FULL INTERVIEW | Dave Meltzer – WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Episode #7 🎤

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Tremendous Dave Meltzer comes on the blow their own horns to focus on the total lot from his fallout with Jim Cornette to why Chris Benoit is unexcited within the Wrestling Observer Hall of Standing to the Montreal Screw Job to AEW’s over-reliance on ex-WWE expertise.
Appealing speak material is skinny on the floor here, even supposing there could be a fun discussing about our shared obsession of decorating our locations of work with wrestling masks. Bask in!
Dave Meltzer Fats Shoot Interview – WSI | Wrestling Shoot Interviews Episode #7 🎤

Wrestling Observer Yearbook 1997: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08KBH62VM
Wrestling Observer Yearbook 1993: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08PX7KF63
Wrestling Observer websites: https://www.f4wonline.com/

Owen Hart: King of Pranks (The Last Anthology of Owen’s Most exciting Ribs, Pranks and Reviews)
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My TNA Wrestler says this plugin is shining!! Howdy and welcome to the newest edition of wrestling interviews with james and right this moment time with me i've received the esteemed e-newsletter author of 38 years and counseling i am hoping i'm appropriate pronouncing that sure uh tall dave meltzer how are you tall dave i'm factual i'm factual how are you i'm doing all appropriate i'm boiling here man in actuality .

I've received to deliver i effect the heating on treasure three hours for some dreary cause in express that's why i'm treasure you can't give an explanation for however i'm orange with heat oh wow however i'm doing all appropriate at the 2d um appropriate so uh where did um so obviously you come on to uh lunge the book a piece bit so um when .

Did it come out for starters and when did the first one come out so i in actuality read the 93 one first after which a check no longer too long within the past that you've received the 97 one out as neatly here’s the wrestling observer uh e-newsletter yearbook yeah yeah i mediate that the first book came out around september and .

Then the other the 93 book we came out a couple weeks old to christmas so these are the two however yeah yeah i'm focused on about september yeah appropriate so i i did the dreary thing attributable to i uh emailed you a few days within the past by intention of the interview and my book for 97 didn't come in time uh so i've .

Passed by intention of all of 93 uh to study for it so it's entirely ridiculous however the first issues first i order is um the very first thing that i ever wrote that uh sorry that i respect read that you wrote uh used to be the two-part uh special nearly on the montreal screw job uh and he used to be in actuality on brett hart's .

Web bid i mediate he allowed him to print all of it and it's presumably unexcited one among the most efficient issues i've ever written it's so comprehensive my query is uh attributable to it's in actuality and i i fully accept as true with you that it needs to be that plot is um it's heavily slanted against bret .

Hart's level of research and i agree that it needs to be within the 25 years since uh has your gentle uh stance create of softened or mellowed uh vince mcmahon's uh conception or aspect neatly i mean it's it's aesthetic significant straight on treasure what it what it used to be i mean when uh i mean i first heard from .

Wwe old to i ever heard from from brett for um treasure bruce pritchard and and uh and other of us in wwe and roughly received that aspect after which i talked to brett the day after and and talked to him and uh at length and i mean the main thing i mean as a long way as treasure i mean i salvage every aspect of it .

But i mediate that it’s significant to you're gonna in actuality treasure peep at it i mean so significant of the stuff that folk state to protect the internal is in accordance with stuff that simply isn't appropriate treasure he used to be going to trek to wcw the following day which used to be never going to happen or that .

This montreal used to be no longer i mean it ended up being his remaining match however he used to be in actuality booked for yet one more month i mean that's the one thing it's treasure it used to be it used to be never him refusing to lose i mean he fully refused to lose that match on that day however it absolutely used to be never about him refusing to .

Lose if he had talked about if it used to be a form of issues where and that's what i was first advised here’s what the wrestlers were advised too is that he refused to to lose the championship within the ring if he'd performed that i i would respect even even with the artistic protect an eye on component of the contract i would respect talked about he used to be in .

The adversarial however it absolutely used to be never about that it used to be uh a sequence of habitual conditions where um attributable to of what sean talked about to him and attributable to of different issues that had took place treasure even later within the week i appropriate mediate there's various minor formula that always always salvage misplaced sight of over the .

Opinion that brett wouldn't map the job i mean should always you attach that identical discipline with i don't care if it used to be harley bustle or or jack briscoe or bruno san martino in that identical discipline none of them would respect misplaced both in that discipline where the other guy goes i'm no longer going to effect you over after which vince .

The wednesday old to i mean he had the resolution he went to sean and goes treasure should always you lose first he'll lose he'll lose on the plot out and sean talked about no so at that level it's roughly treasure i don't i don't know where the discipline is with brett i mean it's loads of of us respect made the discipline with .

Brad and made it very the simplified model is is loads less complicated to um to expend vince aside on however it absolutely in actuality wasn't a simplified model um it's a in actuality advanced model there's a in actuality various details that between the contract discipline and the artistic protect an eye on which .

Used to be a tall key and um however on vince's aspect he used to be leaving and um so i mean yeah it's uh however no i mean i would enlighten that the conception that i had presumably by wednesday of that week or tuesday of that week for the most part even with stuff i've .

Learned since it's aesthetic significant the identical conception yeah you'll presumably know this presumably nearly better than anyone order perhaps than vince himself however used to be he in actuality shut to downsizing unswerving into a northeastern promotion or used to be that appropriate a line spun to brett at the time to manufacture him .

In point of fact feel inferior and expend the decrease offer yeah i don't mediate that they ever would respect performed that um i mean i mean they could perchance well additionally just respect had to down i mean there used to be a level where they were losing money and there used to be a level where they they were downsizing um they were making cuts they decrease .

Of us's salaries and issues treasure that they did respect to expend out loans by the level montreal came along um that used to be already seemed after attributable to they raised the price of the pay-per-views the b pay-per-views and the numbers of who equipped the pay-per-views also went up so they were .

They were winning by then a couple months earlier when they took out the loans they weren’t winning when they requested brett before the total lot to expend the pay decrease they weren’t winning at that time and so they’d to expend out loans however i mean as a long way as becoming a northeast regional firm that wasn't going to happen attributable to .

Economically regional wrestling died a decade earlier you couldn't trek backwards um if vince tried to trek backwards i mean yeah he would respect gotten killed by wcw if he'd if he had retrenched wcw would expend over the total country and he he couldn't respect enough money that to happen at .

That level why map you mediate so many wrestlers especially within the old few years respect come out and talked about uh it's a piece it it never took place come on it labored out too completely i even interviewed savio vega a few weeks within the past and even he talked about i was within the arena i seen vince mcmahon wobbling out after the uh after brett .

Punched him and i appropriate went he seemed treasure he used to be performing so i don't accept as true with it it's treasure how come so significant i mean wrestlers are pale to being skeptical of the total lot i mean i keep in mind when i i keep in mind putting out with wrestlers telling me the nfl used to be at work too you .

Know so it's treasure um i mean it wasn't i mean it's treasure there's there's appropriate doc there's various appropriate documentation of it which doesn't happen with the work i mean with the work treasure with hulk hogan when he did the identical when he did the identical thing i mean his lawsuits with turner .

