Expiration of Kamille’s Contract with the NWA

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Kamille has been a consistent presence in the National Wrestling Alliance since October 2018 by establishing herself as a standout performer. Her tenure led her to become the Women’s Champion, a title she held for an impressive 800 days.

Pwinsider is reporting that Kamille’s deal with the promotion expires at the end of 2023.


The report states, “Kamille will become a free agent in January. We are told that the two sides are on good terms and there is the possibility she could continue to appear for the promotion without being signed to an exclusive, something several talents, including Matt Cardona, do.”

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Kamille’s Future with the National Wrestling Alliance

Kamille, a prominent figure in the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), has made a name for herself as a standout performer since joining the promotion in October 2018. Her impressive tenure led her to become the Women’s Champion, a title she held for an astonishing 800 days. However, recent reports suggest that her contract with the NWA will expire at the end of 2023.

According to Pwinsider, Kamille’s deal with the NWA will come to an end in January, making her a free agent. The report also mentions that both parties are on good terms, leaving open the possibility for Kamille to continue appearing for the promotion without being signed exclusively. This arrangement is similar to what other talents, such as Matt Cardona, have opted for.

Kamille’s potential departure from the NWA raises questions about her future in professional wrestling. As a highly regarded talent, she is likely to attract interest from other promotions looking to bolster their women’s divisions. Kamille’s impressive track record and her ability to captivate audiences with her in-ring skills and charismatic presence make her a valuable asset for any organization.

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As Kamille’s contract expiration approaches, wrestling enthusiasts eagerly await news of her next move. Whether she decides to stay with the NWA or explore opportunities elsewhere, there is no doubt that Kamille’s talent and impact on the industry will continue to be felt.