Finn Balor On Karrion Kross: We’ve Built A Relationship Off Of Mutual Experiences

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Finn Balor On Karrion Kross: We’ve Built A Relationship Off Of Mutual Experiences

finn balor

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

NXT star Finn Balor has developed quite the friendship with NXT Champion Karrion Kross over the last few months.

The former champion recently appeared on ‘Out Of Character with Ryan Satin’ and explained how he’s developed a close friendship with Kross due to both of them having to relinquish titles due to shoulder injuries.

“He’s an intense guy. I didn’t have any experience with him before NXT, I didn’t have any real experience until he had a shoulder injury when he was champion and I reached out to him and we spoke briefly and we spoke about the relationship built off of mutual experience and I didn’t really know what to expect when I stepped into the ring with him, I knew he was strong and he was talented and had a lot of potential but when I was in the ring with him, when we locked up, I knew that this guy has it…on every level. It’s hard to get a reading on someone from just watching and when you lock up with someone for the first time, that’s when you’re either exposed, in my mind, or he has it and in that moment when we locked up, right away I said ‘he has it’. He has the look, the presentation, he can talk and he can also wrestle, which was the one thing I wasn’t sure of and at NXT TakeOver he proved to me that he could do it and I’m eagerly looking forward to NXT, the rematch and I’m looking forward to it for a lot more reason than I was the first time. The first time it was the aura, the two big entrances and the story was built in but this time, I’m just looking forward to the fact that I can wrestle him again. He’s going to be a massive star, he’s already a huge star but in the future he’s going to be even bigger.”

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