FULL INTERVIEW | “Jumpin'” Jim Brunzell – WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Episode #36 🎤

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FULL INTERVIEW | “Jumpin'” Jim Brunzell – WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Episode #36 🎤
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Right here is one dapper wrestler! Whats up all americans james right here and it's wsi once all over again and my customer this week i imply what are you able to relate with any individual who's been in the exchange goodbye it's tricky enough writing these questions for any individual who's been in the exchange so many a protracted time however i'll honest secure this introduction of one half of of the high flyers one half of of the killer bees and a .

Man who can lay claims having basically the most attention-grabbing dropkick in wrestling historic previous it’s of route leaping jim brunsell how are you very marvelous james thanks very noteworthy for this probability yeah i uh and that i didn't mess up the introduction that could well possibly simplest be doing a colossal job that could well possibly simplest be the third time i've .

Ever performed this i'll repeat you one thing i i didn't mention also honest as we were chatting beforehand about our various illnesses we're going thru and the temperatures is i also secure a weekly uh demonstrate with don morocco um oh yeah the one thing i didn't secure became once query don morocco to dig up some grime on you to .

Take into accout however sorry dan became once very influential um i retain in thoughts he became once in minneapolis and he became once a puny one face and he became once a colossal puny one face marvelous trying son of a gun large shoulders colossal body and .

You understand i i made some trips with them i in fact helped them cross out after which uh it became once laughable on fable of then when i difficulty i i crossed fast with them all over again it became once in original york and it became once geez it became once 15 years later and he he weighed 295 kilos and he became once a heel and uh .

You understand i retain in thoughts brian and that i dilapidated to work with him and bobby orton on the twin carriageway a pair times and and they they they didn't want to secure the rest in the ring with us so it became once delight in pulling tooth however i i've i've heard don's performed right properly now and he or she's lost .

Some weight and appears to be like marvelous so in the event you watch him or search the advice of with him please greet him for me would you yeah i fully will and this form of segues stating don into the first right inquire is on fable of you were one among the were you one among the in the first group of uh trainees at vern .

Don morocco says himself that uh all americans cherished him as a form of customer trainer on fable of he didn't work folks as laborious as all americans else did delight in vernon billy uh billy robinson properly right here's the deal this this coaching camp that we went to became once six weeks long it became once six days every week and it .

Become once nearly six hours a day and billy robinson became once a puny prompt maybe he became once plenty sadistic when it involves going thru this on fable of he became once so proficient at submission holds and and coaching with billy riley and and that i knew carl gotcha and all .

This hook them and lawful to god he made existence depressing however he did secure us in colossal shape and that i retain in thoughts after we started uh we dilapidated to must drag i don't know a mile after which we secure all these calisthenics and that i retain in thoughts we started doing the free squats honest a wierd free squat and we worked up to .

A thousand free squats a day ten items of a hundred before we'd begin our workout in the ring so yeah he became once one thing after which vern got right here in on the very pause and after we were all high-quality and drained after which honest form of beat the crap out of him .

So how customarily did don flip up to relieve them became once it honest an occasional thing yeah he became once honest there the awa became once quiet they were on the twin carriageway and dealing so he became once potentially working two three days and that i mediate that the very last thing he wanted to secure became once come .

And risk hurt i'm being silly with the likes of patera and ric aptitude and and greg and myself and kazuro vaziri and bobby burger so he became once there a pair times with uh with the coaching camp uh i bet that greg garnier on fable of you were in you potentially did uh became once it high college soccer or .

College soccer excuse me that uh you too college and that's the vogue you heard of the camp i imagine uh did it could well possibly be mandatory to form of nearly demonstrate yourself to vern as properly that you just'd be a marvelous fit for a legit wrestler properly he they form of asked me on fable of right here's the deal when greg and that i were .

Beginners at 17 years old and we every walked on on the university of minnesota soccer that plot we didn't secure a scholarship so he and that i uh in fact teamed up pretty properly in the freshman personnel and he we connected properly and became marvelous chums after which he invited me over to his home .

You understand all the plot thru the route of two years uh he transferred after his sophomore year to wyoming and that i purchased a probability to know vern and in fact i'll never put out of your mind i became once invited over there and vern had and vern had a great trying mansion on uh a large lake in south minneapolis called .

Lake minnetonka and he had the viking minnesota viking coaching personnel over there and he employed this um chef to cook dinner and they’d this immense grill and they’d these puny filet mignons about delight in that and they're the grill became once stout of them .

So vern got right here up to me and he says jim it’s most likely you’ll well possibly possibly personal as many as these as you want i ate them delight in cookies i mediate i had three or four of them and they were delight in four or 5 ounces it became once amazing after which then on the pause of that pause of uh my college soccer i uh .

Played one year a semi pro after which i uh had an invitation to the washington redskins went down there didn't secure asked relieve so i became once going to return to varsity after which greg called me and stated hiya jim my dad's having a wrestling camp ken patera's uh honest coming relieve from the olympics and there's going to be ric aptitude who became once a .

You understand high college uh wrestling champion in wisconsin and bob bruggers who played in the nfl and casro who became once uh iranian uh greco-roman champion after which greg and myself so i stated enough and the vogue we went subsequent thing i know i became once .

Within the wrestling in the locker room announcing what the heck am i doing right here when um when in the coaching did you thoroughly realize what pro wrestling became once i imply did you potentially did you understand the nature of pro wrestling before you went in and when did or on who gave you i .

Issue the controversy of uh basically the most attention-grabbing contrivance to work properly customarily vern didn't smartness up at all till the final week after which he defined to us that what we're doing in legit .

Wrestling is called the work and he stated your principal fair is to give protection to your opponent and his principal fair is to give protection to you as you repeat a memoir and that became once it so and that i cried we had such colossal expertise right here it became once apt so i couldn't relieve however learn after which .

You is at risk of be conscious about it became once quickly i mediate i spent three or four months right here and they sent me down to kansas metropolis the put bob geigel and pat o'connor were the promoters and that i i i wrestled seven days every week and twice an night time and that i retain in thoughts .

Uh i retain in thoughts my first week working in the awa i purchased 860 greenbacks and that i remembered my first week in kansas metropolis i worked 14 times and made 127.95 they pay you 25 bucks an night time and thank god that bought higher i never would were able however i became once .

Single and that i had a in fact spartan existence uh i had a one-bed room efficiency that i paid 145 bucks price for it after which i in fact honest cooked eggs and and cooked rooster uh each day and that became once it did you secure did you secure the final trans thing the put let's relate you force after which .

You payment the veterans about a cents a mile after which sell them sandwiches on the twin carriageway and stuff to compose ends meet no they they uh they were pretty marvelous they realized that after we were starting we didn't personal noteworthy money so that they about a guys .

You understand didn't payment us trans however when the newbies went together we we made sure that if that is so-and-so dried then all americans kick in and pay for the fuel and so on so it worked out pretty marvelous one other thing before i secure off the camp is what became once the contract that vern made .

You signal on fable of i've heard that in the contract it stated one thing delight in he bought 25 or 30 of your earnings for existence in legit wrestling afterwards does that ring marvelous no he i continually puzzled what became once going to be the the hook so he .

He customarily stated once he made sure that all americans became once going to be a legit wrestler so he suggested me afterwards he says right here's the deal he says i'm going to secure 10 of your notorious for .

5 years so i thought properly 10 and that i i thought enough so it became once laughable on fable of i became once basically the most attention-grabbing one after i got right here relieve from kansas metropolis and wrestled as colossal's associate for 74 till 85 or whatever it became once and that i went .

twelve months down there a year and a half of down to north carolina i became once basically the most attention-grabbing guy out of that crew that paid the 10 for the 5 years the final rest had been long previous rick went to carolinas patera went all the plot in which thru and informal went all the plot in which thru oklahoma and texas after which difficulty up in uh .

