FULL INTERVIEW | Matt Cardona – WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Episode #fifty three 🎤

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FULL INTERVIEW | Matt Cardona – WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Episode #53 🎤

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These wrestler and grappler are tremendous. Hi there all americans it's james here wsi if it appears to be like love i'm reclining i’m then he's restful no longer better it acquired't be for just a few months however let's set aside some plugs first owen coronary heart e book and the rock e book the links i i will be capable to't fret getting up and finding the put the books are due to it takes love 10 minutes to set aside so however for now let's introduce for a fleet half .

Hour interview the long-established broski matt cardona hello what's up man the skill you doing oh properly i'll i'll shriek handsome and that i'll right i'll traipse away the complaining out k uh .

I by no arrangement watched till this present day the predominant wrestling figure podcast or the youtube or anything love that after which i watched it for roughly two hours this present day and that i'm love oh wow set aside what i in point of fact and that i wouldn't i would no longer shriek this until i supposed it i in point of fact in point of fact loved heaps of them with these uh the netflix expose .

The toys that made us yes yes yeah i i'm no longer love an limitless collector however i love anything about collecting love toys even though it's in point of fact attention-grabbing however i love that however uh let me gaze the put i'm gonna traipse with this see first time that you did a series of toys right sooner than it grew to alter into a interest and there modified into love i'm a .

Collector now yeah i mean i modified into a child rising up uh that rocket wrestling generation the early 90s the perspective generation i mild the toys i performed with the toys i had a lot of the toys uh as a child um after which need to you're in excessive college it's no longer frigid to be eyeing toys having fun with with toys i restful did it anyway i modified into hiding .

It i modified into you comprehend it modified into uh a secret thing that i did uh it wasn't till i met brian myers in wrestling college uh the put we realized wait a minute you salvage wrestling figures too and it broke the ice and we right said what [__] it love we can set aside whatever .

We need we can salvage our figures we can expose our figures love we're in the commerce it's k uh and that modified into 2003. it's now oh my god almost 20 years later the put we'd be texting each day about figures or on the road going to vintage toy stores or walmart or goal or toys r us or something and shopping for .

Figures and at closing i said brian let's let's right let's strive to set aside something with this let's beginning a podcast about wrestling figures and uh that's how the predominant wrestling figure podcast modified into born prolonged memoir immediate and love you said there's folks that accept us on youtube we accept so many varied .

Avenues we accept our absorb uh toy line uh predominant bendis which we made the ric aptitude figure that's readily available for starcast is closing ever match um so we've done so great with right this podcast uh it's replied to so great more i don't know if it's my pure jealousy however uh you've acquired more views than me on the youtube channel so .

Therefore i modified into in point of fact upset love hello yeah it's funny due to heaps of folks they come to us at these signings or wrestling reveals hello we in point of fact appreciate the youtube channel and love properly set aside you hearken to the podcast love no it’s doubtless you’ll maybe accept a podcast i'm love the total thing's primarily based on the podcast alternatively it's frigid it's frigid .

That we accept fans uh we strive to bring folks in any skill that you’d imagine i’ll i'm gonna perhaps now to no longer see at us due to i'm i see about 12. uh we're in point of fact about give or hold the same age so i started wrestling in 19 wrestling and started watching wrestling in 93 and they had been restful the previous hasbro the right stuff .

Yes yeah jody having a see ones after which uh somebody deserve to be about 98 presenting me with with this oh that's that's a it's a bootleg um it's a truly considerable bootleg it's known as manix is the toy line oh ideal it's in point of fact considerable due to love i modified into love most efficient in the occasion that they've done the uh i'll strive this for the predominant digital camera as properly i will be capable to't set aside .

That i've acquired love a product setting on this digital camera however they've no longer most efficient accept they've done the nipples on it they've done the belly button as properly yeah that's a right tremendous touch yeah these are bootleg wrestling figures uh alternatively it's love there's heaps of bootleg wrestling figures over the years however that command place is reasonably considerable in point of fact .

It's no longer price money alternatively it's it's frigid i accept them yeah my my childlike brain in point of fact filled in so for the digital camera it says ogo and the object it first filled it in to negate hogan on it love i understanding it said that's in point of fact large after which after which i understanding it must shriek nwo for years so i modified into love .

Ultimate love i right i judge i right wanted it to be right so great obvious that i filled it in um i'm no longer potentially the most simple collector in the area i judge love i dabble in collecting after which love i either derive love love auction fever the put you right can't pause attempting to search out something or i proper love .

Straight away lose passion potentially the most efficient thing i've managed to salvage anything of no longer too prolonged in the past is lego broad name wars which i'm proper love oh wow which uh brings me to this request uh obi-wan kenobi the series your reaction yeah what i i appreciated it did i love it no uh i judge it would accept labored better .

As a movie or even need to you or even need to you had been ready to binge witness them i heed the disney plus mannequin the put they wish you to lend a hand so it extends the hype however love you had that whole week off to guage of it to transfer surfing i pronounce love a lot heaps of things would accept come as more .

Of a shock need to you had been right watching it i did derive pleasure from it you gaze i i cherished it i mean potentially the most efficient thing i had complained about modified into when and spoiler all americans um obi-wan zips darth vader in the head ideal at the end after which he's about to derive him .

Uh abolish him set aside off the empire as soon as rule after which he right make of walked off as a alternative i know i know we couldn't abolish him however i mean that's potentially the most efficient thing that make of took me out a miniature ideal properly he can't die he's he's in the total a bunch of motion photos what set aside you imagine i acquired't rely on more broad name wars questions however i mean i .

In reality could well i by no arrangement watched e book of boba fett i modified into turned into off to that straight away however mandalorian i restful judge will doubtless be potentially the most simple thing that's ever come out of the broad name wars universe yeah i love the mandalorian as properly listen anything broad name wars i'll toughen and that i'll witness uh listen we could well all play armchair quarterback and strive to .

Rewrite something what we could well accept done better however the truth that we're getting the total broad name wars voice all these years later is somewhat amazing due to for me love i understanding broad name wars modified into done when i modified into watching the vhs's in 95 96 sooner than phantom threat came out so all these years later restful derive unique .

Stuff and big stuff whether or no longer or no longer i 100 accept as true with all the pieces love it's it's no longer my memoir to put in writing who's uh who's more intense as a community broad name wars fans or wrestling fans oh boy i judge uh i judge it’s miles going to be even somewhat even i judge very passionate both ways very certain when it's time to make certain .

Nevertheless moreover very unfavorable it's now to no longer be unfavorable although i don't judge there's ever a time to be unfavorable i'd yeah yeah i heed completely it's love dude you're getting so great broad name wars and also you understanding that modified into going to be over in 18 what three ideal they're proper love be completely overjoyed i'm going to return into the figures .

For a minute i'm sorry uh on the whole i don't bustle this great with things however we've acquired a make of half hour time window however i've acquired one billion properly hello if we traipse if we traipse 36 minutes i acquired't charge you additional oh lawful i'll rebate you should you traipse love 26 or something yeah properly with uh collecting again i prefer to chat more .

About the collecting and maintaining things in the packaging having a see something that makes it particular what's something that's in point of fact particular to you in wrestling figures or a wrestling collectible that you see out for uh so uh the packaging seriously in the intervening time has been amazing love to illustrate this previous week at san diego .

Comic-con mattel launched a no-holds-barred 2-pack the put it modified into hogan as rip and zeus and it's in a vhs model packaging that's pleasant i don't salvage things in the kit i inaugurate things up i shriek let them breathe due to i accept too great stuff and to expose it properly it needs to be opened there's .

No skill i could well expose all the pieces in the kit now particular things i set aside preserve in the kit so there's constantly an exception to every rule uh however yeah i love to rip them inaugurate i'm no longer having fun with with them however however pose them test them out strive the wait on can't set aside that it's in the kit so set aside .

You almost by no arrangement make a pick for an investment i would shriek uh most of my stuff is for me uh undoubtedly there is time the put i set aside steal something i'm gonna set aside this for some time or if i gaze something that need to be going for added cash i'll steal it and resell it however on the whole if i'm .

Buying something it's for me and my personal series ideal so here is good between us crew how great accept you ever spent on one item what's love the maximum thing the maximum amount you've spent what modified into it on on one item .

Properly off the end of my head and that i'm no longer i will be capable to't 100 shriek here is potentially the costliest one however there's something these hasbro figures you had been talking about from the early 90s there modified into a unreleased kamala that had an alternate uh construct on his abdominal it had a moon in plight of a uh broad name and it's very very uncommon and corresponding to .

Metropolis myth there are just a few available uh i spent 11 000 on it yeah right on that one you didn't let that one breathe did you completely die child yeah yeah that one stays in the box what's the uh what's the holy grail i know there's potentially holy love a favorite holy grail for collectors however what's .

Your personal holy grail that need to you if it came up for 50 sizable let's shriek you'd severely preserve in mind shopping it yeah so um seriously love in that that that hasbro generation the early 90s heaps of stuff right didn't come out ideal and and we didn't to find out about it till years later sometime to illustrate .

There's a a toys r us advert it's love a 1991 wf journal that reveals the total unique designate teams and has love the rockers demolition the bushwhackers rhythm and blues which is hockey pronounce man and greg the hammer valentine and that that command greg the hammer valentine modified into by no arrangement came out in stores and as a child i didn't know that due to there's no .

Details superhighway there there's no next uh wf journal says hello young folks it's no longer popping out so i'm attempting to search out it and for years i judge i right don't accept it uh immediate forward uh i set aside accept it now the hand-painted prototype from that advert so that it that's currently love my no 1 piece in my series and that i'm no longer even love a greg .

