Frankie Kazarian: Anyone That Wrestles Christopher Daniels Is Better Because Of It, But It’d Be ‘Surreal’ For Him To Face Each Other Now

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Frankie Kazarian: Anyone That Wrestles Christopher Daniels Is Better Because Of It, But It’d Be ‘Surreal’ For Him To Face Each Other Now

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

As a member of SCU, Frankie Kazarian has enjoyed plenty of success in All Elite Wrestling. In fact, he and Scorpio Sky were the inaugural AEW World Tag Team Champions. Now, while Sky has shifted his focus to his singles career, Kazarian continues to chase gold with Christopher Daniels.

The two men have been associated with each other for more than a decade at this point, but plenty of fans wonder whether the two friends will clash in an AEW ring. In a recent appearance on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Kazarian made it clear that it wouldn’t feel right facing Daniels. But at the same time, he knows they could put on a match that would be mutually beneficial.

“Chris Daniels and I certainly have been opponents dozens of times, more than that, probably,” said Kazarian. “It’s just been so long since we were opposition because we’ve just been a tag team or a faction for so many years. Honestly, it would be strange to stand across from him in the ring. He’s one of the best wrestlers I’ve ever been in the ring with, so any time I get an opportunity to wrestle somebody that talented, I’ll take it.

“But honest to god, at this point, it would be almost surreal to wrestle against him, instead of with him. But if that’s something down the pipeline, that I have to do, then so be it. At this point, I see Chris Daniels as an ally and not an opponent. But I think if everybody could bring out the best of Chris Daniels, it’s me. I think I know him as good, if not better than any other person in the business. And let’s put it this way, anybody that gets the opportunity to wrestle Christopher Daniels comes out a better professional wrestler because of it.”

As for Sky, Frankie Kazarian looked back on his history with the Los Angeles native. He recalled how, as early as 2005, he knew was a star in the making. Kazarian then described how he and Daniels have built on Sky’s strong in-ring skills by teaching him all about the business side of wrestling.

“Sky’s got all the tools, man,” said Kazarian. “I saw something special in Sky back in 2005 in PWG, and I actually specifically asked to do something with him. When we had the opportunity to add a third guy to our team in 2017, Sky was the first guy we could think of. Because he’s one of those guys that, he looked like a million bucks, he could work, he could talk, he had all the tools, but just never caught that break.”

“Timing is everything, and sometimes certain guys just don’t get that break, and he was one of those guys. So when he came in, like I said, he had all the tools and the fundamentals. If anything we’ve stressed to Sky, I think he’s learned a lot of how to do business behind the scenes from Chris and I. I think I can safely say we’ve helped him out with a lot of the business end of pro wrestling. Because the guy, inside the ring, there’s nothing I’m going to teach him. He’s great, but I think he’s learned a lot on how to conduct himself as a pro wrestler, and he’s just grown by leaps and bounds.”

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