You understand uh the mid-atlantic after which difficulty up in the wwe so i became once basically the most attention-grabbing one which paid the 10 for the stout 5 years i can't imagine that greg became once paying 10 as properly oh he became once paying 20. i'll in fact traipse to greg then straight away and first time assembly .

Greg some tales about greg after which we'll secure onto the wrestling however the first time you met greg and and so on properly the first time i met him he became once a quarterback and he became once he became once smaller than me we were every about the the same size however i mediate i weighed 185 or 190 and he .

Weighed about 160 165 kilos however he became once a he became once a colossal athlete in high college and he became once soccer basketball and baseball player and he became once a marvelous quarterback uh basically the most attention-grabbing instruct is that a quarterback who played for the university of minnesota below murray warmth needed to be about 220 .

Kilos and be in a position to drag the ball a minimum of two performs out of a bunch on fable of he murray warmth believed in discipline space and ball modify and he didn't deem to throw a traipse price being so greg realized that the truth he became once .

Getting the crap beat out of him and they switched them to safety after which he'd must come relieve up in be aware and hit jimmy carter who weighed 235 kilos it wasn't after his sophomore year to relate i'm gonna switch to my wyoming and watch if he can play and he did pause up .

Playing there in about a games so it became once marvelous for him so what did he repeat you about wrestling in the event you were every uh doing american soccer and did he ever strive to recruit you before you ended up going no uh delight in i stated he invited me out to his home and that i noticed what a colossal .

Existence fern had i imply oh geez his home became once beautiful he had a great trying uh basement region of work and he had a puny waterfalls in there and he became once you comprehend it became once honest a sublime home and he potentially had a thousand feet of shoreline and that i retain in thoughts for a reality .

That um greg suggested me that for uh right estate tax on that home he paid 110 000 a year to dwell on the lake that's honest what the tax became once however uh you thought properly ought to you worked if it all worked out that could well possibly be the existence .

For you as properly massive homes maybe honest 25 feet of uh shoreline instead of 1 000. what did you compose of greg then as a impress personnel associate in fact more particularly in the event you were suggested you were going to be teaming up with greg were you gratified on fable of you knew the fellow and also it’s most likely you’ll well possibly possibly .

Work together if truth be told or were you a puny delight in it's the boss's son i'm a single younger man on the twin carriageway getting up to no marvelous the put became once the form of marvelous and frightening of working with greg in that aspect what we were a colossal personnel and and and that i mediate what made us uh so surroundings generous in the ring became once the expertise .

That we needed to work with i imply the awa had the apt expertise i imply they’d bach winkle heane and bobby duncan jack lanza don morocco um ray stevens pat patterson um and bobby heenan to me throughout my profession uh i is called basically the most attention-grabbing overall .

Ability bar none i imply he could well possibly secure the rest he could well possibly focus on he became once apt in the ring and honest a gorgeous guy and most attention-grabbing in the ring his timing became once uh meticulous and and same with bock winkle and and so the truth that i purchased to learn with this colossal expertise became once honest a bounce .

Open for me in my profession how secure you price greg then as a wrestler on fable of i mediate in the final decade or so there's been a right appraisal of how marvelous greg became once as a legit wrestler whereas on the time i mediate folks couldn't secure previous that he became once plenty thinner than all americans else on the roster .

Smartly james the the the hardest thing about greg became once that he became once the son of the vern colossal vern ghana so that's awful laborious to apply his dad became once a national champion in college and became once with regards to all-american in soccer after which he had an apt legit wrestling profession and .

Uh many of the promoters in the numerous territories were jealous of hell of them and consequently greg became once insulated in his profession on fable of he couldn't traipse anywhere i imply .

On fable of some guys would potentially he'd be preventing every night time which he would he would fight he's a tricky guy and and that i felt sorry for greg on fable of he didn't personal a probability to experience what it became once delight in going and and in fact dwelling the right lifetime of a legit wrestler all the plot thru .

The territory time i imply when that 30 year 20 years of territories i'm gonna cross on from greg then and right here’s one thing that i've heard greg focus on and that i in fact hope that it’s most likely you’ll well possibly possibly focus on it as properly indignant dog for sean and the plane were you on the plane that day .

No and that i'll i'll repeat you what occurred though and that i honest suggested us the other night time we vern provided a plane it became once called it became once a piper navajo chieftain it became once a seven seater and um .

What occurred became once matt we were in omaha nebraska wrestling i flew down commercially on fable of i became once disturbed to dying of this rattling plane and we that vern employed the megastar gun ex-military pilot and that son of a gun thought he could well possibly hover thru a twister and he'd quiet you comprehend it disturbed the out of all of us .

So what occurred became once indignant dog his son became once in distress in montreal so indignant dog became once gonna hover um from omaha to minneapolis after which secure in the vehicle and force that night time .

To montreal and he asked me if i had any bennies and all americans uh in the event you were on the twin carriageway then all americans had their bask in puny medication cabinet and they’d the bennies and they’d the sleeping pills and they’d some difficulty medicines so i gave indignant dog two 15 milligram .

Dexa dream spaniels which were time released and that i suggested myself indignant dog right here's the deal don't assign this till you secure in your vehicle on the airport and also you head to montreal i says it'll it'll compose you force elegant for 10 hours .

So he stated enough so all the plot thru the court docket and he became once in the principle event that night time and what had occurred became once he became once sitting there and he had a puny pint of southern comfort and he became once drinking that and feeling pretty marvelous so he took the pill before the match and he had a hell of a .

Match i secure he disqualified him on fable of he became once out in the diagon crowd swinging at folks and all the pieces so what occurred became once he will get on the plane and adrian adonis who became once on the plane god rest his soul keith franks noticed that .

He became once right hyper and in fact so he gave him a quaalude which is a downer so after which indignant dog became once consistently drinking this southern comfort so he's bought a uh benny in a mana cue loop and he honest form of freaked out and when the .

Plane it became once they were going six they were six thousand feet up they were going 189 or 190 miles an hour he decides to open the door and thank god the fellow who became once flying then became once a northwest orient pilot .

And lower down the velocity and all the pieces and they landed efficiently and they’d the door pulled in and they’d indignant dog to the aspect so the next morning vern ghania's region of work called me and um marianne the secretary she stated uh jim vernon would deem to search the advice of with you .

So i i stated verna i didn't know the rest about it on fable of i had taken the diagon industrial flight home in the morning after which and he stated he says you son of a gun he says you rattling advance killed all americans i stated what secure you imply and he says these rattling pills you gave indignant dog he he went crazy and opened the .

Damn door and that i thought oh god so i needed to cross down and search the advice of with him and we straightened it out a puny bit however yeah they i imply that became once that became once a right miracle that they didn't they didn't perish jesus who who shot you in .

For giving him the the benzo who shot you in for giving him the pills i i suggested him i i suggested him myself on fable of he he didn't know what i did he stated i heard you gave him one thing i stated yeah he's i suggested him i stated he suggested me he became once going to force from minneapolis to montreal so i stated i had a pair bannies to give .

Him and that i stated he will personal taken every of them i know he took one for sure so yeah so man dog became once banned from the plane for a puny bit and that i quiet flew industrial after that however uh they sooner or later bought rid of that plane thank god i can't imagine that can personal stuffed .

You with confidence to secure on up on a itsy-bitsy jet afterwards as properly if with indignant dog watch this became once a prop plane and it and it became once un it wasn't pressurized so it simplest can hover at potentially six to eight thousand feet above and so we were on the mercy of whichever plot he flew the rattling thing and and he he became once .

The kind of guy that's roy bradley he never deviate between two capabilities and if there became once a thunderstorm in right here he'd seen traipse a puny bit round it however it completely's quiet we'd personal down drafts and updrafts and that i retain in thoughts pompero furpo the wild blue the pompous he bought up at a assembly and he stated fern .

He says that plane is delight in flying in the coffin it could well possibly were the coffin as properly with indignant dog became once striking about give us a pair more indignant dog tales as a ways as honest so don suggested me only lately or a thinker learn somewhere you'll must excuse me i didn't write this inquire down became once indignant dog and both the crusher .