The hammer valentine fan love i'm no longer a fan i'm right no longer love a oh my god he's my well-liked however i right wished that figure so in that same vein if there is an unreleased uh there are particular guys that are rumored to come out and this form of guys modified into diesel at the very very end if there's a hand-painted prototype of diesel somewhere that can maybe be .

Uh my holy grail i accept tracked down love the plot art for it and that i've tracked down love the head love the unpainted head so i know they acquired i know they acquired a ways adequate how a ways did they derive i don't know i don't know in the occasion that they ever acquired to a hand-painted prototype stage no one knows there's no image online however if that ever showed .

Up that'd be the one i'd traipse after they're onerous set aside you like strive to search out love ex-workers of hasbro or exactly whatever oh so you completely hunt these guys out he labored at the time yeah 100 and it's no longer right me love that's the skill you are trying this due to uh i i don't deserve to negate love don't traipse to ebay for these items due to route you’d love most frequently .

Things set aside pop up on ebay however these make of prototype and unreleased sales are done love i don't deserve to negate the gloomy market however fb uh or or personal text messaging or personal message boards so there's this whole underground community of uh prototype collectors .

I would yeah no i've viewed just some of the mighty construct that netflix expose i talked about i judge they had just a few prototypes on that wrestling uh one as properly which modified into ineffective ineffective fun to see so when they shriek prototype there is one is there constantly love one peculiar one in that there there could well very properly be love a couple perhaps .

5 or so there's no right number just a few of them are former for commercials or magazines for toy comely so there's there there there are few yeah however they're supposed to be destroyed they're no longer supposed to be in somebody's expose case 30 years later i will be capable to't imagine anymore set aside what .

I in point of fact am i capable of know there's an former jim cornette memoir the put he ended up getting a load of wcw love arena footage from the 70s due to he stopped love the janitor and he had love wheelbarrows of this stuff he modified into right thrown into the dumpster and corner came about to be there and he went i'll hold him off your hands .

And now they're potentially price a load i i wager they’re yeah no doubt all ideal uh from figures oh by the skill this modified into the no 1 request figures or dolls oh figures they're no longer dolls in point of fact easy for me to white folks shriek dolls it's proper love it's proper love a place off discover yeah i mean it doesn't love danger .

Me or derive below my pores and skin however they're no longer dolls they're they're action figures uh let me i've acquired so many things to rely on you here i'll convey you what i'm going to rely on you this due to i gaze just a few belts in the wait on of you and obvious one of many movies i watched very no longer too prolonged in the past you had been in australia trawling by strategy of a store and also you gaze the .

Intercontinental title belt that you acquired the replica of with the white leather-primarily based yes after which in any other video right occurs to be the following one i clicked on it modified into the unique hateful construct of the intercontinental title is that right me that i hate it or does uh i don't know i don't i don't derive pleasure from it i'm .

Happy i acquired the model i acquired 100 properly talking of so this would maybe well be when we started watching our generation of frigid belts uh why seriously that belt why is that the charming one why is that the the potentially the most simple of potentially the most simple i mean i judge we're nostalgic to it that construct uh .

In particular just a few of my favorites held it whether or no longer or no longer it’s the macho man or or bret hart or shaw michaels or mr very best um after which even guys later sooner than switched over austin has it so uh i judge it's pleasant i judge it modified into large when when cody introduced it wait on all these years in the past it made sense to bring it wait on .

Um and i heed alternate occurs and also you gotta you gotta evolve however i right don't love the unique see it right it doesn't seem particular to me no it appears to be like love however who knows perhaps young folks now in 20 years will shriek no that's my ic title yeah who knows it appears to be like love an limitless coin to me set aside you hold into memoir love these designate .

Team titles the put they right see love a bronze coin it's make of love yeah i'm no longer keen on it no comely adequate properly with the ic title so i in point of fact started getting attention-grabbing love in the perspective generation after which the rock had the ic belt for goodness knows how prolonged after which it modified into love make of overly affair and for years yeah i .

Belief that modified into potentially the most simple construct and the previous one modified into nasty that must that deserve to be an extremely unpopular notion i mean i i i don't accept as true with you i will be capable to't disclose for all americans despite the indisputable truth that i i modified into nasty i i freely admit it it took me to handle i realized i modified into nasty on that one .

With belt designs can you give me a primary three or prime five all-time your prime five ideal designs ever i gaze the nwa title in the wait on of you uh properly i’m an extended-established nwa world heavyweight jb i by no arrangement misplaced it i judge you acquired to throw that one in there right .

Thanks to the history and the lineage 100 um i love the the winged eagle that leisurely 80s early 90s no longer even early 90s goes the total skill to 98. that's the fundamental wwf title from my childhood i don't work .

