Fabian Aichner Talks Facing Finn Balor, Cruiserweight Classic, And Working With Imperium

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Fabian Aichner Talks Facing Finn Balor, Cruiserweight Classic, And Working With Imperium

finn balor

Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

Fabian Aichner recently spoke with PWInsider, where the superstar spoke about a handful of topics, including facing Finn Balor, the Cruiserweight Classic, and working with Imperium. Check out some of the highlights below:

On facing Finn Balor:

I mean you hit the nail on the head when you said obviously Finn being former university champion. To me it’s… Finn is among the biggest names that I’ve ever wrestled, with Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens when we did Raw last year. But a match like that always takes me back to when I started working or started training for wrestling. Because obviously you think ahead to the future and you wonder what it’s like to be in the ring with those big names. Now, that day’s here. And the guy who trained me, Alex Wright, he told me from day one in this business, there’s only so many opportunities that are going to come your way and you have to take advantage of them because they might not come again. And I look at tomorrow as exactly that. It’s an opportunity for me to show on an even bigger scale what I can do against one of the biggest superstars in WWE right now. We all know Finn wants a piece of Walter, but in order to get that United Kingdom championship from Walter, he has to go through me and I’ll bring my A game and I won’t make it easy for him.

On the Cruiserweight Championship:

I remember back then I was still… I was trying to put on as much muscle as I possibly could and then I got invited to that tournament and I found out that the weight limit was 205 pounds. So I had to shred a little weight, but I knew in my head that I looked at that match back then exactly as I’m looking at the one tomorrow. I looked at it as one of those big opportunities and I was adamant to take advantage of it. There was no way I was going to let that opportunity slip through my fingers. So I really trained my butt off, harder than I ever did before. I made the weight limit and the reactions that I got after were obviously great because WWE decided to sign me after that match. So it just goes to show that if you have one of those opportunities and you really take advantage of them, big things can come from them. And it obviously feels good to be able to say that you were one of the guys that were in the original Cruiserweight tournament, which led to bringing the Cruiserweight Championship back, leading to a whole 205 division. So it’s kind of cool to think back how everything started and yeah, like I said, I’m looking at that match tomorrow the same way. So you can only imagine what happens after tomorrow.

On working with Imperium:

I mean, I think the reason why everything in Imperium work so well is A, because the timing was right and B, because everything is a natural fit. So before I got to NXT and before this whole round with Imperium and Marcel, I was actually used to being single’s wrestler like 99% of the time. So it was a little different stepping from there into like a permanent tag team. But the chemistry between Marcel and I in the ring was undeniable. So I think it was a perfect fit, and the matches just went great. We got the timing more right every single time we stepped in the ring. And then, like I said before, it’s all about timing. I always believe everything happens for a reason in life. So the move from NXT to NXT UK and Walter coming in at the same time, it was just like, again, a natural fit. And then Wolf joining us, it was just like it was a perfect fit and I think that’s why Imperium is rocking and rolling right now. Like I said, I think I really did find my place in Imperium, getting more comfortable, more confident every time we step into the ring. So I think NXT and NXT UK, I think Imperium is a big asset to both shows and I think we’re the only ones right now that actually doing both. So, that just goes to show to the reach of Imperium. And I really do think that sky’s the limit for us.

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