Or the bruiser continually had issues with one one more yet they were continually paired together on fable of they were box region of work secure you retain in thoughts any of that properly i mediate they were all had that ego about them maybe i imply indignant dog and the crusher were villains against one one more and after which crusher became once a puny one face and .

Then they became indignant dog a puny one face however i retain in thoughts i needed to battle and right here’s a marvelous memoir i needed to battle and right here’s in my book matlab's i needed to battle uh indignant dog in denver so i became once i thought oh god right here we traipse after which i and denver became once a right marvelous town for me so we secure in the ring .

We tie up and of route he doesn't relate the rest about what we're going to secure in the match aspect of following this and that whatever so we secure in the ring he backs me up into the turnbuckle he hits me and he stated reverse so i reversed and that i hit him and he says tougher so i hit him all over again tougher he stated tougher and that i difficulty up hitting him and .

When i hit him i hit him honest on the chin and he went down to the final turnbuckle shook his head and that i thought oh my god what'd i secure and he popped out he poked me in the eyes after which he he assign his finger in my mouth delight in that internal after which he grabbed me and threw me .

Throughout the ropes onto the ground so i'm laying on the ground and that i thought oh god then all of a unexpected all the pieces blacked out and he bought on the apron with every of his feet and jumped on my chest so i became once entirely out of air in repeat he went to throw me relieve in the .

Ring he stated no longer that tricky so that and that's the lawful gospel reality so by hook or by crook brother we made it thru that i made it thru that hide and he says thanks jimmy and he'd caught a crap out of you he'd chunk you and he oh he had these puny paws he never knew what .

His fingers were so i thought oh god i didn't delight in the premise of sticking his fingers in my mouth however what could well possibly i secure i know if the ufc goes to ban that in delight in what ufc 4 or one thing that's delight in that and that i mediate peep gouging yeah delight in that's the first thing they banned so it will't be it will't be all honest i've bought a ton of .

Questions about the awa i know we never secure to as many questions i write 1,000,000 questions however if we secure more time i'll return to it um one there is a pair of things before we cross on to wwf stuff and 2 games i've bought for you however one thing i'm going to query you is you found yourself in georgia championship wrestling in .

1975 and if i receive out any one's wrestled in georgia i continually must query recollections of ollie anderson i cherished oli and that i mediate oli became once from minnesota and that i mediate he could well possibly even were skilled by vern and he had his bask in belief of basically the most attention-grabbing contrivance to drag a wrestling .

Industry and in georgia they ran the the same cities every week and uh he he had a hell of a crew and that i retain in thoughts they greg and that i went down there for every week and we wrestled um .

Bob orton and dickie slater and what a personnel they were oh and we honest tore the home down honest tore the home down after which uh we had a pair other suits after which we were speculated to i mediate we were speculated to battle orton and dickie slater in the omni .

You understand for the final night time we were there and by hook or by crook they switched it we wrestled gerald gerald briscoe and any individual else however had a marvelous match however no longer nearly what we would personal i had however i i i went to i i worked for barnett after i left um .

Carolinas in in 1980 honest for a puny bit and um i i honest in fact i became once drained of that southern scene and the the the same cities every week or one one more week and that i retain in thoughts um jim barnett got right here up to me and stated jimmy .

He says what secure you in fact want out of legit wrestling and that i stated properly i stated i personal to compose as most money as i can and that i stated basically the most attention-grabbing plot i can secure that is by being a champion and he says properly what would you deem to secure and that i stated properly i'm going to cross up to i'm going to return to minnesota and he .

Acknowledged to me jimmy he stated ought to you return to vern he says that'll be the worst resolution of your wrestling profession and that i stated properly that's what i'm going to secure so i left went relieve there they reunited greg and that i and that i made 85 000 which became once the biggest p year i ever had in the exchange so he became once notorious .

Evidently he became once now you've mentioned this a pair of times there so georgia and a great deal of the southern territories would drag every town every week on the the same day what became once the agenda delight in in the aw awa did you’ve got weird and wonderful cities once a month more delight in or even further properly we had our principal cities chicago milwaukee .

Inexperienced bay denver winnipeg after which st paul minneapolis after which moline illinois peoria illinois after which to comprise in the outlet they they'd drag space shows round there so we would traipse to fargo in north dakota after which we could well possibly traipse to jamestown .

North dakota after which come relieve and secure mountainous for our colossal whatever it became once and uh east mountainous for mountainous forks and also you comprehend it became once it became once a toddle on fable of vern realized that um you couldn't work each day so in minnesota it’s most likely you’ll well possibly possibly work .

Four days every week and that became once a heavy week however it completely became once laughable that became once that became once the customary customary agenda in down south it became once seven days every week and that i'll never put out of your mind and that i know i'm getting a puny before myself um george scott who became once the booker in in .

Charlotte when i went down there in 1979 uh he suggested me he stated jimmy says it's a puny various right here than minnesota and he says we don't give any days off so don't query for any oh principle mate i don't understand how folks address it after which you went to the wwf afterwards all the plot thru the rock and wrestling you never bought any days off .

There both however we're no longer going to cross wwf honest yet uh one other thing about the awa is i've heard only lately that you just wouldn't in fact work noteworthy over the summer season is that marvelous no that's marvelous on fable of uh in the midwest delight in honest now folks are cooped up all iciness long after which in the summer season folks are at .

Their cabins every week or are doing one thing they in fact i imply fishing's large and outdoors boating is large so vern realized i'm simplest going to follow the principle cities i'm no longer going to drag any space shows so it’s most likely you’ll well possibly possibly work three times every week which became once colossal all the plot thru the summer season since the boys had a existence to dwell you .

Know that all americans had their family right here so that it’s most likely you’ll well possibly possibly personal a a leisure summer season delight in a customary person would so would you work delight in once or twice every week or honest be shut down for a pair of months and watch you in september oh no it became once they never shut down the huge town so you'd drag maybe a .

Friday saturday sunday maybe a thursday saturday sunday maybe a friday sunday you comprehend it became once it became once continually three days every week a minimum of one other thing before we traipse into the first game and that i don't know if right here’s the form of thing that you just are asked the final time or you're never asked about however secure you retain in thoughts filming uh .

Highlander i secure and that i i know we were in original jersey that night time and we're on the meadowlands and it became once the first time they dilapidated the overhead camera on that cable and .

I retain in thoughts we worked with the tonga younger folks tonga younger folks and it became once the the section that they filmed that became once so um short in the in the movie that i thought holy god it became once you comprehend it became once honest progress and it became once performed .

Nonetheless it became once a thrill for us and that i mediate um i mediate we made 500 vern potentially bought 20 mountainous and gave the siege 500. so i potentially bought one thing for you yeah potentially suggested you and mediate yourself lucky for having it as properly i'm sure that's marvelous yeah with the filming became once it honest further .

All it became once became once further cameras there and also you honest did your match and that became once it you weren't given any special direction you weren't suggested to secure it all over again or the rest no they honest stated personal a match and and this it’s most likely you’ll well possibly possibly hear this thing traipse across the ring anyway right here’s and he'd come relieve and forth and now it's a staple for the .

Football games and all the pieces yeah you watch this overhead puny puny camera on this guiding precept and yeah it became once form of uh attention-grabbing and and um the film crew became once were very cordial and and generous and high-quality and respectful and and um you comprehend it became once an experience and and in the event you went to .

Scuttle to the cinema to evaluation it how bummed out were you that michael hayes bought many of the camera time properly the free birds continually managed to secure their mugs in there and they they were a hell of a personnel and that i i didn't in fact care i mediate all of us bought the the same money maybe .

Grey bought 5 mountainous and and we we simplest bought 500 bucks um he had 20 to pay on his contract though delight in you simplest needed to pay 10 properly i mediate he will personal had a he became once section of the booking crew so i'm sure he bought a share every town that he bought .

