Finn Balor Names Dominik Mysterio The Future Of The Wrestling Business

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Finn Balor talked about a wide range of topics during an appearance on The Ringer Wrestling Show

This includes his high praise of his Judgment Day teammate Dominik Mysterio, as he believes Mysterio is the future of the wrestling business. 


“I feel like he was given kind of a warm reception when he came in because he was the son of Hall of Famer, son of Rey Mysterio. He was kind of like accepted because he was the blood of Rey Mysterio. It was like ‘Ah we appreciate you’re doing this for us. Because we love your dad so much, we’re gonna cheer for you too.’

Once he stepped out from under that tree and started fending for himself, he’s just been a completely different animal. Not only the growth he’s shown, outside of the ring and on his promos and his character work, but his growth inside of the ring has been absolutely monumental for someone who has had very little training, no NXT experience pretty much. Most of his training has been done on the job, on live TV. This kid is the future of the business, in my opinion.”

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