And the total lot that laid the total lot out used to be a piece however with brett it used to be the exact opposite so no it wasn't um i in actuality mediate that treasure wrestlers who mediate it used to be i roughly feel sorry for them attributable to it's treasure you you've received to be in actuality deluded to to unexcited mediate that at this level .

Um so the first 365 days i started watching wrestling used to be in actuality 1993 so i've been scanning by intention of um your first i order it wasn't in actuality your first uh yearbook used to be it attributable to you absolutely did them uh within the 80s i accept as true with and released them uh yearly didn't you yeah yeah yeah i did i did i did i did .

Them from treasure perhaps 85 to 1990 after which i bout i would never map yet one more one ever again and um then uh the of us internal the ropes and um they roughly came up with the foundation of this and it labored out the first two books did neatly so we're presumably going to map more .

Successfully uh so i've obviously been reading at some level of night 3 treasure i appropriate talked about um and it used to be my first 365 days as a fan i was wondering attributable to i don't keep in mind obviously as a baby i wouldn't respect heard it anyway however obviously the 1983 1993 used to be treasure rot with scandals uh stemming from treasure the remainder .

365 days or two with tom cole and ultimate warriors started suing them and the federal investigation the total lot why did that no longer respect an impact on the repute of the wwf within the united kingdom map attributable to i never keep in mind hearing anything on the small print about any of that perhaps perhaps attributable to you never heard that .

attributable to i i keep in mind that um there used to be a level there's in actuality two instances there used to be there used to be that level within the 90s and there used to be yet one more level within the treasure 2003 i mediate where it used to be significantly treasure i mean it used to be never treasure it used to be gonna happen however i mean i talked to of us in .

The firm it used to be treasure where we could perchance well additionally just pause up being this touring european promotion um and work loads more in europe since the the US used to be doing so badly at these two features in time however yeah the 90 i'd enlighten 92 after ho i mean the article with with with .

Wwf within the the US is should always you peep abet on it traditionally they’d built the total lot around hogan from 84 on and when hogan left which used to be uh wrestlemania 1982 i mediate that greater than anything it's appropriate that lack of hogan appropriate the entirety .

I don't enlighten collapsed attributable to that's too stable of a notice however it absolutely went plot down and i mediate that's attributable to it used to be so significant celebrity driven by the one celebrity and i mediate it's one among the causes why vince um number one he gained't fabricate that better than existence movie celebrity he'll try to manufacture 5 or six guys or .

Ten guys or in spite of attributable to even supposing it's no longer as tall treasure john cena left and the exchange didn't trek to hell hulk hogan left within the exchange went to hell so i mediate that used to be a discovering out trip oh neatly in actuality uh create of pre-emptive my next query though so how with the total scandals and lawsuits .

And the total lot and uh geraldo revolution and we never received that guy what used to be the fellow with the mustache thank you um used to be that the one you weren't on that one were you i didn't map geraldo rivera i was on with phil donahue phil donahue um yeah lack of understanding um yeah yeah they were each they were .

Both very notorious guys within the 90s at the time yeah yeah the query used to be going to query is how significant does that in actuality respect an impact on wrestling's repute within the the US attributable to obviously i talked about it didn't in actuality respect an impact on the united kingdom at all however used to be it more hogan leaving or i mediate .

It's more i mediate it's more hogan leaving and the the bloom being off the hogan rose attributable to when hogan came abet it didn't trek up nearly as significant as we view it would after which hogan left again attributable to it didn't i mean it used to be it issues respect changed however i mediate that um i mediate that every of .

That treasure i talked about treasure treasure hogan had this um treasure he used to be unexcited accepted to wrestling followers however i mediate to the public it used to be roughly treasure oh the fellow who lied about steroids so it in actuality peril his drawing vitality outdoors of the hardcore wrestling followers who didn't care .

So i mediate that and in flip attributable to wwf used to be built around him uh that used to be i mean they felt the brunt of no longer having that enormous celebrity attributable to vince in spite of in spite of the the deal used to be for 92 and i don't know i mean i mean vince used to be talking to me at the time and i keep in mind him calling me .

And pronouncing that hogan used to be going to be performed at wrestlemania i was skittish however then after focused on it i wasn't attributable to hogan had turn out to be a lightning rod and i mediate vince felt it used to be better for him to trek away and i mediate vince wanted i mediate vince wanted hogan he never advised me this .

My sense used to be that vince wanted hogan to trek to that wrestlemania in 92 and retire and be sympathetic after which quit out of here so of us would come abet when he came abet a 365 days later for the following wrestlemania all individuals could perchance well be angry and so they might ignore the scandal that's what i view vince .

Wished however then hogan refused to retire on that blow their own horns and appropriate roughly left and so it used to be roughly treasure this muddled thing so when he came abet yeah it used to be tall however it absolutely didn't when he came abet it wasn't the identical hulk hogan as a long way as treasure of us were intriguing .

Um and um the exchange for that wrestlemania used to be unexcited factual however when he started running around at the home exhibits with yokozuna i mean it didn't plot neatly at all after which attributable to of that him and vince vince figured they'd respect to trek on from hogan and trek .

To brett and hogan appropriate made up our minds he'd moderately trek away than lose to brett yeah he used to be in europe i mediate his remaining match for the wwf treasure nearly 10 years in spite of he used to be as neatly he did the european union he did he did the european tour after which he then that used to be it appropriate appropriate i mediate he .

I mediate that it used to be old to attributable to i mediate i i mediate it used to be um i in actuality mediate that i first heard from jimmy hart um who had advised me it's treasure yeah he's going to map the european tour he's gone and i was pondering gone what i mean it's treasure it's treasure i was skittish after which you .

Know in time all of it roughly came out as to why and it's treasure then i understood hogan wanted to be the pause guy and vincent figured the hogan day used to be over and it used to be time for brett and hogan appropriate didn't want to be around all appropriate so i'm going to trek on a diminutive detour it’s hulk hogan associated so .

I'm sorry for pouring on hulk hogan however greg garnier gave it unswerving into a few years within the past and he claimed and i've even received the numbers in front of me and i even read the interview seen the interview right this moment time so i didn't salvage it adversarial he claimed in 1991 the awa used to be going to .

Restart and that they’d lured hulk hogan over for six million dollars over four years to restart the awa respect you ever heard of that rumor or is that appropriate greg i even has larry is the biscuit and he's presumably appropriate greg making nonsense up it .

Sounds treasure appropriate making stuff up attributable to something that enormous if it would respect took place at the time um i’m able to't accept as true with i wouldn't respect heard i’m able to't even accept as true with attributable to ever i was i'm i was associated with all individuals and and if anyone if anyone if hogan would respect heard the account i'd respect absolutely .

Heard whether or no longer it used to be from jimmy hart or from of us that talked to hogan um other of us focus on with hogan and other of us from wwe and in spite of it's treasure so i would i would effect i would effect no credence in that i mean i i heard of 1,000,000 assorted issues that hogan used to be up to .

