Flip Gordon Reveals Why He Became Marty Scurll’s Mercenary In Villain Enterprises

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Flip Gordon Reveals Why He Became Marty Scurll’s Mercenary In Villain Enterprises

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

ROH’s Kevin Eck got some brief words from Flip Gordon, now known as the Mercenary of Villain Enterprises. Despite turning over five months ago, many fans of the promotion still have questions regarding why he did it, and Flip has been turning down interviews since the turn. In order to get the interviewers to “leave him along”, he did his best to answer them while firmly remaining a Villain.

Building an Enterprise.#villain ☔️ pic.twitter.com/FkMOQ6sabh

— Marty Scurll (@MartyScurll) July 22, 2019

When asked what faction leader Marty Scurll said to convince him to join, Flip said that it was all about the moolah. “He showed me a merch check from Pro Wrestling Tees and said this could be you. He’s a very smart businessman and one of the best wrestlers in the world. So he offered me a position as his understudy.” However, he didn’t just get to join without first earning his villainous stripes. “I had to prove myself to Marty that I could be a villain and what better way than by putting Lifeblood on life support?”

When asked why he abandoned his once-heroic intentions, Flip said that it was partially due to his military training shining through. “The Army made me who I am today. Half of these guys couldn’t make it through an Army basic training if their life depended on it, and it’s time to separate the strong from the weak!” Finally, he seems confident that his fans aren’t abandoning him, despite Kevin insinuating it. “My merch money has tripled, so I know that’s a lie.”

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