Former WWE Writer Reveals Pitch To Have Mr. McMahon Kill Hornswoggle In A Pillowcase

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Former WWE Writer Reveals Pitch To Have Mr. McMahon Kill Hornswoggle In A Pillowcase

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Throughout the years, WWE has thrown many things off of a bridge and into a body of water. The iconic WWF Intercontinental Championship, Kurt Angle’s gold medals, and even Stone Cold Steve Austin have all been sent plunging down to which should have been an assured demise. Now, we know that Hornswoggle was almost added to that list.

Former head writer for Monday Night Raw, Brian Gewirtz recently revealed on social media that an idea was pitched to end the story that saw Hornswoggle revealed as the illegitimate son of Mr. McMahon by having the billionaire owner stuff Hornswoggle into a pillowcase and throw him off of a bridge.

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Hornswoggle Dilemma:

  • Have Vince say to HS that we’re going for a ride as Vince stuffs HS into a pillowcase. Have a camera standing on a bridge and the audience sees Vince throw HS out the window of his limousine and over the bridge railing. HS plummets to his death.
  • I know it’s morbid and highly unlikely ever to be used, but I think it’s something that a fed up Mr. McMahon could resort to after trying for so long to get rid of him.

For those unaware, this storyline came about after the tragic double murder-suicide that took the lives of Chris, Nancy, and Daniel Benoit occurred in June of 2007. Prior to that, the Mr. McMahon character had met his “demise” on an episode of Monday Night Raw that ended with his limousine exploding.

Following the Benoit tragedy, McMahon had to reveal himself to be alive and they shifted gears by having McMahon say that he faked his death before learning that he had an illegitimate son that was also a member of the roster. This was supposed to be Mr. Kennedy, but Kennedy would be suspended due to a wellness policy violation and they shifted gears to Hornswoggle.

Gewirtz would say that the idea never made it to McMahon, but he did admire somebody who would “swing for the fences.” As for the actual storyline, that ended with the revelation that Finlay was actually the father of Hornswoggle.

Nowadays evenings are reserved for finally cleaning out closet. I don’t know which writer came up with this nearly 13 years ago and I can pretty much guarantee it didn’t make it to Vince but you got to admire someone who swings for the fences.

— Brian Gewirtz (@bfg728) April 30, 2020

Suffice to say, this is the kind of timeline that is only plausible in the wacky world of Sports Entertainment, pal.