In that length um and there used to be always assorted ideas and of us were always throwing stuff at him evidently these objects that you you hear about however they never come by intention of however that wasn't one among them it used to be never there used to be never one with vern ghana and .

Gregany that's evidently characterize appropriate i'm going to trek straight to 1993's books that's fresh in my mind and i've received a bone to expend with you how could perchance well additionally you can additionally respect gotten given clash of the champions 24 a thumbs down when it had the obedient section in wrestling history are you talking referring to the shock grasp the shot grasp .

Of direction i'm talking referring to the refuge how could perchance well additionally you give it a thumbs down yeah that used to be unprecedented i mean i mean it's humorous attributable to when when that took place i was treasure however that's a in actuality weird conception what i mean i view that used to be purported to happen that plot when i seen it attributable to the total lot in .

Wrestling is deliberate appropriate and i’m going treasure boy i mediate dusty could perchance well additionally need been booking them and i was pondering treasure dusty's a artistic guy and it's treasure that's a weird conception however yeah wcw had um i mean it used to be it used to be it's exciting wcw had so many big .

Matches however they’d so many uh misfires too it's us man i'll give an explanation for you you can appropriate protect going into that section and likewise you detect you i don't even know what to study it to it's treasure an onion you appropriate protect peeling the layers abet and there's something else to laugh at i mean it's .

Simplest treasure 10 instances by intention of that you designate even supposing it had gone in actuality neatly he used to be unexcited it used to be unexcited fred ottman in a stormtrooper helmet with the denims he drove to the arena in yeah no i do know i do know i do know i mean it used to be treasure uh the total conception of that character and that character didn't remaining very .

Long that's evidently however uh yeah that total character used to be appropriate um unprecedented i wager in hindsight unprecedented that it used to be inexperienced lit neatly i'd treasure that they went dusty i awoke in a frigid sweat focused on it in actuality view about that with the chamber of horrors as neatly so .

That used to be oh that used to be brutal uh so abet tonight neatly it's unexcited into 93 i've received a load of hulk hogan questions however i'll presumably appropriate skip by intention of these one thing i didn't designate used to be reading by intention of the book is that vince mcmahon uh voluntarily stepped down as head of wwf it used to be why appropriate should always you sit down as president yeah .

Um yeah appropriate appropriate with linda okay so in express that's attributable to that's attributable to he used to be uh i mean he used to be no he knew he used to be about to salvage indicted he had already gotten indicted and uh so he used to be making intriguing for the worst that's usually what it used to be i mean he brought in jerry .

Jarrett he it's treasure i'm i'm sure he hoped that it would never come to him going to detention middle however he he had to prepare for that likelihood attributable to uh it's humorous too attributable to with the trial and the total lot it's treasure when i peep at the trial i’m going .

Be pleased god i was there i was treasure why used to be he so tremulous however then again the trial used to be this form of attention-grabbing it used to be so exciting however uh i mean he never he never must had been charged they didn't respect evidence they were shut .

Nonetheless it wasn't shut enough to effect him on trial in my mind were you ever you absolutely sat within the gallery watching the trial oh yeah i watched no longer your total trial however i watched presumably i would enlighten three quarters of it two thirds three quarters i missed the first couple of days however i watched um from .

No topic day it used to be every time i received there i was in uh big apple for a couple weeks for 2 weeks watching daily yeah uh map you keep in mind who used to be uh and i've received a title in mind however uh map you keep in mind who uh perhaps used to be the least unswerving within the listless of night giving evidence .

The least unswerving um there had been various these that i view were aesthetic untrustworthy however um uh kevin wackholtz used to be presumably the pause one however patterson uh used to be used to be aesthetic low too um i would enlighten that i would enlighten these two stood out to me um as being least unswerving what did .

Nails enlighten particularly we talked about that vince advised him that he wanted to salvage on steroids and he's wearing this chubby-physique costume so why would he plus he talked about he talked about it treasure after 92 and vince used to be telling all individuals to salvage off steroids so it used to be appropriate treasure that used to be appropriate treasure .

entirely ludicrous however it absolutely in actuality treasure the long island instances had the tall headline first wrestler um to uh implicate vince and give an explanation for him to salvage on steroids and it's treasure vince could perchance well additionally just respect advised rick outrageous that and and i mediate in some create he did rick outrageous always .

Acknowledged he did however then on the stand used to be roughly treasure iffy about it uh however and and i knew rick outrageous could perchance well be attributable to rickroot had a pronouncing about treasure you don't [__] where you expend and he didn't want to be on the stand he didn't want to be bearing vince so he .

Used to be as gentle as he could perchance well additionally as as used to be nearly all individuals um that used to be there however um however yeah that used to be um that outrageous used to be from years earlier from that time length from 92 on from leisurely 92 on there's no plot that's advised to anyone especially kevin wackholt's plot we .

Wouldn't have confidence him anyway and he used to be wearing a chubby physique suit um as his game supposed to to salvage on to in actuality salvage on steroids attributable to kevin wackholtz is six 5 three 300 pounds anyway so it's no longer treasure he used to be some skinny guy or some small guy he used to be a safe guy he didn't respect .

A big physique i mean he didn't respect a inferior i wager he had a factual physique however it absolutely didn't topic anyway in that suit whether or no longer he had a factual physique or a inferior physique so what does it topic yeah who map you mediate uh uh testimony perhaps swayed the jury the most unswerving man's resolve on would had been hulk hogan perhaps .

Um hogan used to be if truth be told vital to vince which vince never understood attributable to i keep in mind when this trial used to be general vince did used to be barry hogan for no longer telling the fact and it's treasure dude he saved your ass when positioned on the bid he saved your ass however however um .

Yeah perhaps perhaps the most um i mean the other scrutinize i mean he used to be purported to be treasure a important scrutinize in opposition to vince and he absolutely turned out no longer to be that did you ever hear the account where uh when he used to be walking into court docket that day and the information cameras caught up to him map you keep in mind what he talked about to the information .

Cameras or map you no longer know the account boy i mediate give an explanation for me about it uh he advised of us to tune into the wcw pay-per-study coming up that sunday oh yeah i'm sure he did i'm sure attributable to he used to be he used to be he used to be appropriate about uh he used to be he used to be appropriate about to respect that match with rick flair it used to be most efficient a couple weeks later yeah .

Yeah it used to be appropriate old to that received various heat too attributable to um it used to be treasure within the trial he exposed himself as a steroid user and there he used to be treasure wcw used to be bringing him in as the the obedient celebrity within the firm the obedient celebrity on the earth and i mean he did help flip their .

Industry around for a couple years too appropriate i'm going to trek on to a little bit a customary e-newsletter stuff so i was i was wondering if i ever salvage your um uh uh i gained't enlighten partner neatly your working partner brian alvarez i'll query him the identical thing however how does a young man so here’s nearly .

Nearly 40 years within the past when he started wrestling staring at newsletters how does a young man trek about gathering contacts uh to uh i don't i don't even know i don't even know what appropriate took place i mean i was treasure the most efficient one doing it at that time limit and it used to be in actuality um very vital to to wrestling even supposing .

