Freddie Prinze Jr. Advocates for LA Knight to Receive a Prominent Storyline

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On a recent edition of his “Wrestling With Freddie” podcast, former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. analyzed how WWE should use and protect LA Knight moving forward following his loss against Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel 2023.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On WWE needing to use Knight: “It took them a long time with Bryan Danielson, the Yes Movement is what got that going; there were no plans for him. I hope that they listen to their audience and give LA Knight an ‘A’ storyline, whether it’s for a championship or not.”

On wanting to see LA Knight in a feud against a top-level star: “If it’s not a championship, it still has to be a top-level person, protect this dude because he’s an older guy; he’s not going to have a 20-year career. He could have a seven to 10-year career. So, use those years wisely, man, and get the most out of him and keep focused on him.”

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Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. recently discussed how WWE should utilize and protect LA Knight following his loss against Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel 2023. Prinze Jr. emphasized the importance of giving Knight a significant storyline and potentially a championship opportunity.

Prinze Jr. drew a parallel to Bryan Danielson’s journey in WWE, stating that it took the company a long time to recognize his potential and give him a prominent role. He expressed his hope that WWE would listen to the audience and provide LA Knight with an “A” storyline, regardless of whether it involves a championship or not.

The former writer also stressed the need to protect Knight by placing him in feuds against top-level stars. He acknowledged that Knight is an older wrestler and may not have a lengthy career like some of the younger talents. Therefore, it is crucial to make the most of his remaining years in the industry and keep the focus on him.

Prinze Jr.’s analysis highlights the importance of strategic booking and storytelling in professional wrestling. Building compelling storylines and protecting talent can help create long-term success for both the individual wrestler and the promotion as a whole.

As fans, we can look forward to seeing how WWE chooses to utilize LA Knight in the future. Whether it’s through championship opportunities or engaging feuds, it is clear that Knight has the potential to make a significant impact in the company.

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