Freddie Prinze Jr. – ‘CM Punk Should Take Responsibility For AEW Release’

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If CM Punk wants someone to blame for his release from AEW, then Freddie Prinze Jr. believes the ‘Real World Champion’ should look in the mirror.

Speaking on his “Wrestling with Freddie” podcast, the former WWE writer reflected on Punk’s release following his All In altercation with Jack Perry. He said,


“When you keep doing the same thing over and over and you keep blaming everyone else and it’s the world’s fault… the world ain’t gonna change for you or for nobody. The world don’t owe you s***. It’s your responsibility as a human being to find out your place in this world and make the absolute most of it.

“You got to, at a certain point, look in the mirror and say, ‘Is what I’m doing working?’ When you have this many years of it not, that should be a clue. He’s still, to me, one of the best on the mic, in the ring, all that stuff. I’m not discrediting the man’s work. But I think everything you and I have said has been completely fair and appropriate criticism.”

Prinze also said that he feels bad for Tony Khan, and wouldn’t be surprised if Punk bashed Khan’s statement about his release in his first post-AEW interview.

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