Some of us in wrestling didn't understand it then and and don't even understand it now however it absolutely in actuality used to be um however yeah appropriate it used to be the most efficient thing of its kind and um this i always enlighten the most reasonable of us in wrestling always gravitated against me um and the these who are the .

Most without complications manipulated were these who were who didn't in express that's roughly how it turned out to be from then and on it's treasure it used to be the of us that in actuality wanted to clutch the exchange we were we were talking the total time attributable to i wanted to .

In point of fact know the exchange and we were educating every other the exchange and the of us that uh didn't perceive the exchange it used to be they appropriate view that uh you're exposing the exchange i'm missing your total level attributable to i was masking it as a exchange and it used to be a exact .

It's a exact exchange i mean the between the ropes is is what it’s i mean it's no longer false both however it absolutely's what i mean however however the exchange itself is inc is a entirely exact exchange yeah it's treasure the most exciting exchange on the earth for me attributable to it's part circus it's part rock .

And roll it's part television it's it's part sports it's it's supreme for me i couldn't be more enthusiastic and yours is the most efficient podcast i in actuality listened to wrestling used to be a radio i gained't trek away out one purely attributable to i treasure the exchange component of it .

The exchange is it's attention-grabbing also to me to me the article that used to be always attention-grabbing to me and this used to be from as a piece baby used to be what you map to salvage spectators to pay money to peep what you map and it's treasure what works and what doesn't work and what personalities work and the identical thing that works .

5 years within the past doesn't basically work now however it absolutely's to me it's appropriate an exciting gaze attributable to it always adjustments and likewise you never know and the total lot's a risk treasure all individuals if someone knew or you had the total solutions that you can well appropriate be um you'd fabricate nothing however money .

Factual you'd never fabricate a mistake however there's no one i mean vince mcmahon's presumably had more mistakes than than than successes within the tall image however the successes are tall enough to override the mistakes and there's been there's success flee in and issues treasure that there's all .

It's appropriate an exciting the total exchange attention-grabbing account it's it's at its united statesand downs i mean there had been treasure within the remainder 40 years we've had some tall tall united statesand we've had some tall tall downs and and years and roughly within the middle now it's very lucrative and it's a .

Very wholesome monetary exchange however it absolutely's no longer nearly as accepted as it pale to be and uh and i don't know if it'll ever if i don't know if the circumstances are that it can well additionally ever be as accepted as it used to be within the uh leisurely 90s it's appropriate a special time i um the total lot's more fragmented .

It's treasure are we ever going to respect a rock band as tall as the beatles or elvis no i mean ones that that um what i mean um neatly we'll respect bands that terrible more income attributable to of better designate prices and issues treasure that however i mean as a long way as culturally we've flee other yet one more .

Beatles um i don't mediate we ever will i don't know that we'll we could perchance well additionally just respect yet one more tall sports celebrity treasure an nba participant or something treasure that that's better than existence or a um however however i don't mediate that we're ever going to respect um i don't mediate we're ever going to respect a .

Stage of recognition expert wrestling treasure we had within the leisurely 90s there used to be appropriate too many issues that were taking place that led that to happen and um and so they're no longer there now i mean television is too fragmented elvis and the beatles are always a little bit a they nearly seemed out and talked about i .

Indicate apart the fact that they're each unprecedented is that all of them they seemed out within the sense of the time they came attributable to they were also treasure the edgiest performers of their day as neatly so yeah appropriate the kids kids cherished them moreover their skills obviously however peep that peep that's what's so exciting to me .

Is and what when wrestling used to be in actuality tall within the leisurely 90s it used to be a in actuality edgy create of leisure and young of us cherished it it's humorous attributable to they'll trek treasure oh they weren't aiming at kids it's treasure treasure hell they weren't that's when 40 of their viewers used to be kids .

of us now they're aiming at kids it's treasure now the viewers now the viewers of kids is in actuality low i don't mediate it's ever been decrease in my lifetime and of us trek oh they're aiming at kids it's treasure no in actuality they're aiming at no longer offending sponsors it's a really assorted thing .

But and within the event that they're aiming at kids boy are they missing the boat attributable to they're doing nothing that appeals to kids i mean i respect i respect two young of us neatly i respect a teen and a girl is 11. and treasure wrestling's appropriate no longer even it's no longer even in their world .

Which used to be humorous attributable to when i was that age all we did used to be talk wrestling especially when i was 11 it used to be treasure that used to be treasure all we actually all we did used to be talk wrestling and and soccer and issues treasure that yeah identical with me when i was 11 so i .

Started watching 93 fell out for a piece after which i received abet in 1998 weirdly attributable to of kane i the first cry i watched abet in 98 is the one where he used to be taking pictures lightning down and he intention the fellow on fireplace on the ramp and for long-term wrestling followers of us treasure that [__] however for me as an 11 12 .

365 days worn i was treasure here’s the obedient thing ever yeah yeah yeah yeah i mean when i would detect that i was appropriate treasure oh god now should always you map it all individuals the article now’s should always you map anything treasure that all individuals craps on the total lot so it's treasure it's it's in actuality it's in actuality no longer easy to map .

Something unique and i mean peep at the guys now which would be treasure the edgy guys and the total lot treasure that it's treasure they really salvage the reaction and respect for it however boy map they salvage i wager what i mean i wager all individuals would salvage negativity for it however .

I order appropriate attributable to it's so start and the total lot treasure that you peep so significant more negativity than you presumably did 15 years within the past let's enlighten neatly i order it's straightforward to unfold the negativity with uh uh social media in this time limit as neatly yeah and likewise of us that where where it's the total no longer appropriate social media .

But all media where um the media when the media stopping the media and started being a gimmick the total lot the lies unfold loads quicker than the fact which is roughly a unhappy thing however attributable to uh um i mediate old to the media used to be the used to be these that that i mean i'm .

No longer pronouncing they always advised the fact however that used to be the aim in most of them used to be in actuality to be give an explanation for the fact and now it's appropriate treasure that's the article that scares them the most is telling the fact attributable to all individuals's received an agenda and likewise you you don't need the fact since the .

Truth is in most cases assorted from your agenda i mean infrequently it coincides however very usually it's assorted so that you appropriate try to veil it and poke it i've um i'm going to trek a little bit abet to the newsletters attributable to i did want to query one thing so a few years within the past and this isn't the .

Request you're going to mediate it's going to be um a few years within the past the celebrity machine used to be broken with a kenny omega match i neglect who it used to be uh kenny okay emily yeah which i i mean it in actuality didn't spoil it attributable to i had first the first one which i keep in mind um .

Oh god let me order this um so i wager it would had been flaren steamboat in baltimore or landover um after which there used to be some misawa and kawada and and yet one more ones however the florence steamboat um home blow their own horns match used to be the first one which that i would enlighten broke the 5-celebrity machine if that's .

What the term used to be even supposing um there used to be uh used to be i enlighten the um i wager treasure norm dooley who who did the machine old to i did had already broken it in loop for some louisville fits within the 81 which i didn't even be taught about till a few years within the past when cornett advised me now cornet advised me now he's treasure .