Abet book after which he ran the card on the the night time we were in the numerous cities he'd repeat all the pieces what became once occurring so i'm sure that's a large job fully i'm so cushty you answered the highlander inquire as properly on fable of it's one among my favourite movies and that i love .

Queen as properly because it wasn't marvelous it became once a marvelous film yeah matter of reality i noticed it we were down in florida it became once on one among the i mediate it became once uh ted turner's uh demonstrate a tnt or one thing or tcm or whatever it became once however it completely became once on there and that i stated jesus and that i can't retain in thoughts properly it .

Needed to be what became once it became once in the gradual 70s or early 80s or whatever it became once properly it got right here out in i mediate 86 which is in fact this won't result in the next inquire on fable of i'm going to secure a puny game first however that must were one among the final suits you had in the awa if they were filming in let's relate mid 1985 .

Certain i left there in june of 85 so it must were before that yeah and also they are saying in the film it's uh madison square garden it wasn't on fable of obviously uh the awa didn't drag there however they ran original jersey wasn't it yeah and it became once a marvelous crowd too they’d a hell of a crowd i i'm going to cross on then i'm going to give you uh what i .

Name title affiliation so customarily i'm going to give you a top level notion or a sentence and also you repeat me who simplest fits that description and also you might as well not relate yourself and enough the first one is funniest person in the locker room abby henan there's no comparison right here’s completely .

Last man standing on the bar bobby henan oh in fact bobby heaton oh god he lived on vodka became once this purely after the suits or it became once all day long marvelous for him um honest biggest bully from my bask in private experience i um .

I’d must relate and this right here’s form of rumour however i noticed it in the ring and it could well possibly were billy robinson on fable of he assign abet of a man and that i retain in thoughts he uh had a match with bob orton jr who i regarded as one among basically the most attention-grabbing .

High 5 wrestlers of my heir he became once apt and and timing apt timing and bill billy form of guzzled them up and that i thought that became once in fact uncalled for honest enough uh most picked on uh that is at risk of be any locker room no longer honest the awa of .

Route oh gosh it became once the he became once the locker and whipping boy because it were i can't in fact if truth be told answer that on fable of i didn't watch any abuse of except it became once all in fun and that became once that included all americans however i .

Didn't in fact watch any right sadistic or any in poor health feelings precipitated by any one in direction of any individual else no that's marvelous then um simplest and worst twin carriageway brokers i imagine right here’s wwf simplest no i'll relate the worst um became once george scott he became once a booker and .

Um let's watch day i'd relate george scott i'll assign him in every oh how come basically the most attention-grabbing then as properly yes the final simplest oh gosh um gash relieve winkle and .

Let me watch tony gria and jay solid with out a doubt i've heard tony grier a great deal of times he's a in fact divisive character as a ways as brokers however it completely is depending on who it’s um the uh wrestler who became once least at risk of search the advice of with the laundry oh my god uh however zoomhoff very marvelous we can't bury that guy enough .

Interestingly so uh it's too frightening about him yeah um most threatening instruct you ever found yourself in is at risk of be with fans is at risk of be in a hotel afterwards god i can't imagine any harmful job it became once on the twin carriageway uh wahoo mcdaniels going 80 miles an hour in a snow fall and he handed out .

And and we can we're going 360s in on twin carriageway 29 going up to winnipeg canada and we were in sicily south dakota that night time after which the following day to come we're in winnipeg and we were at indian reservation and they made wahoo an honorary uh chief and they gave him this beautiful head .

Bonnet whatever they and uh wahoo became once drinking and wahoo drank and he also took a great deal of medicinal aids and and he became once elegant then all of a unexpected he started slurring his words and he lost modify of the vehicle and we were going .

And thank god no one else became once on this rattling twin carriageway 29 in any other case we would were killed sooner or later the vehicle stopped and it became once broadside taking place twin carriageway 29 renee goulet's in the relieve seat he hit the ground i sooner or later wahoo became once handed out i assign my foot drove my foot on the brake and assign it in park and that i yelled at wahoo .

I says god dang it chief you rattling advance killed us and he became once out chillier in a mackerel renee goulet and that i pulled him out assign him in the relieve seat and we crossed uh into canada and and we were on the border and they stated who's in the relieve seat and he says wow mcdaniel and they stated is he sleeping i .

Acknowledged yeah form of and the following day to come wahoo never remembered driving wow that's about the closest incident that i'd ever had as a ways as driving and that i had about a however that became once in fact .

The grace of god we survived yeah that thoroughly qualifies as a harmful incident uh basically the most proficient wrestler you were ever in the ring with i’d relate gash barkwinkle and a shut 2nd would be bobby orton jr and one other shut third would be rick .

Steamboat one other one who i never worked with however i’d personal cherished to would be jake roberts he became once apt in the ring after which somewhere down the twin carriageway uh ric aptitude the nature boy became once how a ways down the twin carriageway is ric aptitude .

Right here rick became once so uh his he became once wrestling i imply he he every bit of his existence became once geared about what he became once going to secure and how he lived and and he fit .

Completely into the wrestling occupation and he became once colossal and um it's laughable on fable of i did you ever watch the 30 30 on him i noticed the 30 30 yes yes i did yeah yeah and it's laughable on fable of i i watched all that occur and that i watched him dwell dwell that every out and that i retain in thoughts we greg and that i went to the opening right here when they’d .

It in minneapolis and they asked me a inquire after the demonstrate and that i stated what i stated if rick would personal needed to secure it all the plot in which thru all over again he wouldn't exchange the thing he would personal long previous thru the marriages and whatever else he on fable of that's rick .

With rick i’d as properly mention rick a puny then is you with became once he in the camp the year after you were no he became once in our camp i thought rick flows in 73 and also you're in 72 my i ought to quiet be properly you'll retain in thoughts higher than i will obviously 72 rick became once there yeah .

300 kilos he wait properly i became once going to query that in fact became once he quiet in the uh dusty roads i personal to be the 2nd coming of dusty rhodes mode at that time i i mediate so yeah he he became once and he became once he became once to this point before us on fable of he he became once me he became once born to be a wrestler i imply all the pieces he did and he became once to this point .

Evolved and he could well possibly secure interviews and he and he knew the vogue knew basically the most attention-grabbing contrivance to work and he knew basically the most attention-grabbing contrivance to secure secure warmth and he knew basically the most attention-grabbing contrivance to give a marvelous comeback to a puny one face he and and that i i did three one hour draws with him and it became once you comprehend it became once um .

It became once lifeless you comprehend it became once up and down up and down for a in fact long time alongside with his cardio that's one among basically the most famed things that stated about ric aptitude is it as marvelous because it became once relieve then because it potentially became once in the 90s that he became once continually on the on the stepper .

He never went to bed and he continually regarded as if it could well possibly personal energy yeah he did he could well possibly he could well possibly he could well possibly secure that stairmaster at stage 10 for an hour and he became once in colossal shape after which i watch rick became once laughable on fable of after we traipse to the bars you .

Know he became once the lifetime of the occasion however he'd repeat a drink after which he'd personal a pair sips and assign it down after which he'd traipse to someplace else and repeat one other round after which they’ve a pair sips and assign it down after which he goes someplace else after which parents relate jesus god he's bought to be inebriated however he simplest had a sip he out of the 10 drinks .

He ordered he potentially simplest had two and that's the vogue he became once did um oh i can't retain in thoughts what elsa became once going to query about rick it became once marvelous oh that became once it it became once uh when did richard fleer change into ric aptitude secure you suspect uh the minute he went into the mid-atlantic in charlotte in 1973 or four .

Four i mediate it became once 74. what became once the event then that modified it uh i honest mediate he modified it to ric aptitude it had the title honest there and flear i thought he after which it became once the nature boy from buddy rogers and .

And uh the huge ten thousand dollar robes he'd assign on and honest his metal he became once he became once barely barely the persona i'll give you about a more of the title affiliation and we'll cross on uh uh the clumsiest wrestler you ever wrestled oh god axe baker uh the rest why did he time out over with .

