Finn Balor Discloses the Duration of His Updated Contract with WWE

Finn Balor Discloses the Duration of His Updated Contract with WWE
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During a recent episode of the “What’s The Story” podcast, Finn Balor, the reigning WWE World Tag Team Champion, opened up about his decision to sign a new five-year contract with WWE earlier in the year.

Balor’s journey with WWE commenced in November 2014 when he became a part of the NXT roster.

Listeners of the podcast can peruse the key takeaways from the discussion below:

Regarding his contract renewal, Balor stated: “Yes, another extension for five years. I’m ecstatic. Predicting the future is impossible. When I was 20, I had my sights set on the age of 30 as a highpoint. Now, in my 40s, wondering, ‘Do they want me to persist with this? Can I go on?’ The physical toll too plays its part. After some back-and-forths, we realized that the feeling was common. They wanted me to continue, so did I. We worked out the details and I couldn’t be more joyous.”

As he recapitulated his journey in WWE, Balor said: “The six months leading up to the expiry of my old contract were strange. I found myself questioning, ‘Is this the end of my journey? Time to change tracks?’ A ten-year stint is commendable. I spent six years in England thinking it would be my major career cornerstone. Eight years in Japan again felt like a defining phase. I entered WWE with a “let’s see” mindset, setting myself an initial stretch of two or three years before perhaps moving back to Ireland or Japan. But now, already a decade into WWE with five more years in prospect, given that I don’t get terminated. It’s been an exhilarating journey.”