Fierce Females Cut Ties With Mikey Whiplash Amid Reports Of Sexual Harassment

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Fierce Females Cut Ties With Mikey Whiplash Amid Reports Of Sexual Harassment

In the wake of some serious sexual abuse allegations, Mikey Whiplash and fierce females will no longer be associated with one another. The allegations against Whiplash first surfaced on social media early in the day on 6/18 and they address multiple concerns about the UK promoter.

“It’s hard for all of us to watch Fierce Females, an all women’s promotion, talk about being a safe space for fans and wrestling alike, when many of us have felt decidedly unsafe in the presence of its promoter Mikey Whiplash.

“Our experiences all differ in severity but there is a pattern of mental abuse and manipulation that all of us recognise. Sending unsolicited messages to female trainees and workers, making unwanted sexual advances both by message and in person, emotionally manipulating, gaslighting female workers and even becoming physically violent with a number of women. Many of us have been bullied and belittled, feeling like we were walking on eggshells at a show because we couldn’t dare make him angry.

“Some might ask why we continued to stay silent about this or why we continued to work for the company. Many of us have been afraid to say anything. Afraid that we wouldn’t be believed, that our bookings would be taken from us or that we’d be blacklisted from companies. The “Boys protecting the boys” mentality stopped us from feeling that we had a voice.

“Even now, with so many other trance women coming forward to talk about their experiences, we are still terrified of the consequences. That is the influence of these experiences. It is uncomfortable, and still there will be those who don’t believe us. That is your choice.”

I've been approached by a group of women in wrestling who aren't ready to put their names out there yet to make this statement public. Please take the time to read it.

— WRESTLING? (@wresnocontext) June 18, 2020

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In the wake of this, Fierce Females has severed ties with Whiplash announcing so on Twitter:

Veda here.

I also own Fierce Females and this is obviously pretty deeply disturbing. I don't want to silence anyone. This is the first I'm hearing this stuff, so I'm gonna start trying to see what is going on. This is obviously serious stuff and I don't want an unsafe platform

— Fierce Females (@FFemalesGlasgow) June 18, 2020

David Starr has also recently been accused of sexually predatory behavior and several promotions have cut ties with him and he has since deleted his Twitter.