FTR On Young Bucks Feud: ‘The Build To This Match Could Be A Little Bit Better’

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FTR On Young Bucks Feud: ‘The Build To This Match Could Be A Little Bit Better’


Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

With FTR set to face the Young Bucks at All Elite Wrestling’s Full Gear in a huge match, the duo recently sat down with WrestleTalk to discuss the build-up to the match, something that FTR says could have been done a bit better.

When asked about the recent build-up to the match -which will result in the Young Bucks being unable to challenge for the AEW Tag Team Championships should they lose – FTR’s Dax Harwood said that it could have been better, but that the results will still be very fun. “We begged for our release from WWE for two years, and I’m not saying that with any bitterness,” he said. “We begged for our release from WWE because of this match… Am I happy with the build? I think the build to this match could be a little bit better. Obviously when you’re an artist, you think that your piece is the most important piece in the whole muesum, and I do believe that. I don’t know if that comes off as selfish or not, but we believe that our piece in the AEW art is the most important art in the muesum of Full Gear. The build, I feel, could have been a little bit better. We could have had a little more time devoted to this match and to make it a little more special. But with everything that has been given to us, we all four have put every ounce of effort into these next few weeks of building to make sure it’s just as important as we want it to come off, just as important as the fans had hoped it to be and I think that at Full Gear, you’re going to see quite possibly the greatest tag team match of all time… This match is super important to us, I wish the build could have been a little bit better, but I’ll tell you this, the next few months should be fun.”

While fans online have been a bit critical of the events leading up to the match, saying that things were unnecessarily dramatized, the actual match at Full Gear should still be an eventful one. Not only are there huge consequences on the line, but the match features two of the best and brightest tag teams in wrestling today. You can catch the match next week, when Full Gear kicks off at 8 p.m. ET.

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