You one day oh god properly he became once a immense guy lawful bought he became once delight in six six and about 320 kilos and he became once a laughable son however he became once clumsier in hell i imply he me and he became once he became once meek and docile as hell he became once delight in a puny pussycat and however he his i don't know ought to you .

Undergo in thoughts his his vogue in the ring he became once honest sarah and he became once right raw bone however he became once he became once barely a persona basically the most attention-grabbing enhancement expertise or jobber that you just were ever wrestled oh gosh .

Oh iron mike interesting he managed to beat the crap out of you before he is at risk of be there he became once a marvelous guy too uh how time and all over again became once he locked into an enviornment whereas quiet in the shower that became once him yeah did you hear about that yeah i've heard that a pair of .

Cases i've heard it could well possibly personal occurred more than once properly it occurred in boston garden and the dogs they let the dogs out and the dogs had them cornered up on top of a goddamn locker panel after which he'd deem to figure out after the suits and he'd put out of your mind folks bought to cross home so he bought an hour after .

The suits in and they locked the rattling region up and the dogs retain yeah he became once he he became once a persona it's too frightening he died soon too i imply he died early yeah what made him basically the most attention-grabbing then became once he yeah what made him properly he he he worked his ass off in the ring and he became once bodily .

Um he became once marvelous in the ring however he he he didn't spare any punches i imply he became once rough he i retain in thoughts he hit me with an elbow and crack two roots of my tooth and that i'm i'm quiet going thru that to on the modern time .

Whack me oh god and honest away i knew it after which the next observation became once in detroit and that i needed to hover to original york the following day to come and battle in the garden and when i flew in the airplane it compounded that crack and my face swolled up and that i purchased an infection so luckily the original york gash basketball personnel became once on the plane with us and that i i .

Knew one among the avid gamers and he directed me to the the trainer and the trainer gave me a vehicle to this dentist in central park so i purchased off the plane took a cab went honest to the dentist and he it took him 5 pictures and overcame after which he drilled out the outlet in every of my tooth .

And he says you're going to want a root canal on the least in these and and and thank god however then when i went to the ring the physician noticed he stated personal you ever been on any medication that this uh novocaine 5 pictures of great king they .

Catch epinephrine in it and which is a saunter so my heart became once pounding after 5 pictures and he stated i don't know if i can imply it’s most likely you’ll well possibly possibly battle i sound elegant so he stated enough however that became once i'll never put out of your mind that that became once one among the basically the most .

Painful nights i had i mediate wrestling the correct old uh original york vow athletic athletic commission ought to you were for the time being breathing you were marvelous to cross that's honest i'll give you one more uh and right here’s the person that i continually relate for final cause it continually yields basically the most attention-grabbing tales is basically the most memorable unhurried the scenes fight .

Oh god uh flint michigan and it became once between danny spivey and uh uh adrian adonis keith franks and danny's 5 he became once a large guy six six six seven high-quality guy however he became once a he became once a fierce guy he became once the head son of a gun i assign him honest up there with haku you .

Know as a ways because the head three tricky guys in our exchange and adrian continually had it properly a historic previous of working with younger guys being stiff with them so he became once stiff with um danny and and .

I retain in thoughts looking out on the match bob orton and that i were looking out on the match from the out of doors on fable of we knew that there became once some friction there so all of a unexpected adrian places the sleeper on danny and also it’s most likely you’ll well possibly possibly watch it became once pretty cosy and danny's looking out for to secure out and all of a unexpected danny turns round presents .

Him an elbow after which progress he hits him honest in the jaw progress down goes adrian yeah after which danny spivey goes over him so orton and that i and a pair other guys ran into the ring and stated oh god please and adrian doesn't know what the hell goes on so what occurred became once .

Um they secure relieve to the locker room and uh adrian comes in the locker room the babyface locker room and he he starts talking to danny spivey and he goes to leg dive and when he went to leg dive him danny spivey threw an uppercut from .

About two feet off the ground and hit adrian honest right here and adrian went up in the air and landed delight in a large platypus progress and also it’s most likely you’ll well possibly possibly watch he had lower him honest right here and his jawbone became once or his cheekbone became once .

Sticking thru the and that i imply he's delight in he didn't execute him i imply and he became once he wanted more and adrian honest became once notorious and adrian adonis became once never the the same in the ring all over again never became once this when he became once quiet doing the leather jacket thing or became once this when he became once changing into elegant secure .

That became once when he became once elegant so no longer as elegant after the thing and what's worse is he started the fight after which tried to i don't know i don't know what he's thinking i'll cross i'll cross on then and um enough uh you repeat me in the event you open getting bored and that i'll begin wrapping up and all the pieces however i've bought 1,000,000 .

Questions and uh the first the next one is uh why did you pause up going to the wwf in 1985. became once it uh vern pushing you out or did vince mcmahon caught you or how did it oh no no right here's what occurred became once i had started the gymnasium in 1982 i needed one thing that to count on and that i knew plenty about uh working out and so on i didn't know any .

Something else about exchange however i thought so i started my bask in leaping jim brunsell's gymnasium in my fatherland of white comprise lake it became once 5 000 square feet i had sixty thousand greenbacks price of tools i had a great trying steam bathtub and that i had a advantageous uh six or eight person world pool .

So i needed some money to proceed maintaining feeding this thing so what occurred when that once vince became once sucking the final territory expertise things were getting frightening for the wwe or awa and that i suggested vern i went to him and that i stated vern i stated i'm gonna want a non-public contract .

With you in any other case i'm i can't compose it the vogue it’s and he stated what secure you imply i stated properly i've bought my gymnasium and i and he says properly how noteworthy secure you wish and that i stated i need uh an ongoing contract for 95 000 a year assured by you and he suggested me he regarded me honest in the face he stated .

You're no longer price it traipse to original york so i stated enough so i went to original york and that became once it form of easy as that then so did you’ve got a sit down-down assembly with vince mcmahon to remark about what you secure in the territory or or who did someone vouch for you to customarily relate right here’s a man we need .

Hulk did hawk who became once who became once in minneapolis in the awa in 1982 and 83 and became once honest he's i imply he and that i mediate vern became once jealous of him on fable of vern realized this guy could well possibly undo the final recordsdata and honest entirely compose folks put out of your mind no longer put out of your mind about burn ghania however the exchange from the athlete .

All-american athlete to the huge muscle bomb blonde had a man who talked crap on the deal and and ought to quiet relieve it up in the ring and so that became once barely a distinction after which vince honest stated enough you're going to be in and that i .

Undergo in thoughts first day first guy i ever met i flew into laguardia and we needed to secure assign kipsey original york tv and that i purchased on a puny plane and that i noticed this large goddang large guy with a large beard and it became out to be hillbilly jim morris and he honest come relieve from uh dislocating his kneecap .

So i i purchased i purchased in the plane i talked with him we and that i'll never put out of your mind my first interview uh in poughkeepsie it became once a babyface interview i had nothing to remark about i didn't know the put i became once going so it became once a customary uh interview and that i became once doing it with gene oakland who had .

Left the awa and it became once colossal he became once with out a doubt basically the most attention-grabbing guy ever on the stick interviewer so after i purchased performed with the interview as i walked away i heard vince mcmahon relate negate he says oh god we've bought one other bob bachman and that i heard that and that i thought oh that doesn't sound marvelous .

So i had a love-detest relationship properly uh i don't even maybe it became once a delight in detest relationship with vince mcmahon for eight years he fired me three times and um i honest i honest didn't secure alongside side him properly i'll bring up vince mcmahon uh in about a questions time however .

Forward of we secure uh when did the killer bees thing come up on fable of obviously you were continually a impress personnel wrestler for over a decade however b brian blair who's coming on the the same time wasn't he became yet again of a single megastar so what led to you two being assign together and had you ever even met him before never met him before and and brian had .

