Former WWE Video Game Writer Suggests WWE 2K21 Will Not Be Happening

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Former WWE Video Game Writer Suggests WWE 2K21 Will Not Be Happening

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It has been circulating around the gaming world in recent weeks that WWE 2K will not be producing a video game this year and the last few weeks have provided plenty of evidence that this is indeed the case.

It was over six months ago that 2K released WWE 2K20, widely known as the worst game in the history of the franchise. The game was filled with bugs and was known for transitioning more towards an arcade feel rather than a simulation feel, as seen in the DLC packs.

Since then, many WWE fans have called for 2K to take a year off from the game and it looks like they might be listening to fans. Former WWE video games writer Justin Leeper, who was the lead behind the old Road to WrestleMania game mode, has shed some light onto the current situation regarding the WWE 2K series.

Justin said, “I heard from a reliable source, and I really believe it, that WWE 2K21 was canceled. There will be no game this year.” Some other indicators include that WWE has historically revealed there will be a new game just before WrestleMania every year and there was no announcement this year.

Additionally, 2K normally starts their motion work with wrestlers early in the calendar year but that has not been the case this year. The COVID-19 pandemic may also prevent WWE 2K from coming out this year.

I’m not a fan of bringing “bad news,” but it’s post-WrestleMania & I think fans deserve to know:
I’ve heard on good authority that WWE 2K21 has been cancelled.
However, another WWE branded game will enter the ring this year…

— Justin Leeper だよ! (@JustinLeeper_yo) April 11, 2020

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