There so i could well shriek wwf yes i said wwf i'll set aside the f wait on in um and folks could well disagree with me they would maybe well hate on me i judge the long-established model of john cena spinner world title in point of fact the truth that it modified into john cena he modified the belt it spins now when he .

Misplaced it and the w stayed stationary and a bunch of folks had it i didn't love that and also you accept got love jeff hardy with the spinner title doesn't make sense ideal however with john cena comes out with the title it spins man and that thing the amount of money that title made whether or no longer or no longer it’s replicas .

Or toys so i judge the the amount of money it made speaks for itself i'm going to throw a controversial one out here john cena's spinning u.s.title right sooner than i love i love that one as properly i love that one as properly i don't judge he had it prolonged adequate for it to be .

As iconic as the uh the a bunch of spinner after which when i grew to alter into gcw world champion i made my absorb spinner belt the gcw spinnerbail and the folks hated me for it i've acquired but any other for you gaze what you imagine is uh due to i'm partial to my long-established uh podcasting cohort don morocco .

I set aside appreciate the inexperienced uh former ic title i judge that will doubtless be the one who tito santana threw away when he misplaced it love the first and fundamental right someday yeah set aside the memoir of that one i accept no notion the memoir of him right thrown away no yeah i judge they replaced the belt and he saw the previous one with i don't .

Know if it's the brown strap of the inexperienced strap and he right went properly no need for this and right threw it away oh my god a bunch of instances child no doubt a bunch of instances uh sooner than we i would even rely on you some wrestling questions in a minute however uh easiest wrestling game ever that's wrestling online game yeah .

I judge you gotta traipse with uh revenge that wcw nwo revenge or even the following one what's that next wrestlemania 2000 this form of yeah wrestlemania 2000 then it modified into no mercy which is my well-liked however they didn't accept the entrances all in the ring and no mercy which constantly bombed me oh no i don't i don't hold into memoir that no entrances .

K so perhaps it's perhaps it's wrestlemania 2000 due to it takes what no mercy did i'm sorry takes what uh what am i announcing revenge did it makes it even better so wrestlemania 2000 price range i i modified into scared you had been going to negate uh here comes the distress or even even royal rumba roy rumble from love 93 or something i .

In reality appreciate royal rumble for tall nintendo 93 yeah yeah i set aside appreciate that one ideal so i'm in point of fact going to rely on you some uh wrestling wrestling wrestling associated questions now could well simply 28th uh we deserve to take hold of about the uh incidents uh the put your bicep acquired torn off the bone oh i'm assuming he's torn off the bone so yeah what came about .

In the match and right freak thing or transfer that went nasty or what yeah in point of fact i wrestled twice that day in the same constructing i wrestled for mighty wrestling revolver against rich swan for the influence digital meter title after which love didn't even shower right alternate tools learn to my hair went available love an hour or two later and .

Wrestled blake christian for gcw uh this miniature situation monkey does one of his excessive flying flips over the ropes and lands on me and tears my bicep a freak thing um [__] occurs ideal i proceed the match due to i'm so valuable and that i .

In reality accept uh however then i knew the total time something's nasty um after which after the match i i rolled down my elbow bed and that i gaze my bicep is rolling the total skill up in the direction of my shoulder i'm love properly i'm no doctor however i could well convey this thing's torn so uh took a crimson rely on .

Attend home to orlando acquired it checked out obvious adequate torn acquired the surgical treatment and that modified into two months in the past so um doctor said five to 6 months i modified into hoping to set aside it in three so we accept a month left will i set aside it in three i don't know i i’ll no longer derive wait on in the ring until i'm 100 until i pronounce i'm 100 .

Adore ideal now listen if there modified into something occurring this ric aptitude's closing match expose and they said hello matt love the auto acquired shuffled you’d deserve to wrestle ric aptitude all ideal i set aside these boots on i set aside that uh set aside that child oil on and that i'd wrestle however i'm no longer risking it for anything decrease than that till i'm 100 .

Properly they shriek opponents heal sooner is the previous announcing properly for obvious we're no longer long-established folks i'm moreover rehabbing love a son of a [__] on each day basis perhaps over practising however who's to negate what over practising is and that i right i right deserve to derive wait on there properly namely in point of fact what is the rehab for a torn .

Bicep obviously they reattach it you've acquired to transfer away it for a miniature bit however what uh pronounce us by strategy of the rehab task yeah so before all the pieces it's very very disturbing due to it's it's right doing stretches getting that mobility wait on due to for some time you're right in this comfy solid you're letting .

That that uh that tendon heal uh then afterwards right attempting to derive that that mobility wait on you’d't even straighten your arm you're a brace that every every week or so you you unlock a miniature more to derive some more uh some more vary of motion in there uh after which i'm holding five pound .