Teamed up with steve kern down in florida i mediate they were the u.s.a.champions as a impress personnel and um brian became once a marvelous employee and and it became once hoax belief on fable of hulk prompt that brian and that i personnel up so we're up in canada and uh billy red uh lions had regarded at us and and .

Tried to resolve out one thing and he stated properly it's brunsel and blair and there became once a defensive uh group with miami dolphins called the killer bees there became once a bunch of avid gamers on their protection and all of them final title started with bees so the next thing we know .

He floats this belief of being called the killer bees and it honest so occurred that lanny grand became once in the locker room and he had these gloomy and yellow tights they were fresh so brian and that i wore the tights and became the killer bees then a puny bit after that we added .

The mass which became once apt i imply we had one among basically the most attention-grabbing gimmicks for any puny one face personnel in in 20 years of wrestling and vince honest went he he honest didn't fulfill our our .

Live doable yeah doable is honest with with the masks had one other personnel performed that previously uh the put to receive the premise from nope no longer that i know of i i didn't know of any babyface personnel there became once a great deal of heel teams however no babyface personnel had ever .

Extinct mast and it became once this kind of colossal reversal on fable of we dilapidated the hide after which we return and forth out and in no one knew we didn't even know who became once the upright guy after which we pause up winning the match and it became once uh the folks cherished it in fact that became once going to be my subsequent inquire became once how come you thought that .

Would be a marvelous fit for a babyface personnel on fable of if it's never been performed before for a bait that strikes me as a heel thing to secure yeah you made it worse it became once a right thing to secure however it completely became once a ability that the babyface could well possibly use a heel gimmick to secure relieve on the heels which had never been performed .

So it became once a a colossal belief and we i'll never put out of your mind we had a match with the hearts in madison square garden i mediate it became once 20 or 30 minutes and it became once a plot and it became once a hell of a match uh then we had a match uh one among the first suits on tv became once in buffalo original .

York and we dilapidated the hide for the first time and we difficulty up uh beating beating jim knightheart progress progress jumped out of the ring and that folks went crazy and they gave us the belts after which they took the belts away on fable of they didn't know who became once a upright guy and all that .

Nonetheless it honest shall we personal performed fully colossal exchange however for thus properly i know for one thing vince and that i never bought alongside he didn't delight in me and uh no i mediate the sentiments were mutual i honest didn't delight in what he did .

His belief of what wrestling ought to quiet be and that i honest it became once contrary to all the pieces that i knew in the wrestling exchange after being brought into it by this kind of strict uh kayfabe guy's vern properly as you relate vern long previous you're very .

Staunch in the old college plot basically basically based rules uh vince mcmahon entering into the comic strip route appealing to younger folks we know the memoir when did you brand that the wwf plot became once going to deem oh honest away on fable of properly he they’d hulk hogan and when they’d he became once a golden goose .

Glimpse the wwe on the modern time could well possibly never bend what it became with out hulk hogan he became once apt he the folks cherished him he became once the biggest biggest megastar in pro wrestling and he had it all together he's a advantageous guy he could well possibly work .

Um watch the section and had a hell of a rap with hogan um obviously i mediate you've alluded to it before and that i mediate folks would agree is that vern ghana in fact didn't secure honest by hogan and didn't secure honest by himself for no longer getting thoroughly in the relieve of him when did he .

Assemble of brand that hogan in the awa became once going to be the next large thing and why became once vern honest so averse to the usage of him properly i knew honest away when when they brought hulk in as a heel and they’d johnny sullivan um be his manager .

And um all of a unexpected he bought over as a as a hill as a puny one face and he became once beating two guys in the ring on tv and all of a unexpected he the folks cherished him so that they decided to compose him a puny one face and my belief and .

I i mediate that vin our vern became once jealous of the truth that he had started the awa below the auspices of having a scientific all-american form wrestler and all of a unexpected this seaside boy guitar taking part in muscle head blonde guy .

Has honest broken all the pieces open and the folks honest cherished him and hulk hogan cherished the awa and he cherished it on fable of of the agenda allowed him he didn't must work hardly ever any of the gap shows it became once honest so he'd worked three times every week that became once it and that i imply he oh .

I never noticed such file crowds i imply there became once i imply it became once apt and really vern became once too eagle bought in the kind of giving hulk the the belt and greg says properly we were going to give him the belt and that i stated properly you didn't and also you wish personal .

After which there became once one other deal too that uh and right here’s a rumor that uh they’d so sold these t-shirts uh would be jammer ought to quiet be champion hulk hogan and he i had heard that they’d owed hulk 40 000 .

In income from these t-shirts and for some reason or other they never never did pay them so i mediate that became once a crowning blow plus the truth that he had wrestled relieve winkle in nearly the final main cities and couldn't beat him attributable to .

Open air interference or whatever disqualification and uh i i i had been suggested by greg only lately that cbs wanted to give awa a one-time contract or one-time tv deal to .

Catch gash battle the hulk after which personal hulk beat him on national tv on cbs sports that's what greg suggested me however i i don't know if that's marvelous or no longer however it completely would personal would personal cemented the awa however on fable of vern didn't delight in that belief of having a muscle head guitar player being .

His world champion he screwed himself properly it’s miles no longer wise both in fact on fable of he assign dr d dave schultz in as one among his antagonists as properly and he wasn't a plot basically basically based wrestler as a ways as i can repeat these two sold out plenty as properly that's marvelous and and david became once a marvelous friend of terry so that's why he got right here up .

And he had that uh southern twang to him form of enjoyment in an outlaw form guy and uh had some decent suits with hulk and um i mediate you comprehend it ran its route after which i mediate the principle deal became once that .

Hulk must personal beat gash for the championship after which when that didn't occur and it didn't occur on more than one times at immense homes i mediate the fans were honest form of bored stiff with it yeah i've also heard the memoir of the put vern stated oh .

Smartly i became once going to give him the title in early 84. it's delight in properly you had months you’ve got months and months and months to secure it and uh you comprehend it didn't traipse away are we enough to cross a puny bit longer or are you having enough sure i purchased about 10 minutes left about 10 minutes left then enough uh i'll give you .

Uh let me watch provide the uh most attention-grabbing hits of what i'm going to give you um could well possibly you noxious for me and that i'll provide the final names um of the let's relate the head three most attention-grabbing impress teams in the wwf that you just and brian confronted i'll provide the stout list um enough whether you wrestled them or no longer they were in the corporate .

The rockers the dream personnel strike force the younger stallions uh the usa expressed the barry wyndham model nikolai volkov and iron sublime the islanders amazing regions powers of difficulty the bushwackers demolition heart foundation king kong bundy and john stood the british bulldogs the brain busters the funks and bob orton and don morocco out of these .

Three i can in fact even assign them up for you ought to it’s most likely you’ll well possibly possibly uh watch them oh properly i can repeat you honest now uh the head three teams um one became once the hearts uh the other one became once the british bulldogs and that i mediate the third one uh let me watch there let me watch right here .

I mediate the third one needed to be nikolai volkov and casro on fable of um we had a puny historic previous with them and um we worked with them in the wrestlemania 3 and .

We must personal beat him out honest and and we didn't however i mediate these were the three three teams and that i repeat you what um we had we had a match in montreal with the bulldogs and that i mediate it became once a 20 or 30 minute plot what a match lawful to god davey and and tommy honest were i imply we had a .

Heck of a match and these guys were uh notorious out of doors the ring as a ways as all their puny uh their puny deals that they'd play on guys however uh the ribs however in the ring i imply they were they were in fact marvelous and and it's a shame that every these guys personal handed and it in fact is .

They were colossal abilities so ought to you needed to assign a one two and three on them bulldogs hearts and gash line iron cheek who would you relate in what in repeat i’d relate uh in repeat the hearts and 2nd one would be british bulldogs after which after which uh sheik and volkov third financer finance .

Of the lot of them uh this would well be a in fact quick inquire however uh san juan you’ll want to retain in thoughts that day i mediate it became once at 85 san juan rico outdoors oh god in the rainstorm yes oh my god and that i i i personal to relate we battle barry orton and any individual else .