Inflamed at me for doing it when his freaking most efficient friend did it 40 years within the past i will query about jim in a minute uh neatly in actuality the query used to be going to query referring to the uh e-newsletter thing is this how come and i do know why it isn't however how come an moderate match isn't create of appropriate within the middle uh .

What could perchance well be 5 attributable to you can map minus 5 or plus 5 if we're no longer gonna spoil the machine so how can an moderate match isn't zero and i do know why it isn't however how come it isn't if what i'm neatly i mean i mean you can map adversarial up to in spite of i mediate i did adversarial 459.4 in spite of treasure absolutely the .

Detrimental temperature used to be for i mediate i don't keep in mind if it used to be the rooster volkov match heroes of wrestling however which used to be ungodly terrible however um um however no i mean moderate is two that's that's how it's always been and most most fits are plot above that since the .

Truth is is most fits are above what pale to be moderate i mean there's the the mentality of the expertise now old to many of the expertise had the mentality of appropriate treasure followers for suckers and we map in spite of it’s to expend their money and and flee along appropriate .

And now this expertise of wrestlers who grew up as followers and their mentality is oh man i want to positioned on a blow their own horns treasure the types of blow their own horns i need i want to map what i wanted what i wish i could perchance well additionally respect considered when i was a fan so they trek out there .

And appropriate map what they appropriate be taught and so they be conscious of their match and the match is compulsory so yeah the fits are significant better now as a customary rule no longer to deliver treasure the most efficient fits of any generation would unexcited be the most efficient man amongst the most efficient fits now however the accepted match .

Is intention better than it used to be within the past attributable to within the past attributable to it's the mentality the mentality is assorted the guys are the guys gaze wrestling more plot more no longer even plot greater than ever old to and it's the the guys within the exchange who don't care about having .

Actual fits they're no longer going to remaining right this moment time the the other wrestlers gained't treasure it they're in actuality lazy guys um the promotions gained't treasure it i mean old to you can additionally you can additionally very neatly be you can additionally respect terrible fits however should always you can additionally plot money the promoters were appropriate treasure .

You're drawing money they didn't care referring to the fits now caring referring to the fits is an part of it perhaps too significant even um for some worn college followers i even mediate at instances it's treasure even with i'll and i'll give an explanation for of us it's treasure it's no longer about .

I mean it's always better to respect a factual match than a inferior match however having nothing however factual fits is is big and it's a gigantic blow their own horns however that's no longer the resolution the resolution is is personalities which would be better than existence and and appropriate treasure in fights it's treasure .

Having big thrilling fights is is factual however the you attach the two guys who are the most fun in a battle and likewise you attach conor mcgregor in a battle and more of us are going to rob conor mcgregor than these other guys attributable to you’re taking for the um you’re taking for the pleasure or floyd and .

Realistically treasure with floyd i mean floyd wasn't even a thrilling fighter however he made himself better than existence and he used to be a bigger plot than the guys who appropriate treasure had big fights every time out map you mediate oh i'm in actuality going to trek on spit recordsdata if i could perchance well additionally just and i've received to query .

In actuality took place right this moment time your your worn friend eric bischoff uh the newest inductee to the wwe corridor of reputation does he deserve it neatly wwe health and there's no requirements after all so i mean it's treasure should always it’s significant to you treasure listed the significance of wrestling the significance to wrestling of all individuals .

Within the wwe corridor of reputation he could perchance well be within the pause i don't know i'd respect to peep and enlighten top 10 or in spite of however presumably top 10 percent i mean presumably appropriate advance the pause i mean there's a few others that you would hulk hogan or something treasure that that you would enlighten or even austin and likewise you .

Know however however um however he'd be up there appropriate advance the pause so in that sense should always you study him to the of us in that corridor of reputation he's plot above most of him so we know when he when he received it i view yeah sure sure he sure he belongs .

Uh map you mediate he must respect gone in however i mean every woman however all individuals belongs all individuals belongs though nearly map you mediate um he must respect gone in with the nwo uh along with the uh exact mastermind of the nwo uh greg garnier yeah i do know heart-broken greg greg's no longer in i .

Don't know why he invented it mike graham invented the total lot um however i mean as a long way as you can additionally respect performed it that would had been curious it's a wb corridor of reputation it's no longer supposed treasure peep i do know of us that were angry by the direction of and so they might always give an explanation for me .

It used to be it's treasure it's for leisure purposes it's to promote now it's no longer this anymore however in time it's to promote dvds don't expend it significantly no one here takes it significantly i mediate that they map expend it a piece more significantly now than they did then however unexcited it's treasure there's .

Of us in there where you appropriate trek treasure in a wrestling corridor of reputation are you kidding and each 365 days there's there's three or four of them it's appropriate usually we've received a quota we need we need this we need this we need this and likewise you bear your quota and and um you .

Know that's appropriate how it’s here’s going a piece abet in actuality attributable to here’s in actuality going abet to 98 the 93 book what map as to how eric bischoff in actuality received the job as uh it wasn't govt vice president before the total lot however it absolutely it morphed into govt vice president .

Because i always heard that um neatly i heard once a whereas within the past uh that he both fabricated some letters of recommendation or received some of us moderately excessive up to perhaps uh enhance his uh recognition greater than it can well additionally need been at the time to salvage the job .

Yeah i mean the account of him falsifying his resume used to be always out there i don't know attributable to i'd never read his resume so i couldn't give an explanation for you if he did or he didn't however yeah abet then that used to be what it used to be i mean it used to be um i mediate wasn't it him and tony shivani were each out for the identical bid .

And tony siobhan had been within the firm longer and and had plot more trip in wrestling however eric received it attributable to where eric received it used to be attributable to tony at that time limit as i in actuality treasure tony unique baseball and tony unique wrestling baseball used to be inappropriate to wrestling .

So tony knew the wrestling exchange however eric had a resume that talked about he knew television that's what they wanted used to be a man who knew television and wrestling attributable to it used to be the television bid in express that's where eric received that customary um that customary job .

Which ended in these the length where he used to be aesthetic significant the pause guy within the firm so on the twitter i notice 16 of us no one follows me so i never state twitter however i map notice you and um that's crazy what’s it with vince russo bruce .

Prichard and eric bischoff that they give the impression of being to in actuality want to trek for you constantly attributable to i i in actual fact don't know the backstory i mean i mean i mediate that okay so so we're talking um vince vince russo i mediate is appropriate purchasing for consideration and um he he would .

Actual he's appropriate doing anything retention bruce i mediate it's a marketing gimmick um that he stumbled onto and it labored so he appropriate saved going with it and eric i mediate eric copied bruce's gimmick however i map mediate that i map mediate there's a incompatibility i map accept as true with that that bruce presumably doesn't .

Be pleased me appropriate now however when it started i don't mediate that used to be the case however eric i mediate eric has treasure gone to this level within the gimmick that i in actuality accept as true with eric if truth be told doesn't treasure me however i don't know i don't know if that's appropriate or no longer i mean it's no longer treasure i address them and .