Dumbbells in love a hammer curl precious uh right holding them love it’s doubtless you’ll maybe accept a curl uh now i'm i'm wait on to in the gym uh no longer doing my elephantine routine however i'm wait on in there i'm no longer sporting the brace anymore so we're getting there i'm almost ready however i'm no longer 100 but uh i talked about to you right sooner than so i've acquired torn acl and .

The whole lot else that's gone nasty with mine yeah uh and that i'm currently in the down in the dump stage obvious how prolonged did that hold for you to traipse i'm assuming you went by strategy of the uh woe as me stage uh i would shriek it modified into from the damage till i acquired the surgical treatment ideal due to whenever you derive the surgical treatment it's love any ideal let's traipse let's [__] traipse let's .

Heal let's let's let's let's rehab let's [__] strive this uh that week in between undoubtedly uh having to relinquish or shiny that i'd deserve to relinquish all of my titles that i've mild over the previous yr uh shiny that i'm in uh .

The the height of my occupation most folks they traipse away wwe they beginning they derive on that that elevator occurring i modified into going up perhaps reinventing myself having fun creatively fulfilled making potentially the most money ever uh i modified into right hitting it uh in every single plight it modified into right large it modified into an limitless time wrestling every weekend doing .

The podcast right successful titles making money making towns uh and for that every person to transfer away um over this unsafe employee blake christian it modified into a miniature disappointing um and to take hold of love properly it's more of the uncertainty ideal properly how prolonged is that this gonna hold i .

Know the doctors shriek five to 6 months i know i wanna be wait on in three months however what is it what's it in point of fact gonna be so um after which moreover love set aside i wanna derive this surgical treatment set aside i wanna am i capable of wrestle am i capable of fight by strategy of this moreover there modified into a pay-per-see an nwa pay-per-see named after me i've acquired .

My absorb goddamn pay-per-see and now i will be capable to't wrestle on it love holy [__] so there modified into heaps of things on my mind however uh i went to adequate doctors talking of doctors they all urged the surgical treatment they all said here is the skill to transfer so i acquired it after which as soon as i acquired the surgical treatment no more feeling wicked for myself let's .

Ultimate increase yeah that's the sunshine at the end of the tunnel moment make of thing yeah i'm hoping i'm hoping i will be capable to uh set aside the same thing what are your quick dreams need to you derive wait on into the ring and in the end what is the closing achievable goal you imagine for your occupation at this point that you're going to honest for .

Man that's a lawful request i don't in point of fact accept an acknowledge to that i know my first match wait on what i accept on my calendar is against tatanka the native american celeb uh at the wrestling showcase uh in chicago i'm very smitten by that um however man ever since i acquired launched from wwe love .

It took some time to to search out my groove due to in the pandemic and there modified into no indie reveals after which i did aw for a cup of espresso after which influence modified into large however there's no folks there it took me some time it wasn't till myself with gcw the put i appreciate learned myself and all the pieces roughly clicked .

Uh after which man since then which modified into right just a few yr in the past all the pieces has been insane uh insane busy uh booked out even now love i'm booked out by strategy of the end of the yr and it's it's july what i'm announcing so love uh what set aside i prefer to attain yeah it'd be tremendous to lift these titles .

Attend you comprehend it'd be tremendous to derive all these titles wait on however i don't accept an end goal ideal now i roughly deserve to indicate that um you don't necessarily desire a critical company love wwe or aw and these are both large corporations ideal however i prefer to indicate that you don't deserve to be there to prevail mighty wrestler .

Um that's roughly my goal and by successful mighty wrestler what's successful ideal are you talking wins and losses and titles are you talking happiness are you talking money properly i prefer to prevail at all that what i'm announcing so uh this previous yr i had been .

I would favor to proceed that and make it grow and seriously with my predominant wrestling for a podcast with brian myers that is rising so if both of these proceed to grow at the same time it's gonna be large yeah it looks to me that you've done the uh i mean heaps of folks that derive launched from wwe let's shriek uh .

Bray wyatt right make of disappears after which you've done the drew mcintyre task of doing it you've gone no dangle on i'm going to indicate to you you had been nasty and that i'm going to indicate to you my model and also you and also you did that in a truly immediate time i acquired to decrease you off there i'm no longer attempting to indicate anyone nasty i'm attempting to indicate myself ideal i'm attempting to .

Imprint my fans ideal i don't give a [__] about proving anyone nasty i don't accept a chip on my shoulder if that occurs in the task frigid ideal if i present a couple haters nasty in the task convert them to being fans completely overjoyed to accept you ever alternatively it's no longer about you guys it's about me my fans the folks that accept supported me .

Whether or no longer it’s from the edge head days or the z ideal prolonged island memoir days or whether or no longer right podcast fans it's about proving these folks ideal proving myself ideal if need to you don't imagine in me or you by no arrangement did i don't give a [__] no i to be valid i i didn't mean it that suggests i understanding that you had been oh .

