh sam shaw is uh dexter lomas he's in wwf um uh i mean upright i will upright race on and on man and uh you realize these these are these are talented these that i explain and uh they're honest appropriate-looking out successful as neatly so you realize and additionally too you realize can non-public to you wish to non-public .

To set apart success and and check methods to battle and be taught from essentially the most intelligent give me a name whole protectionist exhaust what produce you explain folk and extra namely what produce you explain folk either to no longer provide or what produce you produce no longer explain folk at all neatly you realize i don't explain garbage my whole part is i explain you methods to .

Struggle oldschool college wrestling the type of wrestling that makes the folk must near relieve a ticket you realize and you realize when i mumble folk you realize while you reach out to yours in actual fact completely protects mr exhaust the practising you get hang of trained by essentially the most intelligent i explain superstars man interval .

You will need to must be taught from essentially the most intelligent give me a demand four zero four six six eight seven zero zero i will what did i agree with my cell phone number six zero zero eight the build's my cell phone neatly you by no method name yourself four six six eight seven zero zero three i will in discovering out for you i'll in discovering out the build it is .

Before i signal off uh nonetheless yeah uh chris is telling me to give it the wrap up i've i've bought to tell this buddy you're taking a survey better than you doubtlessly did 30 years within the past i mean you're composed you're composed in you're composed taking a survey in immense shape and all the pieces one how did you lose all of the weight because like between 97 and 99 it is a must-will deserve to non-public .

Dropped like 150 pounds upright determining man i upright hit you realize i've been an athlete all my life so i'm about to get hang of in shape i do know methods to get hang of the fan off i must get hang of plot muscle you comprehend it's it's one thing i do know methods to provide and so as soon as i made up our minds and acquired my mind appropriate and acquired myself together howdy i hit the gym and that i knew what to provide bought it .

Collectively and how extraordinary weight did you lose within the tip yeah a couple hundred because i bought as a lot as like four or ten now four or 5 at essentially the most four or 5 and so as soon as i bought there i was like oh right here’s too extraordinary and that i upright started hitting the gym i started intriguing appropriate hit the stair master .

Hitting the weights i mean a steam room signal i didn’t know and uh to signal off your file bench press your file deadlift your file squat my file squat was a thousand my file was 505. uh these two are essentially the most ones i largely did with squatting .

Uh sorry i upright heard any individual within the background narrate one thing then yeah that was chris oh it doesn't subject all appropriate i'm going to uh thank you very extraordinary to your time mr curtiss exhaust for joining us thank you for joining us and we are capable of eradicate you again subsequent week with one other visitor whoever it can also honest be nonetheless thank you as soon as extra i completely .

Enjoyed the interview thank you man treasure it
That is the artful wrestler ever%sentence_ending

FULL INTERVIEW | Mr Curtis Hughes – WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Episode #44 🎤

FULL INTERVIEW | Mr Curtis Hughes - WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Episode #44 🎤