When i focus on with eric's guests i'll appropriate trek it's entirely gimmick it's treasure however i i don't i in actuality accept as true with that it's greater than that attributable to he talked about treasure you can map your gimmick however treasure conditions treasure when when something inferior happens what i mean i mean he talked about stuff where i'm .

Going treasure jeez you're treasure a exact unsightly vile particular person and bruce would never treasure if something inferior took place in my non-public existence eric would try to dig it in and treasure it's treasure that appropriate seems terrible doing it appropriate and bruce would never be dreary enough .

And respect inferior enough timing to map that in express that's that's roughly how i study it so yeah is it attributable to i i never in actuality heard about this till they each very without problems had podcasts um neatly attributable to there used to be none of that old to they’d podcasts and i mean russo russo would respect in .

Interviews or stuff could perchance well additionally just respect performed that even without podcast bruce never would respect and eric i mean eric eric in his book treasure when i read his book i was roughly treasure i mean i was roughly treasure what's the notice i mean there's so significant in his book that i knew treasure every net page .

In his book i keep in mind i was doing um a overview of his the book and i was treasure every net page had so significant stuff that used to be both adversarial or total lies that i was doing this thing i was going to search out out about it after which i spotted treasure i'd respect to write a freaking book to to in actuality battle by intention of this so i .

Would trek i went by intention of treasure perhaps one chapter chanced on so significant stuff that used to be total [__] after which i appropriate dropped it attributable to it's appropriate treasure after which of us and i keep in mind of us in wcw we were going treasure the total lot you talked about used to be appropriate the total lot you talked about and it's treasure i do know .

It used to be however um so so within the book um there used to be that however then after perhaps attributable to it used to be useful or in spite of where we talked about oh yeah he's the most efficient reporter out there um after which he received the unique podcast bruce had already been doing .

The gimmick so they went with conrad and it used to be i'm it started as a gimmick however i i map mediate that he's he's roughly a vile particular person so i mediate that it's presumably greater than a gimmick now um so yeah yeah he's labored himself unswerving into a shoot as they are saying he's labored himself unswerving into a shoot precisely .

Whereas bruce i mediate bruce knows the adaptation um i will query one more a little bit adversarial thing attributable to it brought up earlier i i've had my hold dealings with jim cornett for a few years i've no longer spoken to him since 20 treasure early 2019. um however i’m able to't accept as true with falling out with .

Somebody over wrestling route and opinions on wrestling it's no longer what the humorous part is it's no longer even opinions on wrestling i wager it’s to a degree i wager what it’s to a degree it's however it absolutely in actuality is it's in actuality over .

Um and the coordinate thing is it's i don't know um it in actuality is over kenny omega it's no longer even over wrestling i mean he creates these objects and i mean i mediate in his hold mind it's treasure he he i don't i mean number one he doesn't perceive standard .

Wrestling in anyway which is i mediate part of it and it's unhappy attributable to should always you focus on with anyone about wrestling pre-2005 that you can well net that that there are very few who are smarter than jim cornette i would i would effect him appropriate advance the pause no longer appropriate recordsdata however acceptable recordsdata which is which is .

Because loads of of us respect historical recordsdata read books and the total lot however they don't in actuality know the context or perceive the exchange i mean he had a acceptable recordsdata of that exchange after which the exchange changed and he didn't alternate and he unexcited doesn't perceive .

That the exchange always adjustments and it's the humorous part is is that the jim cornette of the 80s is 180 degrees assorted from this jim cornette the jim cornette of the 80s uh this jim cornette would detest the jim cornette of the 80s he would detest the the manager with the tennis racket you .

Know what i mean i mean attributable to attributable to if he'd grown up 30 years earlier there'd be no character treasure jim cornette and he would detest the gimmicks treasure the wearing a diaper should always you lose the tumble and issues treasure that i mean he would he would respect despised it however he doesn't respect that perspective to .

Realize that that instances alternate so now issues respect changed in a special route and he despises them and it's humorous attributable to treasure the guys who started this route i mean he used to be the first guy in within the exchange within the the US who understood dynamite baby and .

Tiger masks and jap wrestling and now attributable to um and he'll he'll respect his rationales however in actuality the guys that he hates now are the guys who are the disciples who learned from watching these identical tapes after which took it one step .

Further and made it more acrobatic and issues treasure that however it absolutely's and it's no longer even appropriate acrobatic however they made it more acrobatic however more layers and more depth to the match and more focused on the match which is the article that i mediate of us don't perceive treasure .

They'll appropriate trek treasure oh it's flips and it's treasure appropriate flips plot nothing what i mean it's treasure you've received to hook the of us however when these guys map when they state whether or no longer they state flips or don't state flips to hook the of us he he’ll um he'll try to disclaim it .

Be pleased old to when with aw appropriate an instance it used to be used to be it used to be always treasure neatly should always you salvage the team going i mean that makes you a factual employee after which aew would respect these big are residing crowds i mean appropriate loud up for the total lot that doesn't depend attributable to those followers .

Will pop for anything and it's treasure neatly what makes them assorted from the followers you and likewise you labored within the carolinas that would pop for anything it's treasure it's exact isn't it a factual thing that you've received an viewers that in actuality loves your product how is that a adversarial in phrases of expert wrestling so it's treasure you appropriate .

Push yourself into corners and issues treasure that yeah i've no longer in actuality listened to his podcast since 2018. uh however i heard your wrestling observer radio episode where he went on his podcast appropriate so curious me from adversarial here he went on his podcast and criticized you for the total e-newsletter in .

Normal for having chris benoit unexcited within the corridor of reputation however you went by intention of the identical direction of too whoa whoa whoa whoa he voted he voted to protect chris benoit in and i voted to effect i voted to effect chris benoit i don't know if he talked about that i mediate that can need been brian remaining .

Who used to be vital and that's when i view yeah i mean however brian presumably didn't know that that jim cornett voted to protect him in i voted to effect him out however it used to be it used to be usually we pale the baseball corridor of reputation ideas i was treasure what are we gonna map this guy appropriate .

appropriate killed his wife and his son and he's within the corridor of reputation what are we gonna map so it's appropriate treasure i’m going what would happen if this used to be in a sports corridor of reputation and baseball has baseball which is the one we copied it's treasure you need to respect this the the quantity of votes that it takes to effect .

Someone in you need to respect that so 60 you received it 60 enlighten no and i mediate it used to be 53 no he didn't salvage the 60 no and he's in now of us are always treasure map it again map it again the effects will be phrases treasure there's there's then i'd be treasure breaking the foundations the foundations are .

you you can't trek in there and trek i didn't i which who didn't treasure the final consequence which i didn't however i didn't treasure the effects so i'm gonna protect doing it every 365 days till i’m able to till of us are swayed to vote for seven sixty percent out no and it's appropriate treasure in spite of i mean o.j is in every .

Football corridor of reputation every single one and um it's treasure and no one says it's treasure uh treasure this immoral thing referring to the corridor of reputation for wrestling for in spite of cause they map however it absolutely's treasure that's the precedent and there's there wasn't even a tall thing .

