Freddie Prinze Jr. Expresses Admiration for The Godfather as His Favorite Attitude Era Gimmick

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Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. has praised Charles Wright’s portrayal of ‘The Godfather’ as a personal highlight of the Attitude Era.

Speaking on his “Wrestling with Freddie” podcast, the Scooby Doo actor said the Godfather was his favorite Attitude Era character and remembered the gimmick fondly. He said,


“[The Godfather] was a full-on pimp. Dressed like a pimp, walked like a pimp, came out with what they called a ‘Ho Train’ … It had an engine, it had a dining car, it had the passenger cars, and it had a girl with a big ol’ caboose in the back.

“He would cut promos about selling women for sex, and smoking weed, and selling weed,” Prinze said. “And I’d be watching this like, ‘How is this not getting bleeped left and right?’ Then the next week he was on TV, then the next week, and it lasted a long ass time. And the Ho Train came with him every time.”

Prior to playing The Godfather, Wright portrayed witch doctor Papa Shango and ‘ultimate fighter’ Kama. He would later portray The Goodfather in the Right to Censor.

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Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. recently expressed his admiration for Charles Wright’s portrayal of ‘The Godfather’ during the Attitude Era. Prinze, known for his roles in movies like Scooby Doo, shared his thoughts on the character on his podcast, “Wrestling with Freddie.”

According to Prinze, The Godfather was his favorite character from the Attitude Era, and he fondly remembered the gimmick. The Godfather was a full-on pimp, dressed and walked like one. He would make his entrance with what was called a ‘Ho Train,’ which included a train engine, dining car, passenger cars, and a woman with a large caboose at the back.

Prinze also mentioned that The Godfather would cut promos about selling women for sex, smoking weed, and selling weed. He expressed surprise at how these segments were not heavily censored, considering the controversial content. However, The Godfather’s character remained on TV for a long time, with the Ho Train accompanying him every week.

Before portraying The Godfather, Charles Wright had played other characters in WWE, including witch doctor Papa Shango and ‘ultimate fighter’ Kama. Later on, he would also portray The Goodfather as part of the Right to Censor stable.

The Godfather’s character was undoubtedly unique and controversial, pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable on television during that era. Despite the controversial nature of the gimmick, it gained popularity and became one of the most memorable characters from that time.

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The Godfather’s character remains an iconic part of WWE history, representing the edgier and boundary-pushing era of the Attitude Era. Charles Wright’s portrayal of the character left a lasting impact on fans and continues to be remembered fondly by many.