Nonetheless i retain in thoughts they they threw the principle event on first our 2nd on fable of they wanted to compose sure the crowd bought to evaluation it however we were sitting there lawful god the rain got right here down so laborious and that i became once in the ring and that i i couldn't even watch the put brian became once and it became once laughable on fable of our plane on the .

Formula out of there that night time bought hit by lightning crap out of me and oh it became once a oh it's a large dc tenon and it honest hit and shook and that i thought oh right here we traipse however i retain in thoughts that night time on fable of it became once so laborious and there became once in fact a puddle in the ring the water .

And it took my boots were so wet it took about four days for them to dry out they were and it became once i i i thought what on this planet are we doing right here and yeah that became once potentially basically the most precarious match i mediate i had in my profession below the circumstances of the weather yeah .

You've bought guerrilla monsoon below a tarpaulin calling yeah it became once crazy i mediate jesse ventura honest left i mediate he became once commentating oh what yeah it became once ridiculous who did you relate that you just were wrestling i've honest i've honest regarded it up who became once the impress personnel you stated you thought you were wrestling .

I believed it became once very uh vital and mike interesting i don't know who became once fully you are fully honest yeah it became once my thoughts quiet my my wife says my thoughts's going and usually i inquire it however um i retain in thoughts various instances right properly however i’d traipse downstairs .

And put out of your mind who i honest had the interview with so that that's potentially the the worst thing that every the wrestlers i know are very much surprised about as concerned is dementia on fable of we it’s most likely you’ll well possibly possibly't relieve it i i purchased to repeat you a short laughable memoir .

About bobby gean he became once in minneapolis and he had a book and he became once on a local radio demonstrate which is a immense radio situation called wcco and there became once a um a expertise his title became once darkish megastar and he had he cherished bobby eamon so .

I brought bobby to the studio and we're sitting down and that i i'm no longer announcing the rest and darkish megastar goes relieve and forth with bobby enin and and bobby's bought him laughing delight in a son of a gun so darkish megastar stated to him he didn't he says i know he says you've been hit by a great deal of objects however .

He says and that i know you've been hit by metal chairs he says i honest want to understand how time and all over again personal you ever been hit in the head with a metal chair and bobby appears to be like at him and he says darkish he says i've been hit so time and all over again in the head .

With a metal chair he says the head of my head smells delight in ass and and this darkish megastar fell out of his chair laughing this became once dwell on radio and he went crazy and that i'll never put out of your mind that that became once the funniest thing and it honest honest got right here to bobby delight in that he's he's one other one who's honest delight in .

Elegant the saddest of losses as properly oh the old couple of years of his existence as properly i imply awful awful yeah i i i'll i'll use my old short time of the interview properly then and that i'll must query first time assembly andre the giants and first time partying with andre the mountainous .

Oh jeez i met andre oh when he got right here in he's come in the final time all the plot thru uh a definite time in awa it became once in direction of the descend and they'd continually personal a fight royal after which the winner would pause up wrestling gash bockwinkel winkler the champion and it .

Become once continually andre so uh andre and that i purchased alongside colossal i i'll repeat you a short memoir about andre um and right here’s about his drinking i became once commissioned to force him from peoria illinois to moline it's a hundred .

Miles on fable of his lady friend became once flying in from california whatever so wally carvo suggested me to secure a cadillac compose definite he became once gratified and the vogue we went so after the suits we stopped at a liquor store and he bought two six packs of budweis so .

I'm driving down the twin carriageway and he's bought to meet her it's i don't know i mediate she can get in 11 30 and it became once potentially 10 10 o'clock we're driving down the twin carriageway i'm going pretty fast i'm going 72 miles an hour 75 all of a unexpected i'm driving down the twin carriageway and that i watch this cop flip his lights on he comes across a assembly and he stops me pulls me over .

And he stated why i ended him i stated i'm potentially speeding and that i stated i'm getting i stated i must secure this gentleman to the airport by 11 he's bought a definite plane and he's bought to assign original york so he's bought his flashlight and he sees .

Andre in the entrance seat and he sees um he sees a large opt up and he says what's in the opt up and henry's goes appears to be like at me goes beer and he's after which cop says what he says beer and so he says secure out of the vehicle so he will get out of the vehicle and .

The cop appears to be like at him he's going oh my god after which he grabs the opt up and and he sees there's seven bottles long previous on a 12-pack seven buck we've simplest long previous 10 miles and he stated to andre he stated did you drink all that beer and no longer honest yes and so he appears to be like at me and he stated did you’ve got any .

I stated no i stated i'm drinking a pepsi i confirmed him a pepsi so he says enough open your trunk he says so we assign the the beer in the trunk we're driving quiet 65 miles an hour to secure to peoria so sooner or later we traipse 20 20 some miles or so and um andre says jiminy i stated yes he .

Says pull over i says what for he says i need the rest of the beer right here he had drank seven bottles of beer in about 10 miles i imply i imply that's 10 minutes 10-12 minutes and he honest and the cop couldn't assume it andre became once a cute guy and and that i purchased .

Alongside colossal with him it's honest not most likely to be a colossal he became once he became once this kind of loving and grace person how customarily did he want to piss he could well possibly assist pretty noteworthy however he also had um some hellacious uh .

What would we call properly farts he had some apt farts that did final 20 25 seconds and he'd traipse whoa afterwards and all americans started to vacated however right here's one other quick memoir he had been very marvelous to me i love them very noteworthy and that i we're up in winnipeg in very .

The same instruct large fight royal blah blah blah so there became once a region called shea andre and it became once a french restaurant so i stated i'm going to assign andre for the lunch there so i assign them for lunch and they’ve a definite they’d this pork cutlet and it became once delight in 6.99 so i thought no instruct so we traipse in .

And uh the waiter comes and he says what would you deem to drink so andre says he he had some remy martin uh cognac a pair pictures after which i had a pepsi so then we ordered the the pork cutlet after which he ordered a bottle of wine so i secure the bill it became once 125 bucks so right here these two orders of 6.99 became into 125 .

Bucks so i stated to andre i says andre subsequent time we traipse out to dinner i dangle the meals you dangle the boozes enough boss appears to be like delight in a marvelous exchange-off it appears to be like delight in if i can beg honest a pair more minutes of your time i'd love to secure the finale of the demonstrate and that i call it the firing .

Line and it's form of the same because the title affiliation i give you names of folks you honest repeat me what you suspect about them and for basically the most section i'm sure you're gonna relate they're all colossal guys and if there's a runt puny memoir to throw in there as properly please secure and the first title i've bought on right here is george wells .

Uh colossal athlete enough then um it's honest don's stuffed me in with the rest of the memoir already so that you just don't want to cross into to any extent further honky tonk man these are all wwf by the vogue however honky tonk man uh lucky individual how so properly .

Wayne um became once restricted in his abilities however he played his gimmick to the hilt he became once gimmick very marvelous and he made a great deal of cash and i honest thought he became once form of restricted in his abilities in the ring any individual who you wrestled gradual on your wwf profession that i don't mediate folks .

Know is nails kevin wachols very fortunate person he became once a chum of hulk hogan's uh high-quality guy very high-quality guy however restricted in his um abilities his abilities in the ring .

Had been you there when he strangled vince mcmahon did you relieve strangle him no however i became once in line to search the advice of with vince and it became once at inexperienced bay and uh it became once laughable on fable of we were ready in line there's about four or 5 guys and vince says yeah i'm going to be after which so we're ready out of doors this .

Room so kevin became once in there and all of a unexpected i heard this and what had occurred became once they’d paid uh kevin uh no longer the the same scale on the paid the fellow he became once working with and kevin found out about it and he wanted his money so i need the the same sum of cash so .

He suggested vince about it and vince stated one thing delight in i'm no longer going to pay you more so so kevin honest grabbed him by the throat and became once choking the out of him and all of a unexpected there became once some commotion and that i heard i i became once standing there and that i .