Wide i understanding you had tall love public uh backing as properly so properly belief me i i accept hundreds hundreds haters love all of us set aside you derive in this commerce you wish thick pores and skin ideal however uh yeah i i i don't i'm no longer motivated by proving folks nasty i prefer to indicate folks ideal if that is realistic .

Absolutely i'll rely on you a couple more wrestling-primarily based news questions we'll set aside perhaps a miniature game at the end i'll bring up stuff after which after which i'll provide you my paypal so you’d pay me that bonus yeah undoubtedly dude yeah six minutes it's on a sliding charge ah it's a disgrace that in the closing couple .

Of weeks there's been no news in the wrestling commerce however i'm going to pluck something out thinner and shriek vince mcmahon has retired yeah and um i'll convey you what right preliminary solutions of vince's retirement and what has led up to it man i by no arrangement understanding we'd gaze the day the put vince mcmahon uh retired from wwe .

And it i by no arrangement understanding it could probably maybe well be on twitter i understanding there could well be this sizable goodbye um man vince mcmahon listen the allegations are very serious and if i i don't even deserve to reveal on these ideal however as vince mcmahon as the creator .

Of sports actions leisure of wwe uh man he he created what has change into my lifestyles and for that i prefer to thank him for that for that uh i’ll constantly be grateful due to no longer most efficient is it giving me 37 years of enjoyment ideal .

Nevertheless it completely's given me 20 years of earnings it's been my job for for 19 years i wake up every morning very lucky i'm no longer it's an even now it's a thursday morning i'm no longer going to my ninth to 5 i'm sitting here talking to you about my wrestling occupation and that's due to vince mcmahon so i i’ll constantly be grateful for vince .

Mcmahon all americans constantly remembers the first time they had a sit-down meeting with vince mcmahon uh what's your memoir with that uh the old flame sit down with vince modified into in point of fact after uh hawkins and that i grew to alter into the edgeheads um .

We mercurial needed to alter our names from brian predominant to zach ryder and kurt hawkins due to in the production meeting um on the smackdown after the armageddon the put we debuted the edge heads vince learned out that we weren't brothers that we weren't in point of fact brothers properly this doesn't make sense we would favor .

Them to sing their right names however undoubtedly no longer their right names they're spurious right names so right by strategy of the day there modified into some confusion as to what could well be known as due to some folks understanding that we need to accept edge-love names love axel or nick after which something love no they need love right .

Names so we needed to transfer to vince um to figure it out and uh he modified into very complimentary that it modified into our notion to be the ed jets i judge he appreciated that uh so that's that's the first interplay i had with him in his plight of work modified into that modified into him complimenting us in point of fact for for taking the ball yeah did you i know here is brian myers memoir however had been .

You moreover in that meeting the pleasing request shelton meeting i could well simply had been i mean if brian myers modified into there i will deserve to had been there so i don't capture the right memoir however if he modified into there i most doubtless modified into listen we accept so many conferences they all bled together and uh i'm imagining here’s a truly .

Immediate acknowledge however uh any memories of john laurenitis yeah john laurenitis uh folks vitality he modified into a upsetting man when i first acquired to wwe he's the boss and he takes no [__] i judge that's how somebody in abilities relatives needs to be uh i judge if there's a request or it’s doubtless you’ll maybe accept an scenario you traipse to .

Johnny ace you traipse john laurence or whoever's in charge they need to provide you the acknowledge ideal and that's what i constantly suspect about john laurinitis is that whether or no longer you like the acknowledge or no longer that modified into the acknowledge and that i you acquired to appreciate that uh and it wasn't till he grew to alter into an .

On-air persona that i began to take hold of him on a deepest level his personal level due to i'm doing these backstage uh segments with him as zack ryder and he's johnny ace folks vitality and that i gaze him love in the corner love rehearsing his traces love this man is human he's no longer this obvious he's the .

Arduous-ass head of tr however he's moreover deep down he's a human proper love us so it wasn't till i saw that aspect that things roughly clicked for for me and him love are we pals to in the intervening time are we texting each day completely no longer however i love johnny i would construct there's so there's so many ways love a bunch of video abilities .

Vps and stuff i'll rely on you however uh i'm gonna traipse straight to our miniature game after which we'll set aside a miniature pronounce on broad name solid and that i’ll thanks for your time and contact it name affiliation i'm going to provide you a descriptor a sentence and also you right convey me the first name that suits that description any wrestling company and any wrestler that we've heard of and .

The fundamental one is funniest person in the locker room heath slater or right heath or heath miller i'd shriek he for obvious why oh my god it's onerous to picture due to he's somebody right gotta be spherical uh i'll convey you there's a text message from a couple days in the past uh on my my cell phone love the .

Reminiscences popped up the put it says love 10 years in the past on in the intervening time what i'm talking about something love that and it modified into me uh drop kicking heath from uh i judge it modified into australia or some in a foreign country tour so it clearly says uh k here it’s miles wwe melbourne australia july 26 2013. .