When oj with oj to vote to effect him out i mean that used to be the fresh part of the entirety is it used to be treasure it in wrestling there used to be it's weird treasure wrestling's received more uh or more all compass than than soccer i wager or something in many ways in many ways it's weirdly .

The wrestling followers weirdly um perhaps no longer weirdly seeing the notice however in many ways the wrestling followers map attributable to you'll peep stuff stuff transgressions and issues treasure that that are routine in college soccer and if a wrestler does them they need a black bald out of the total .

Industry or even even so and sometimes it gets ridiculous attributable to treasure i i mean it's treasure there's various affairs of bid that i don't accept as true with i respect my hold affairs of bid on issues however i would never need someone blackballed out of a exchange for having assorted affairs of bid than i map .

Now within the event that they're oh i mean within the event that they commit immoral crimes sure i i salvage no longer want to map that and the worn exchange you can additionally commit the worst crimes on the earth and jimmy snuka and all individuals will book you and now it can well be um i mediate that should always you murdered someone it .

Could perhaps well be loads more appealing uh to uh to be booked by every promotion within the on the earth whereas jimmy snuka after the nancy argentina thing he labored he labored all over and there used to be and it wasn't even a worry that he did so when did you can additionally respect gotten the vote to um whether or no longer to protect chris moir in .

Or out then attributable to i'm assuming it used to be moderately soon after it can well be the um it would had been the corridor of reputation election appropriate after so in express that used to be july so i wager it would had been treasure presumably treasure september perhaps so it's a couple months later .

Yeah so so i mean feelings were as raw as they're ever going to salvage at that time and likewise you've unexcited voted to live in so i don't know what the foundation could perchance well be to respect it performed 15 years later or never appropriate appropriate neatly now of us are loads um it's appropriate a special world and and now i mean .

I i map accept as true with that if i effect a vote in now we presumably would salvage greater than 60 out however um i mean it's treasure i i don't accept as true with in revisiting history i mean um it it then it appropriate becomes i'm looking to salvage something performed now that didn't happen when it .

Could perhaps unexcited respect in an effort to talk um and peep i read i read i read so many assorted viewpoints on that at the time it took place with and the total lot and it's treasure loads of of us don't treasure to peep at the arguments on every aspect there could be an argument that that this .

Came about attributable to causes of insanity which vern ghani did the identical thing on the floor he used to be significant older however however and there used to be obviously no motion for vern and i don't know that i earn that that used to be causes of insanity i don't earn that .

Personally however there are of us that map and attributable to of that it's treasure he wouldn't had been convicted attributable to of insanity if it had gone to trial which i don't know that that would respect took place i'm again i mediate it i don't mediate it would respect .

Nonetheless it's an argument it's an argument that you can additionally trek along with especially with what they chanced on in in his mind two years a 365 days later when all of it when they examined his mind that ended up being um what i would enlighten treasure that ended up being .

a tall part of the account later it's um i mediate of us usually treasure to peep for the easy resolution and it's one thing and usually the total lot the total lot happens for a gigantic number of causes yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah neatly we're gonna trek chris benoit i don't mediate .

There's there's one cause however however it absolutely's loads less complicated to map appropriate the mind industry thing attributable to it's it's less complicated to pacify what i mean since the other stuff appropriate requires um uh that that that gets in actuality on the foundation that .

He's smothered and killed his son that one is appropriate treasure you can't i appropriate can never figure that out i mean it's treasure what roughly a particular person would map that especially attributable to treasure various of us that were around him and knew him um i mean he had very gratifying social interactions with him and there .

Were of us that were in actuality factual guests with him after which he did something that i mean that used to be aesthetic on the criteria of faulty and and the criteria of issues that under the worst the worst of circumstances on the earth that's presumably appropriate at the pause of the .

List of the issues that i’m able to't accept as true with anyone could perchance well additionally i don't enlighten anyone however absolutely i could perchance well additionally never map i mean that appropriate never at all so it's roughly treasure how he could perchance well additionally map it i don't i don't know the intention he he did that i appropriate don't so i'll trek straight on and uh here’s my non-public one which i've received .

To query davey boy smith used to be he ever ever in his profession world championship discipline cloth wow um i mean i do know wwe gained it wwe wanted to map it with him later and at that level i mediate his physique used to be too broken down um i'm gonna enlighten what by by by right this moment time's stan okay by right this moment time's .

Standards sure by the criteria of the time where he used to be wrestling i would enlighten no god damn that used to be over fiat he grew up 10 miles a long way from me dude so i'm appropriate treasure he's my absolute celebrated i always respect to query a query about debbie boy smith uh appropriate a couple more then um and this .

Is a little bit a bigger query and it's presumably one which's presumably going to be in actuality laborious or no longer possible to answer to um let's enlighten in different universe you are given the uh job and likewise you can additionally respect got to map it uh the top of wwe you can alternate three issues with the firm it’ll both be exchange-shining or .

Route-shining or production-shining three issues most efficient two i would respect to i would respect to i would respect to in actuality order that one however i mean i mean number one could perchance well be to um so number one could perchance well be to enable the guys on television to talk their very hold phrases that could perchance well be .

In point of fact excessive on the list none of this corporate [__] um and none of this treasure memorizing interviews okay in give an explanation for a long way as presentation and within the exact world i would try to map what a exact world firm would map um versus wwe which is that they're appropriate assorted i mean it's you .

Know i mean treasure um it's treasure i wager i wager be more exact all over the board attributable to it's treasure old to wrestling companies were always dishonest attributable to it used to be built on a lie appropriate the entirety is treasure you're pretending that these items that's no longer exact is exact i .

Indicate now there's no mislead assemble on attributable to all individuals knows and i appropriate feel that treasure again treasure appropriate appropriate issues treasure no longer no longer false advertising and marketing expertise or appropriate being a piece bit i'm no longer pronouncing give away your your exchange secrets or give an explanation for of us here’s .

What we received deliberate next i wouldn't i wouldn't map that both however being i wager curious to the viewers i would enlighten and um and again um no longer being concerned so significant referring to the stock price and um treasure yeah no longer no longer being concerned so significant referring to the stock price i mean in in exchange i mediate that should always you flee a exchange .

You're taught create of to map that in this time limit attributable to you're a public firm however i mediate that there's unexcited um i don't know i would i would try to be more lawful firm i mean treasure within the middle of pandemic firing all these of us i mean it's appropriate treasure should always you .

Had no state for them then then wait eight months it's no longer treasure the firm treasure if if it used to be a topic of the firm's survival i could perchance well additionally absolutely understand it however it absolutely's no longer a topic of firm survival having that little regard to your workers to me .

i would respect more regard for my workers plot more evidently appropriate now i'll pause on this one query i'm sorry it's going to be a moderately tall one um so aw uh i i'm going to admit appropriate now i've never watched an episode of aw so this all my aw recordsdata comes from you .

