FITE COO Mike Weber Reveals Why WWE Isn’t Filming Live Events

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In a current look on the The Business of The Businesspodcast, COO of FITE television Mike Weber resolved the possibility of the digital video streaming service striking a handle WWE to movie and release live occasions.

A positive Weber didn’t eliminate the possibility of such a task however provided his point of view on why WWE hasn’t established the principle to date.

Weber kept in mind that WWE mostly utilizes home programs as a testing room for stories and concepts that might or might not ultimately make it to their routine live programs. The juggernaut promo might not desire to expose its cards by making such live occasions extensively available to the basic audience.

You can take a look at some highlights and listen to the complete podcast listed below:

On the logistics of shooting a home program for a business like WWE:” They certainly have an interest in doing it. I’m sort of stunned they’re not. In what I believe is their viewpoint, it’s got ta look the level of Fox or absolutely nothing … So I do not believe they wish to put a smaller sized production out there. Could it be done? Yeah, it might be done over night. It would be simple to enter there and do those programs, since it’s still great locations, larger places than, state, the GCW reveals. GCW’s a fine example; you can movie those programs nearly anywhere, and they work, and fans like them. I believe it’s really crucial to [WWE] to keep that level of television production at the greatest level. That’s a $150,000-$ 200,000 … production spending plan to do every program and go, which would not make good sense for your quote-unquote ‘home programs.'”

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