Finn Balor Says The Demon Can Return When The Time Is Right

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Finn Balor Says The Demon Can Return When The Time Is Right

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Finn Balor is biding his time before returning as “The Demon.”

Speaking with the New York Post, NXT Champion Finn Balor discussed potentially working WrestleMania, a match with Edge, and a potential Demon return.

Below are some highlights.

Finn Balor on becoming “The Demon” again:

Definitely. Obviously, there are moments in time for everything. Right now it doesn’t feel like the time for The Demon, but I’m sure there will be a moment where I go OK now it’s time to rock. You know, Karrion might be that time, but we will have to see how events kind of develop. But his character is definitely something that is very intriguing to the audience. Whether The Demon can add another element to that kind of situation when it arises will be interesting.

Finn Balor on working at WrestleMania as NXT Champion:

Ehh, it would be very cool but I feel NXT is something that is very close to my heart and NXT TakeOver at WrestleMania weekend is a huge event and a huge kind of flag bearer for NXT. And not having the NXT title match on TakeOver, if that’s gonna in any way damage the NXT brand, it’s something I’d rather stay away from. Once we’re protecting the NXT brand without having it diluted by the big show at WrestleMania it’s something I’d be willing to do. If there’s the possibility of defending the title back to back nights, TakeOver and WrestleMania, then I’m all for it.

Finn Balor on what would it mean for him to have a match with Edge:

Edge was someone I kind of given up on the idea of being in the ring with obviously with his [injury] situation. I’ve had many conversations with Edge in the past about how I not only admired his career in WWE before he retired but how I admired how he transitioned out of wrestling into the next chapter of his life. It’s something that I always admired and hoped I could be so graceful to do the same. Obviously now the situation has changed. Edge is back. Having the opportunity to be in the ring with him is a huge potential moment for me. Whether that happens at TakeOver, or a WrestleMania, or a Wednesday night NXT, I’m just happy if it happens.

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Finn Balor Says The Demon Can Return When The Time Is Right