And what you focus on aw which is a create of habitual plot of going about it however um from what you're talking about and i designate there are numerous wwe expertise which would be currently unexcited migrating over um it sounds to me is create of happening the tna route perhaps about 10 years within the past or even longer is that .

I mean create of a notice of warning perhaps of the state of too many celebrities celebrities uh neatly perhaps celebrities as neatly however um uh wwe expertise yeah i'm no longer i'm no longer tremulous about them the state of too many celebrities however um w beats expertise infrequently i worry about it yeah i mean .

Every's assorted it's no longer treasure there's a rule of pronouncing treasure you can respect 10 however don't respect 11. i mean it's treasure every person every person's assorted i mediate within the event that they ship about something to the desk that's uncommon um i would if truth be told state them however appropriate what tna did used to be as soon as they're .

Available even within the event that they’d nothing special we received to ship them in and effect them over our guys that i wouldn't map treasure if if um if if treasure one among the pause guys in wwe that's in spite of i don't care how many wwe guys you can additionally respect gotten if daniel bryan comes in and .

Actual goes my contract's up i i need this time desk and i want to come in i mean and likewise you enlighten no you're an idiot appropriate um however every time dick and harry no and tna used to be every time dick and harry including these that never would respect made it there whereas .

I mean aw i’m able to't enlighten that they've um they've performed that however i mean i map mediate there's i map mediate there's too many older of us on the television blow their own horns and there's no longer anyone that i would enlighten oh he's the failure salvage rid of them i appropriate mediate there's too many i mediate i in actuality want to focal level .

I would want to focal level on youthful expertise and and looking to select a youthful viewers and with as many unique of us in an effort to detect their account develop from the bottom up versus guys who are neatly known and and no longer stars no longer sizzling stars now after which you try to .

Revitalize them however however every discipline is assorted i mean it's no longer treasure there's anyone treasure i would enlighten treasure oh you shouldn't respect brought him in however i map mediate that there's i'm feeling there's too many appropriate now um however again treasure if andrade andrade and zelena vega which is .

A wwe act if should always it’s significant to you brought them in tomorrow i would enlighten yeah they respect got loads to offer they haven't hit their peak i would enlighten sure christian i had qualms about however he could perchance well additionally just indicate to be a tall success .

I mean i wouldn't respect so many qualms to deliver that treasure oh what a terrible conception i would never enlighten that however i would enlighten i was um appropriate tremulous about too many you don't need the i mean i've considered promotions tna and uh what used to be the one uh aw awf used to be it the paul alperstein promotion .

Where all they did used to be assemble the total lot around wwe stars from a decade earlier and it's treasure that stuff never works aws awf and long island awf yeah yeah awf so in express that that that stuff i've already considered in practice and doesn't work um however you need to combine and likewise you map need familiar names i mean peep .

John moxley's been nothing however a rental flee chris jericho used to be nothing however a rental flee so the foundation of no longer the state of anyone from wwe that's that's appropriate that also used to be entirely dreary uh who's uh who's the create of the mvp of the wwe uh the xwe of us and who perhaps could perchance well additionally you map without uh you mean .

As a long way as leather-basically basically basically based which would be there now i mean jericho and moxley are actually the two most important um they're these who in actuality helped assemble the firm with um cody neatly cody too and and the young bucks and omega who never went for dub from wwe technically even supposing um obviously they’d young bucks .

Did a few fits early in their profession and omega used to be under contract there at one level however um though so yeah these could perchance well be the largest um i mean i don't know that anyone i would enlighten as is um a failure or anything treasure that i mean .

Possibly expendable then oh yeah there's there's i mean if spears wasn't there no one would trek away out him however they're looking to map something with him now and perhaps it'll work um i’m able to't enlighten he's a failure by any plot however i mean i could perchance well additionally absolutely enlighten .

That treasure he's no longer he hasn't knocked him ineffective he did feed with cody before the total lot up after which roughly appropriate in spite of laid low however that used to be part of that used to be by create too since the remainder six months i already had this conception so they were going to effect him low till this thing took place .

Uh i've also received to query uh as someone who's never watched the blow their own horns however i i do know many of the players intriguing why isn't brian cage the champion he's big he needs to be the champion that's appropriate that's appropriate me as create of the leisurely particular person yeah i don't know i don't know um however i map mediate that .

and again he's he's they're they're switching stuff up with him and so they're presumably gonna specialize in him as a single versus appropriate being the fellow on crew taz i don't know i mean i've i've i've watched brian for years and he's a in actuality talented guy you need to salvage over at a particular degree and he hasn't gotten over .

At that degree yet if he does i mean i received nothing in opposition to him being or anyone in that bid however he doesn't feel to me treasure the pause guy in that promotion appropriate now um if he goes in there and begins crowds are there and so they start going crazy for him and .

Bringing indicators for him and he sells merchandise and the total lot treasure that yeah sure why no longer appropriate i'm uh i'm conscious you're short for time and i will decrease it off decrease it off there so thank you so significant for becoming a member of becoming a member of me here however one thing that you will not designate i'm going to ship it up now’s .

Uh you were one among my inspirations for interior create and i don't mean treasure the total papers on the floor and the total lot uh i seen a characterize of you in um is it that is it long island post instances long island instances long island instances and likewise you had a load of cash within the bid of industrial yeah so i've received masters all the intention in which by intention of .

The arena all appropriate i'm gonna respect to blow their own horns you so attributable to i view it wanted to be a piece more wrestling themed oh there you trek appropriate treasure there's appropriate treasure my wall is precisely the identical with some of these identical masks as a topic of fact yeah i i performed up getting a chinese styrofoam heads for all of them attributable to .

It's all of them create of flopped off the wall and the total lot however yeah i received uh map i salvage that treasure uh i received the inexperienced lighter up there after which on this aspect map i received i had a bunch of ligers however what treasure uh some of them uh they appropriate weren't effect up on the wall .

Oh i had some frigid lager masks i keep in mind from uh lager and tiger masks fits masks now i've received uh it's humorous attributable to when i peep now i received an worn ray of mysterio however all these are treasure 90s freaking neatly there's the tiger masks these are treasure 80s and 90s .

Masks no one fresh i don't um i presumably want to substitute this room for with some more moderen masks yeah the most efficient the most efficient one i've received is um juicing yell liger that i in actuality equipped attributable to it used to be the most efficient time i went to japan and i made beeline for the shop and i'm no longer .

In point of fact a brand unique japan fan however it absolutely's treasure the masks is so frigid and i've received to trek to the shop and i've received to salvage chubby masks yeah yeah yeah i'm sure that's what i did when i went to japan too however all these were all these i equipped in mexico for treasure 10 bucks attributable to it used to be awesome i would trek to tijuana and appropriate .

Pack them take a total bunch of masks since the price used to be appropriate so so big appropriate thank you very significant uh tall dave meltzer for becoming a member of me and i will peep you again next week and that's my outro and i'm sticking to it thanks for watching
My clever AEW Wrestler says this plugin is terribly good!

FULL INTERVIEW | Dave Meltzer – WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Episode #7 🎤

FULL INTERVIEW | Dave Meltzer - WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Episode #7 🎤