So i text him that image ideal and he goes ha ha that modified into some time in the past i said properly duh heath it says 2013. [__] it modified into some time in the past it says next one closing man standing at the bar lou gallows no longer gallows lawful for him lawful for him uh most lovely woman employee rather then chelsea inexperienced .

Oh i i'm gonna shriek laurel van ness her uh yes that's chelsea inexperienced and influence that's my acknowledge i'm a natty man i most efficient learned that out the a bunch of day apart from a consequence of i moreover set aside a expose with dutch mantel and he said that chelsea modified into one of many .

Finest ladies americans he ever labored with ever oh completely hell yeah yeah next one smelliest wrestler smelliest wrestler man uh i know who it’s miles however i'll make it by strategy of i'm below the bus comely adequate to negate love all americans else .

Um largest stooge for the grime sheets i don't know who that is however i will be capable to throw that one below the bus either you're no longer getting clickbait here i'm sorry i would skip that one as properly then um most threatening sing you ever learned your self in in a wrestling ring .

Anything revolving spherical wrestling could well very properly be yeah most frequently i i didn't judge getting pushed off a stage in a wheelchair modified into seriously honorable potentially yeah yeah k i'll hold that from that the clumsiest wrestler two left toes .

Oh again i'm no longer bearing anyone you're talking the nasty man most uh all ideal properly i'll rely on this would maybe be somebody most memorable backstage fight love a right fight yeah i don't capture seeing any love right fights love a fight fight or anything price .

Pointing out i know one time uh sincarra threw love a soda can at uh simon gotch in catering so perhaps that perhaps i mean and even that love i didn't love glimpse i modified into right in catering when it came about i didn't gaze the can going by strategy of uh the air uh .

Can they be that i've by no arrangement heard that one sooner than again it modified into a lawful one i love zakara the nicest person in wrestling nicest person wrestling wow besides myself i guess undoubtedly you’d't shriek you'll gaze that's myself perhaps vicky guerrero lawful acknowledge um .

I'll skip that one here is complimentary largest ladies americans man largest ladies americans man dolph ziggler oh he modified into the commit the comic he went out with i will be capable to't hold into memoir her name i mean which one oh crikey uh the the considerable one in the movies i will be capable to't hold into memoir her name .

Uh listen i'm no longer gonna i'm no longer gonna shriek any names worst gimmick ever worst gimmick ever ooh that's valuable worst gimmick ever uh i mean there's been some wicked ones uh however who's to negate what's the worst off the end of my head abe knuckleball schwartz what about that .

It's somewhat lawful it's somewhat lawful i interviewed brooklyn brawler as properly about it yeah and he said the skill he acquired it on tv modified into vince wasn't love con convinced by it at all and rightly so however then brooklyn brawler went alternatively it's by no arrangement been done sooner than vince and this one it's by no arrangement been done sooner than ideal properly we've acquired to set aside it then yeah yeah .

Yeah loudest situation caller i've written a name on my hand as properly how does situation caller are there love notoriously loud situation callers i i couldn't convey you i don't know k all americans says john cena on that one um k most talented wrestler you ever labored .

With man i guess that's up for debate love what is potentially the most talented wrestle i judge the miz is one of potentially the most simple i judge the miz is highly underrated um underappreciated i've gone in there with the miz .

With nothing known as and that i'm talking love in point of fact nothing known as you hear folks wait on in my day we call to the rig all that [__] uh with miz on these varieties of home reveals and and that i'm listening to the omit who's listening to the folks and he's man that suits the heel i'm a babyface he's [__] lawful .

And uh he does no longer derive the credit rating he deserves handsome acknowledge stiffest working punch woof perhaps me anderson as soon as pulled me aside said i'm too somewhat i gotta be a miniature cushty in there so i'll set aside me i'll throw myself below the bus for that one who's handsome man uh .

Most legit valuable badass legit valuable badass man uh i wouldn't deserve to [__] with brock lesnar i'll convey you that no all ideal we can't argue with that one easiest ripper easiest ribber man i pronounce love the days of the ribs the right ribs the ones you hear .

Those fundamental reports about um are god i know brian myers and that i we constantly set aside miniature things love we'll screen whether or no longer or no longer it’s obscure shopping and selling cards or action figures in folks's boots or bags and no longer too prolonged in the past uh doc gallows had this i don't comprehend it .

Change into a road fight or a hardcore match and influence and there modified into a for some cause they had been gonna use a drum place as a weapon uh it modified into gallows versus pco i don't even know if this match aired but so it’s miles going to be a spoiler brian myers uh he modified into in point of fact with he took an former festus charming uh former festa's action figure .

And taped it inside the drum place so when they use the drum place on influence in the ring when pco smashes that drum place over gallows head the festus figure right starts flopping spherical the ring that modified into a lawful one what modified into his reaction did he in point of fact gaze it or modified into he love properly he saw it he .

