Frank Mir Clears Up Comments About CM Punk’s UFC Debut

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Frank Mir Clears Up Comments About CM Punk’s UFC Debut

Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

UFC legend Frank Mir recently sat down to appear on the Chris Van Vliet podcast where he discussed a handful of things, including CM Punk’s UFC debut. Mir admitted he was upset about Punk getting a UFC fight for his debut, as he personally would rather earn his way through the ranks of pro wrestling.

“I was upset when CM punk got to have a UFC fight for his debut,” he said. “Well, if all of a sudden my first ever pro wrestling match I jumped into AEW or WWE, they’d say what an assh*le! So just on my name I jump out there. I’m not gonna look very good, I’m not going to do a great job. And what does that say to all of the guys who have worked? Have wrestled for fifty fu*king bucks, you know? I mean like it’s kind of a spit in their face.”

Mir went on to clarify that he wasn’t upset with Punk for getting his opportunity at fighting in the octagon. Instead, he was mad that it took away the opportunity from someone else who may have deserved it. “Now I was the one upset before when the guy came over my sport and just took another [fighter’s spot]…that was my problem. I wasn’t mad at CM Punk for getting that opportunity. I was mad because it took the opportunity away from somebody else.”

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