Thought what the hell's occurring and one among the brokers went in there and form of pulled kevin off of vince meanwhile kevin goes honest out of doors and there became once a pay phone he dials 9-1-1 and he talked to the police and he says yes he says i personal to list a sexual uh attack on me by vince mcmahon on the inexperienced bay county enviornment progress .

That's what so he had it all deliberate out and going to defend himself i don't know what ever occurred to it however evidently nails never wrestled all over again in the wwf evidently that he became once going to be with the undertaker i bet as a as a feud straight after so he anyway he .

Can personal made some extra money however honest before i secure off that is bret hart describes a in fact high-pitched squeaky utter coming from vince mcmahon when he became once getting strangled are you able to ascertain that i mediate i heard one thing delight in that and that i mediate .

Nails did what about 40 other guys would personal cherished to secure if they’d the opportunity i didn't secure alongside side vince at all as i stated oh if we had more time i'd secure into it i in fact would uh rocking robin's the next title she became once a lady .

Sam houston's sister and jake roberts yes i didn't know noteworthy about her kamala high-quality guy ken resnick lucky individual you've stated that as a rule you're no longer keen on ken properly ken's a .

Positive guy however i'm he became once i mediate he became a puny more um self-vital he realized that he in fact became once he's a marvelous guy however i that's the vogue he struck me corporal kirchner uh .

Staunch genteel um easygoing ted rcd uh very solid however restricted in the ring i mediate that's dazzling enough to relate uh gorilla monsoon uh amazing guy uh did he give you any direction as a ways .

As delight in the wrestling went or became once he honest the fellow who suggested you to cross out at a definite time or what feature did he play in the unhurried the scenes for you he didn't he in fact uh would state us after we were to cross home after we were to cross into the secure he would signal to the referee .

You understand time for the boys to cross home and and him and bobby hannan were a colossal uh personnel as a ways as describing the the suits yeah i'll give you about a more uh ivan putski a right character um a great deal of folks didn't brand that he .

Played pro soccer for the detroit lions as a working relieve um for he he in fact milked his gimmick for all it became once price and he did a colossal job doing it yeah don has suggested me i retain referencing don morocco by the vogue however why no longer uh uh that he stated that some folks weren't .

Substantial fans of ivan on the time became once it honest on fable of of the put he wasn't it wasn't the pecking repeat or i don't know you repeat me or if it's no longer even marvelous properly right here’s my bask in interpretation and that i mediate that uh joe bernard .

And ivan pedski uh which is terribly easy to secure in the wrestling exchange became once very um into his bask in gimmick and and wanted to compose it traipse as a ways as he could well possibly so he became once form of he will personal um .

Pissed some folks off when it involves working with him or announcing one thing to him however in in that regard it's very easy to be selfish on this exchange on fable of it it's it's all up to you the promoter can personal plenty to secure with it however it could well possibly be mandatory to secure yeah uh enough then frightening news brown who i .

Know you wrestled yes um he got right here to the wwe on the pause of his careers knees were right frightening and he became once a hell of a judo guy in the olympics and i i didn't secure a probability to .

Salvage very shut to him so it became once form of businesses exchange earl hebner colossal guy one among basically the most attention-grabbing referees and honest a marvelous guy and uh all americans cherished him and him and his brother were uh form of uh the anchors of the uh .

Refereeing crew there on the wwe hercules ray hernandez what a colossal guy colossal guy i cherished him died plot too younger um in fact very proficient in the ring too virgil virgil uh that became once form of uh .

That entire million dollar man and virgil became once a takeoff on um david carr jimmy crockett and dusty rhodes and also it’s most likely you’ll well possibly possibly assign them together however virgil honest uh he he did a marvelous job being uh teddy's .

Uh valet or whatever or whatever i didn't brand i didn't brand that ted dibiase became once supposed to be jimmy crockett in yeah yeah it became once so uh so virgil's obviously a taker for dusty however uh yeah as valet or whatever became once it became once it what became once what's the hidden subtext there between the 2 secure you suspect .

Smartly uh i in fact don't know i mediate um vince had a laughable plot of suggesting things he vince became once a great guy he honest had a form of a queer and warped sense of tips however he form of assign things together delight in that after which he .

Comes when harley reyes comes in he calls him the king of the ring and has him wearing a crown and and that became once a spoof on him and and he went with it and it's properly it's ought to you've bought to support a crown and cape round i imply that's punishment enough ought to you've bought to secure it 300 times .

A year lord alfred hayes and that's penultimate uh lord alfred hayes um amazing guy i learned plenty from him in kansas metropolis when he became once tagged with roger kirby uh laughable guy uh cherished his articulation of the english english english language .

Um and did a colossal job with the wwe too i'm so cushty you stated one thing high-quality about lord alfred on fable of he's with out a doubt one among my favorites oh he's a colossal guy and we’re going to no longer pause uh a a list of wrestlers who will personal an fun memoir about them with haku .

Oh my god haku is one among the uh most proficient uh amazing guys that i've met on this exchange uh he has uh one other aspect that's very violent and with out a doubt .

He is the hardest most completed twin carriageway fighter i've ever seen he he's six three 295 kilos and quick as a cat and he could well possibly potentially bounce up and kick a rim alongside with his .

Feet and a advantageous guy however ought to you rile him up i imply i i'll repeat you one quick memoir we're in a bar in cleveland and the the bar became once owned by uh a large receiver for the cleveland browns so there became once a bunch of soccer .

Players there and that i mediate it became once it became once both the night time before or the night time after or the night time of the suits and we were on this bar and there became once haku brian blair and myself and that i mediate raymond rougeo we're on the bar and we're having a pair drinks in the .

In these four soccer avid gamers large guys from the browns we're in there speaking and they were about wrestling about phony this and this and that and this so haku he's drinking cognac and coke progress he places it down he walks over the desk and he stated fellas he says i brand you .

Guys are right here honest to personal a puny bit of marvelous time honest delight in our we’re up on the bar however he says if i'm going to repeat you honest now if i hear to any extent further about wrestling you'll be distress and he became round walked away they didn't relate one other be aware it's laughable on fable of there became once a pair .

300 pounders there and he he became once honest i i retain in thoughts he became once in a fight one night time at a bar and there became once three guys and he hit one guy with the sever and the neck after which and he got right here relieve and hit the other guy with the open hand in the face and the other guy .

Got right here up out of his chair haku dove across the desk and bit the fellow in the nose and his nose became once honest striking there and the fellow went into shock and haku bought arrested and they litigated it out of court docket however i are conscious about it costs a great deal of cash i mediate vince needed to pay it .

What’s it with haku that strangers and local tricky guys watch at and mediate that's any individual i in fact want to tangle with properly i mediate it's stupidity on their behalf and most folk i receive which personal that mentality are no longer very vivid .

On fable of on the worst if they know his background and honest to be aware at him he he became once i retain in thoughts i worked with him when he became once 18 years old in japan and he became once working with for baba and .

He threw me in the ropes and hit me with the tumble kick and nearly knocked me out and he as he became once overlaying me i stated to him i stated i'm speculated to give these no longer assign these he regarded at me delight in what however yeah he's a gorgeous guy he lives in kissimmee florida and that i i bet he quiet .

Has one thing to secure with uh uh auto dealership down there yeah and there's a son is it’s it tamitonga i bet he's in original japan for the time being uh so that you just comprehend it's carrying on oh marvelous marvelous marvelous out honest thanks so noteworthy jim i realized we've long previous a puny over and i can't repeat you how noteworthy i esteem it i'm going to secure .

The wrap up now so thanks all americans for looking out at uh i don't know who i'm going to personal on subsequent week it honest i bid it honest secure it honest is dependent who uh must search the advice of with me however we'll personal any individual on subsequent week i'll put up it for you and we'll assign you all over again subsequent week and thanks very noteworthy jim for spending so noteworthy time with us .

Thank you it became once a great deal of fun james
Right here is the elegant wrestling match ever%sentence_ending

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