“Excellent show, Tony Khan! Truly appreciate your hospitality.”

“Excellent show, Tony Khan! Truly appreciate your hospitality.”
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The 2024 collaborative pay-per-view event, ‘Forbidden Door,’ jointly hosted by AEW and NJPW, entertained viewers with a string of remarkable matches and captivating segments.

One instance that stood out was the surprise appearance of Dijak, the former WWE Superstar, at the UBS Arena, situated in Long Island, New York.

Dijak’s employment with WWE officially ended on June 28, following which he declared his free agent status. Although he was not spotted on-screen during the event, the confirmed news of his presence backstage spurred excitement amongst his fans, many of whom were anticipating watching him perform.

In the aftermath of the event, Dijak took to Twitter to express his gratitude and appreciation for the show. His note was specifically addressed to Tony Khan, the President of AEW.

Dijak posted his message on Twitter, stating emphatically, “Great show man, thanks for having me.”

The tweet from Dijak (@DijakWWE) dated July 1, 2024, read as follows:
“Great show man, thanks for having me.”.