Saw it he can't promote it they're on [__] tv what did you shriek afterwards oh he modified into no longer completely overjoyed i mean he modified into laughing about it however uh k i'll provide you but any other easiest and worst movie broad name customer hosts on raw or celebrities that you met by strategy of wrestling .

So i’ll i'll be selfish for both of them i'll shriek potentially the most simple movie broad name customer host uh hugh jackman i acquired to set aside something with him which modified into in point of fact in point of fact frigid he modified into a tall frigid man uh i hold into memoir backstage we had been right roughly bullshitting .

About love my memoir love what i'm doing on tv blah blah i talked about the youtube expose love oh it’s doubtless you’ll maybe accept a youtube expose love i'll set aside your youtube expose and love he filmed something for my expose which modified into pleasant at the time uh after that had been somebody who i dealt with uh buzz aldrin set aside you hold into memoir he's love .

Yeah i dealt with it right worse in the sense that love he had no notion what modified into occurring forgot his traces uh he's an limitless man however i mean that generation of raw the put they had been right bringing anyone he's love what the [__] is occurring here modified into he restful on the moon most frequently yeah .

Yeah yeah i've interviewed swaggle hornswoggle just a few yr in the past and he told me al sharpton k did he work with him on the on the reveals i don't know i judge al sharpton modified into the man who uh desired to transfer away after an hour oh god perhaps i i mean there had been so many .

It blends in for me k did he shriek that potentially the most simple one modified into the the muppets due to he loves the muppets no set aside i hadn't realized at the time he modified into love a huge muppets fan as properly right talked about that for an hour he has the total muppets tattooed on his legs .

And his legs are so furry that they see realistic k yeah so it's love what he's acquired love the sizable he's acquired all the pieces spherical his legs yeah i by no arrangement set aside i by no arrangement even requested him for that as properly he needed to call him wait on set aside an change .

Yeah yeah completely i mean uh i've restful acquired i've restful acquired paypal yeah all ideal so right sooner than uh i end this we're gonna dawdle broad name solid and with a ton of stuff occurring this week and as we file this here is truly the following day uh starcast kicks off you're going to be there for the predominant wrestling figure podcast is it going to be a live stage .

Say i imagine live stave expose on saturday morning shiny and early 9 00 am right announced dan hausen will doubtless be a customer uh undoubtedly we acquired any other shock in our wait on pocket after which all weekend prolonged we'll be meeting and greeting uh signing autographs selling 8×10 selling picture ops and that i set aside deserve to set aside a miniature cheap .

Lunge for predominant bendies and the ric aptitude readily available now uh starcast.com rickflairslastmatch.com most efficient 750 of these and they're all signed by the persona boy uh and that i'm very proud that our toy line modified into the one who modified into ready to derive this out in this form of immediate .

Amount of time sporting the gown the closing outfit of rick aptitude so make certain that that you to find up your rick aptitude predominant bendy what modified into the turnover time from from provide to understanding to perhaps we acquired we acquired it done in about three months which is love unparalleled yeah crikey yeah yeah and um moreover since you talked about ric aptitude uh .

The fundamental tournament of starcast is undoubtedly father james mitchell's center of the night time karaoke however we've talked about that adequate we talked about that adequate this weekend however so we're going to chat about rick aptitude coming wait on to the ring at 73 years former what are you hoping to see he's tagging with andrade versus jay lethal and jeff jarrett what you're .

Hoping to see what set aside you rely on to see will you be watching between your eyes need to you're exposing to mud no i'll be there i'll be watching backstage i’m hoping we gaze uh gorilla press slam from the end hope we gaze some chops hope we gaze that fundamental uh ric aptitude lined in blood i’m hoping we gaze a figure four i i will be capable to't wait .

To witness this i'm completely overjoyed rick is going out on his phrases uh very very completely overjoyed for him and uh i'm completely overjoyed to be a share of it in this form of uh a little capability being the figure however for me love i judge it's an limitless deal so i'm completely overjoyed that i'm reasonably connected to ric aptitude's closing match it's an honor and also you're no longer planning on running or anything are you .

I’m no longer um i’m no longer until double j calls me up and uh pads the envelope a miniature bit that's about it k then we'll uh we'll shut this podcast down there so it's starcast it's beginning the following day as we file this so 29th 30th and 31st ton of stuff occurring fight crew fight.tv he's acquired the .

Pay-per-see of the match and the roast of ric aptitude and a load of a bunch of stuff as properly so please traipse to starcast.com the links are all in the description and thanks very great matt for becoming a member of us and uh valid to goodness i’m hoping you come on some a bunch of time and uh we'll strive this again .

Obedient thanks for having me love it thanks
These wrestler are reasonably radiant.

FULL INTERVIEW | Matt Cardona – WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Episode #53 🎤

FULL INTERVIEW | Matt Cardona - WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Episode #53 🎤