Freddie Prinze Jr. Shares Insights on the Essential Elements for Judgment Day and Lashley’s Role as Amateur Wrestling Coach

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While Freddie Prinze Jr. is a fan of the Judgment Day, he believes they need a proper storyline to continue moving forward.

Speaking on the latest edition of his “Wrestling With Freddie” podcast, the former WWE creative team writer opined on one of WWE’s top factions. He said,


“I like Judgment Day, but they don’t have like a story story. They have a lot of ‘Let’s start a story, and then we don’t ever finish it, and we move onto another story and start that story, and we don’t finish it. They’re in that whirlpool — so to speak right now — where they keep kind of … not recycling, ’cause it’s different, but nothing gets completed.”

Bobby Lashley’s son has begun training amateur wrestling at his high school in Colorado, which is something the WWE Superstar says he’ll be doing some coaching for.

Speaking on a recent edition of WWE’s “After the Bell” podcast, Lashley commented on his son getting into wrestling, how he’s coaching the team, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his son getting into wrestling: “I don’t mind keeping that bar really high for him. This is what we need as kids, that’s what kids need. If they don’t have that bar, then they just kind of float. Huge deal for me, my son has started to wrestle. He did have an opportunity to get into a really good wrestling program over at Colorado, but now that we moved out here, Texas is not a powerhouse in wrestling, but the school that he’s going to, they’re very athletic. The football players, the coach almost forces them into wrestling. My son wanted to do it anyway.”

On coaching the team: “I get to coach, I get to coach. That’s what I’ve been dying to do. If I left WWE for anything else, I’d be a high school wrestling coach. That would be a dream for me and I’m really excited about it. I actually spoke to coach yesterday because it was a first day of practice, coach was like, we’d love to have you, come on in. So yes, I’ll be coaching amateur wrestling.”

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Freddie Prinze Jr., a former WWE creative team writer and fan of the Judgment Day, recently shared his thoughts on the faction’s lack of a proper storyline. In an episode of his podcast “Wrestling With Freddie,” Prinze Jr. expressed his opinion on WWE’s tendency to start storylines without finishing them, resulting in a cycle of incomplete narratives.

Prinze Jr. acknowledged that while Judgment Day introduces new storylines, they often fail to reach a satisfying conclusion before moving on to the next one. He described this situation as a whirlpool, where stories are constantly started but never fully developed or resolved.

On a different note, WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley revealed that his son has started training in amateur wrestling at his high school in Colorado. Lashley expressed his excitement about coaching his son’s wrestling team during an episode of WWE’s “After the Bell” podcast.

Lashley emphasized the importance of setting high standards for children and providing them with goals to strive for. He mentioned that his son had the opportunity to join a renowned wrestling program in Colorado but decided to pursue wrestling in Texas instead. Although Texas may not be known for its wrestling prowess, Lashley’s son’s school has a strong athletic program, with the football coach encouraging players to participate in wrestling.

Coaching has been a long-standing passion for Lashley, and he expressed his eagerness to fulfill this dream. He even reached out to the coach of his son’s wrestling team and received a warm welcome. Lashley will now have the opportunity to coach amateur wrestling and contribute to the development of young athletes.

In conclusion, Freddie Prinze Jr.’s comments shed light on the need for a more cohesive and conclusive storytelling approach within WWE’s Judgment Day faction. Meanwhile, Bobby Lashley’s involvement in coaching his son’s wrestling team reflects his dedication to both his family and the sport. Wrestling fans can stay updated on the latest news and developments in the wrestling world through or by following their social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook.